LaunchPad ™, A Unique 30 to 45 Day AfterCare for Substance Abuse Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Concierge Private Post Sober on Demand, or Traditional Substance Use Treatment for clients that want to live life on their terms.

100% Customized & Confidential Mobile Highly Credentialed Worldwide

Sober On Demand ™ - Concierge, private and express executive substance use disorder rehab and addiction treatment services worldwide.

What is a LaunchPad and LaunchPadXpress ™ Service at The Addictions Coach?

Imagine a program that offers structure, accountability, motivation, social skills, family dynamics work and more in a private concierge setting offering a wrap-around unique experience in real time in the comfort of your own home environment. Launchpad and LaunchPadXpress offers the missing link that assists clients in staying sober and dealing with life problems from a solution-focused, individually tailored, hands-on program that is customized to each individual. This is real life and real world and we are here to help you navigate it.

LaunchPad can be a 45 day program or a 30 day XPress program and we can work around your busy schedule: at home, at work, on tour, anyplace, anywhere, we fit into your schedule. LaunchPad covers 5 distinct phases of Aftercare that are imperative to you creating a healthy lifestyle. These 5 Phases are implemented with our certified, credentialed staff over the course of our program and we are with you every step of the way. Our LaunchPad program has zero group therapy and we are truly customized to you, the client. Dr. Cali Estes and her team get to the root cause of the ambivalence and the ‘stuck points’ to assist their clients in moving forward with their lives in a productive, happy and excited manner. It is not just about the ability to create a life for themselves, but the ability to create a life that has meaning, joy and fulfillment. Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing your loved one wake up every morning excited and ready to jump into the day? Dr. Estes and her certified and trained team instill self-empowerment to their clients, which inevitably leads them towards goal achievement.

Dr. Cali Estes and her team define success as the long-term goals and achievements, while never forgetting that each smaller achievement is but another brick in the foundation of independence and success. As a team, will always aspire to come into a new scenario and affect positive and deliberate change in as quick a time frame as possible, yet always acknowledging that each individual responds differently and entails their own process of change.

Launchpad and LuanchpadXpress is more than just help for the suffering addict, we include the family as well.  As seasoned professionals, we are aware that addiction affects the entire family unit and we are well versed and trained in family dynamics. We meet with the family as a whole and create an Action Plan that reflects the proper hierarchy of leadership and restore the balance of power in the family unit. Dr. Cali Estes and her team of seasoned trained professionals will challenge negative belief patterns, break up any unhealthy triangulations and codependent behaviors and begin to install proper coping skills, life skills and motivation to change.  Our program is truly unique and fully comprehensive we can even include help with drugs, alcohol, gaming, technology, mental health issues and create lasting change. We address the tough issues.

Our LaunchPad Program addresses many related issues:

  • Inability to function on life’s terms: what is the ‘stuck point’?
  • Drugs, alcohol, gaming, any unhealthy addictions that are a hinderance
  • Examining any potential mental health issues that may be contributing to addiction and failure to launch
  • Addressing employment and how to obtain viable work.
  • Creating and implementing short and long-term goals & plans.
  • Working to uncover hidden goals, interests, including purpose and passion in life 
  • Providing additional life coaching through turbulent periods
  • Family involvement to include boundaries and addiction educational pieces
  • Creating a positive Peer Group
  • Addressing education, including short and long-term goals & plans
  • Addressing financial and ‘clean up’ of areas of your life that have been damaged by addiction 
  • Implementing new nutrition and fitness plans and learning how healthy eating and fitness play into a new sober lifestyle 
  • Helping to work through any inter-family related matters or communication issues
  • Family Dynamics and Famly Systems Supports
  • Creating awareness with Lifeskills and Coping skills
  • Understanding and implementing boundaries.
  • Assessing ADHD, Depression and other diagnoses. 
  • Life coaching and creating a life plan.
  • Vision board and creation of  Bucket List
  • Understanding positive support systems and attending sober events

LaunchPad offers an initial clinical assessment with PHD level counselor, followed by 3 hour daily intensives with the coach 5 days per week, weekly family sessions with a family coach and case management services throughout. We are court ready and court approved.

LaunchPadXpress offers an initial clinical assessment with PHD level therapist, followed by 3 hour daily intensives with the coach 3 days per week, weekly family sessions with a family coach and case management services throughout. We are court ready and court approved.

This is real life and real world and we are here to help you navigate it. We are your Team to combat Failure to Launch and allow for forward movement in a positive and healthy manner with measurable goals and outcomes. Most failure to launch clients can be thought of as lazy, unmotivated or even misunderstood. Sometimes they do not possess the skill set to have a productive life. With the current societal schooling and both parents working, these young people may have not been given all the tools they need to truly be motivated and productive. We have seen graduations at each level of schooling, no team cutting for sports and everyone getting a trophy even if they lose a game. The problem with this is that it sends a message that the new adult will never fail, and they end up applying to one job and not getting it. This creates a sense of failure which leads to low self-esteem, anxiety and inability to adult in life.

Learn more about Cali Estes, MCAP, ICADC, MAC, CYT, CPT or The Addictions Coach 3 to 10 Day Plus Mobile, Concierge Alternative to traditional  Drug & Alcohol Rehab in this video…or call us 24/7 at (800) 706-0318.