NBC29 News Reports: The Addictions Coach to “Launch” a New Aftercare Recovery Program!

NBC29 News Reports: The Addictions Coach to “Launch” a New Aftercare Recovery Program!



The Addictions Coach Dr. Cali Estes Now Offers a New and Unique 30 to 45-Day Aftercare for Substance Abuse Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Treatment


The Addictions Coach Dr. Cali Estes recently announced they are now offering a program called LaunchPad. This is a unique 30 to 45-day aftercare for substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment for clients that want to live life on their terms.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have a unique program designed to offer structure, accountability, motivation, social skills, family dynamics work and more in a private concierge setting. The LaunchPad program offers a wrap-around experience in real time within the comfort of the home environment.

Estes said, “Launchpad and LaunchPadXpress offer the missing link that assists clients in staying sober and dealing with life problems from a solution-focused, individually tailored, hands-on program that is customized to each individual.”

Up until now, traditional addiction and substance-abuse treatment programs often require the client to remove themselves from their home and work environments to attend in-patient care. Aftercare such as the LaunchPad program has been proven to increase the success of any treatment.

Additionally, LaunchPad can be a 45-day program or a 30-day XPress program and can work around busy schedules: at home, at work, on tour, anyplace, anywhere. LaunchPad covers 5 distinct phases of Aftercare that are imperative to creating a healthy lifestyle and increasing recovery success. These 5 Phases are implemented with The Addiction Coach’s certified, credentialed staff over the course of our program. The LaunchPad program has no group therapy and is truly customized to you, the client.

“We get to the root cause of the ambivalence and the ‘stuck points’ to assist our clients in moving forward with their lives in a productive, happy and excited manner,” Dr. Estes explained. “It is not just about the ability to create a life for themselves, but the ability to create a life that has meaning, joy, and fulfillment.”

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