For Immediate Release: A Challenge to Addiction/BH CEO’s

For Immediate Release: A Challenge to Addiction/BH CEO’s

Behavioral Health Network Resources and The Addictions Academy in an effort to give back to the addiction treatment community that supports us has picked “The Addict Mom” for our first gala to raise funds for a non-profit.

We want to connect addiction and behavioral health organizations to establish new and valuable relationships that not only make good business sense, but assist the many seeking treatment. We will be providing an education and networking event every three months and will be picking non-profits that treatment centers and addiction/BH organizations should have relationships with.

This Gala will attract treatment centers, addiction and behavioral health organizations and individuals seeking treatment. This is an outstanding opportunity to get to know “The Addicts Mom” and find out why you should be establishing a relationship with them.

Today, I received a call from my partner, Cali Estes, and she said, “You’re never going to believe this. Someone donated $5,000 to The Addicts Mom’s Gala. Well come to find out the person that did this, I know very well and I think is one of the most respected individuals in the industry.

The Shores Treatment and Recovery is the Co-Chair Sponsor ($5,000). Lyle Fried, Co-founder and CEO said “It was the right thing to do.” Lyle’s actions show his passion for recovery and family. There are many different sponsorships levels from $100 – $5,000 for the Gala. Please check the event out here, and let your actions show your passion for over 20,000 mother’s with addicted children.

The Addicts Mom has over 20,000 members who share their experiences, strength, frustration, desperation, and hope. Their focus is on the mothers of addicted children. They are reaching out in many ways to deal with addiction of a loved one.

The Addicts Mom will give a special presentation and you will see why you should have a relationship. Show your support and get to know The Addicts Mom; this is a relationship that any addiction/BH organization should have. This is a must event for CEO’s, Marketing, and also your treatment center clients for a fun alcohol and drug free event.

Fund Raising Gala Ticket Price $69

Includes; Hors D’oeuvres, Dinner, and Croquet play for prizes

Special Presentation; Get to know what “The Addicts Mom” is All About and How They Can Assist You.

*If your’re attending the Symposium and the gala, you must register and pay for both separately.

We are looking for sponsors of this fun and important event.

Gala Sponsorship Opportunities Available

We all make money in our industry and we should be giving back, helping ensure all get the best treatment, and supporting the non-profits that support us.

I’ve stepped up by offering a non-profit fund raising Gala after every one of my quarterly Addiction Symposiums, Lyle has stepped up clearly demonstrating his passion for treatment and family.

So, I give this challenge to treatment center CEO’s, addiction related Sales and Service CEO’s, and anyone in the addiction/BH field to step up and show that you can, are willing, and show you are giving back.

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