How can I tell if my child will be a drug addict?


Question:  How can I tell if my child will be a drug addict?

Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach answers: There are many different factors and social stimuli that can lead one to use drugs and alcohol to cope with daily life and stressors.  Here are the top 5 things to be aware of when measuring addiction:

1. Is your child addicted to anything?  Sports?  Gaming? Facebook?  Do they have a tendency to get upset or angry when access to those things are denied?

2. A family history of alcohol or drug use.  We can refute the disease process model, however, is this how the family copes with addiction?  Do family members drink or do drugs and it is seen or known?

3. Does your child know a lot about or research chemicals?  Bath salts?  Spice?  Are they ordering things online from other areas?

4. Is your child easily bored or distracted in school?  At home?  Were they diagnosed with ADD?

5. Are they on prescription medications now?  Has the idea of using meds such as Adderall or Paxil or Xanax been suggested by a doctor?  If so the notion will be transferred that it is Ok.

This list is merely a few things to look out for. It is not exhaustive of all the factors. Very often as a parent, you are only told it runs in the family. ….weed is a gateway drug….and judge them by their friends, which we all know is not exactly true.  Call us today for an evaluation.  800.706.0318

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