Looking for another tool to battle substance abuse? Try Chiropractic!


Looking for another tool to battle substance abuse? Try Chiropractic!


For those unfamiliar with Chiropractic, chiropractors are neuro-musculo-skeletal specialists with a broad knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology. An adjustment can help with many issues and even help amplify the immune system. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just treat the ‘pain’ in the back or a pinched nerve.

When you adjust the spine, gently and precisely, the chiropractor has a direct influence on the central nervous system, brain and all of the cells and tissues downstream. Simply put, chiropractors are more of a brain doctor than a bone doctor.

Chiropractic care focuses on the entire skeletal structure, primarily on the spine; but in regards to addiction recovery we focus on neurotransmitters and the severe deficiency that can occur as a result. Deficiencies specifically like dopamine and serotonin; both key in managing our psychological and emotional health.

Misalignments, or alterations of vertebrae, called subluxations, can reduce the ability of the brain to communicate correctly with the rest of the body, as well as in some cases cause pain. Add drugs and alcohol, which can monopolize neurotransmitter production and overtime this leads the addict to illnesses of not just the body, but also the mind. However, when correctly in line, neurotransmitters can be released in the correct sequence to allow for whole body balance.

Emotions and feelings aren’t felt just in your head or brain, they reside in your spine also. When the spine is not aligned this can affect the limbic system responsible for motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. When the limbic system is impaired, reward biochemicals (again, like dopamine) are unable to flow properly.

Recent research has confirmed, via functional MRI scans, that after a chiropractic adjustment brain activity is very similar to that of an anti-depressant medication; thus, anytime you can help manage stress without pharmaceuticals, the better; especially in the case of addictions.

Drugs, pharmaceuticals or illicit, systemically toxify the body. The liver and kidneys, for one, get damaged the most being filters of the body. Chemicals of any kind can negatively alter the body’s biochemistry and can even lead to altering one’s DNA.

Another aspect to share is the immediate responses to Chiropractic care. These include stress relief, which can be extremely beneficial to those at the beginning of recovery. Early days are filled with uncertainty, anxiety, shame and discomfort. Finding an immediate way to relax and let go isn’t easy on one’s own, but many patients see even a simple adjustment as a pathway to stress relief.  Overwhelming emotions that are even around as sobriety begins and many times patients are unsure of how to deal with these said emotions. In addition, during the process of detox, which many recovering addicts go through, pain is a side effect that can be difficult to overcome. With regular adjustments, especially through recovery, the source of the pain is often times discovered and treated.

Now, what I am not is a substance abuse specialist, and I don’t treat the affliction; however, my business associate and I, together, help the patient holistically or in other words their whole body system. Our process isn’t a one size fits all treatment and does include micronutrient and targeted gene studies (among other key biomarkers) to isolate the missing components from years of substance abuse and deficiencies. We use this essential information to target treatments with exclusive and powerful supplement combinations to help the body recuperate, PEMF therapy as well as with chiropractic care. Our process is conservative care and we give the patient the best neurological and functional platform to heal from addiction.

– Dr. Chett Mallett


Chett Mallett, DC is an over twenty year veteran chiropractor and specializes in functional medicine. One of LA Magazine’s Top Chiropractors (2019), he has been featured on several syndicated television shows, including The Doctors. Dr. Mallett holds many specialized certifications and has spent many years dealing with sober facilities. He with his business partner, Katie (who is a certified PEMF therapist and renown for her expertise in biofeedback diagnostics) have created a comprehensive and integrative wellness center that features treatments and modalities to enhance the body’s own inherent recuperative abilities.

Dr. Chett and Katie have teamed up with Dr. Cali Estes to offer her  Unique 3-10 Day Plus Alternative to Substance Abuse Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Treatment – Concierge Private Retreat in Los Angeles, California!