Is COVID-19 causing you to hate your neighbor


IS COVID-19 causing you to stress out, hate your neighbor, and get drunk? Pretty much….

The Covid-19 “pandemic” is a conversation piece, to say the least. Everyone has an opinion and, furthermore, everyone seems to have it figured out. But no matter what side of the fence you fall on with Covid-19, there is one thing for sure. Covid-19 and the coronavirus is causing major hate, aggression, and hostility amongst those that seem to find themselves debating everything from the falsifying of death records to the actual danger that this virus brings to our cities, states and countries all over the world.


So why is coronavirus such a touchy subject? Why do people feel the need to express so much hate and anger when they discuss or debate this issue? I have a few opinions as to why this is happening if you would like to take a few moments with me to look into this issue. I’m going to give you four good reasons why the topic of COVID-19 has the potential to breed so much anger and hate.


1) FEAR– The fear of the unknown can cause us to “be on edge” while discussing the coronavirus. We do not have a vaccine for COVID-19 and the fear of sickness and death can cause major anxiety. This anxiety can come across as anger and hate while trying to debate the issue.


2) DISTRUST– not trusting the facts and the source of the facts can keep us “on edge” and angry while trying to sort out the facts of this disease in our heads. There are so many new stories coming out of death certs being falsified to show COVID as the cause of death when it wasn’t. Positivity rates are being “padded” to create the illusion of much worse situation than it really might be. We can find ourselves frustrated and angry over not being able to trust the facts we are being given. One media outlet reports something and 10 minutes later another outlet reports the opposite. It’s frustrating and overwhelming.


3) EGO– Some of us let our egos dictate the fact that we need to be right about Covid-19 at all costs. No matter if you are factual or not. This grandiose attitude can cause one to be extremely aggressive and hateful while trying to be correct at all costs.


4) IGNORANCE– now, this word can be extremely misleading. Some people associate the word ignorance with “stupidity”. Not in this case. Ignorance, when it comes to Covid-19 means that one does not have all the correct information or facts before he or she voices n opinion. This can breed frustration, anger, and hate as the person is completely blinded with their opinion without collecting all the facts.


So if you look closely at these four traits that can be responsible for bringing anger and hate into a debate or conversation about Covid-19 you will see that they are extremely similar to the same traits that contribute to our continued addiction. Recovering addicts must really watch and honestly evaluate their daily fear, distrust, ego, and ignorance if they want to remain clean and sober. These four stumbling blocks can take us down the dark and deadly road of relapse if we aren’t careful and vigilant in our addiction and recovery.

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Is COVID-19 making people anxious? Yes. Talk of a pandemic and virus that you can not see and that might kill you is causing levels of anxiety to rise. Mental health therapists are reporting a rise in treating anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Why is COVID-19 making people angry?  Feeling helpless and watching your fellow humans not mask up in a time of pandemic can be frustrating. Places are closed, pools, activities, and events are canceled and stress is at an all-time high.  Anger and aggression are common emotions when we are restricted for months at a time and instructed to report others for not wearing masks, not social distancing, not operating business as recommended, etc.

Is COVID-19 causing addiction to increase? Yes. The opposite of addiction is interaction and human connection. Without daily connection and being locked in the house there is no social activity so people are turning to drugs and alcohol to mask the boredom and pass the time.  We are seeing a 30% increase in alcohol consumption according to the CDC.

Can I see my therapist during COVID-19? Currently face to face appointments are discouraged due to the spread of the virus and Telehealth has been the most approved form of therapy. Some therapists are offering in-person appointments with face masks and shields only.