A New Coach For Professional Athletes

Ask the Expert:

” I see that you work with sports teams and do more then just drug and alcohol addiction.  Can you explain that to me?”  Janet H., San Jose California

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach says: ” At www.NFLsobercoach.com we specialize in sports players. We work with current and ex players on the field and off to handle anger management issues, domestic violence issues (remember Ray Rice in the news?), DUI, all the needs special to a professional football, professional basketball or professional baseball player. We are also www.NBAsobercoach.com and  www.MLBsobercoach.com

We handle the ugly side that the press should never see.  We assist with anger management issues, over spending, aggression, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, prostitutes and escort issues.  We step in and slow the pace of the actions and teach the players how to be more responsible and less reckless.  Sports players at all levels, college and pro have unique needs.  Most of them go from poor to rich overnight and the issues around an unlimited bank account can create quite a disaster in the long run.

A Recovery Coach or Sober Coach will assist a client in maintaining sobriety or reducing their drug and alcohol consumption while assisting them with the challenges and stressors of life.  We handle life skills and coping mechanisms that therapists do not cover.  We may help a client pay their rent, look for a job, deal with family issues, get to the gym, learn to cook, etc.  All while staying sober and out of trouble.  With athletes we have to kick that up a notch and keep them in line on the field and off.  Sometimes after they retire we have an even harder job when you add brain injuries in the mix.

At  The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy we not only help clients get sober, stay sober and tackle all of life’s issues, we also train others to do this type of work.  Therapists handle the trauma and past issues, we are forward focused with an action base.  You can find us at www.theaddictionscoach.com and www.theaddicitonsacadmy.com  for more information and details.  You can also call us at 1.800.706.0318 
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