Let’s SMASH The Belief That You Can’t Overcome Addiction Without Traditional Treatment!



Ready to smash limiting beliefs that you can’t overcome your drug addiction or alcohol addiction quickly, safely, and privately?  Our entire addiction treatment solution to the drug epidemic needs an overhaul. It is antiquated, limited and lacks any new growth to combat the new types of drugs and addictions on the market (internet and social media being the newest form of addiction). So why lock yourself away for 30 days in a prison and be ushered like cattle to groups that have content over 10 years old? Why give up your phone and laptop (real world items you will need once you leave) to sit around with a bunch of complaining, whiny people? Good answer, you shouldn’t. You need to check out our Sober on Demand Program and see how we are different.

Our alternative to drug and alcohol treatment program specializes in the following:

  1. Lessening the damaging behavior and restructuring your limiting belief system around addiction
  2. Exploring Alternatives to 12 step and full sobriety abstinence-based modalities
  3. Utilizing cutting edge techniques like NLP and MI along with CBI and Coaching to elicit powerful transformations and breakthroughs.
  4. Teaching you life on life’s terms. You need a cell phone – why give it up in treatment? Learn how to use it without aiding your addiction.
  5. We involve the family (or not if you choose) and we want this to be a full effort, we will educate the family on boundaries, addiction and behaviors
  6. We help you find purpose and passion in life and when you are happy your drug or alcohol use organically goes down.
  7. We get to the root cause of your use….AND solve it with you. We want you to be whole and happy and flourishing, we don’t just discuss your vices, we discuss the WHY and how to solve it.
  8. We teach you new coping skills to utilize to get your life back on track.
  9. Read more here…. soberondemand.com

We know that inpatient 28 day drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs have high failure rates because the programs are not tailored to the clients and we custom tailor our Sober on Demand program specifically for you, the client. Our entire focus for the time we spend together is solely on you, not other clients, paperwork and distractions.

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