How to Design a Truly Relaxing At-Home Retreat. Guest post written by Paige A. Mitchell

How to Design a Truly Relaxing At-Home Retreat

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We could all go for a nice relaxing retreat somewhere tropical that would allow us to unplug for a whole week or so. Not all of us have that kind of time or money, however. Not to worry. Did you know that you can create a perfectly relaxing retreat right in the comfort of your own home? It may take some planning and a little creativity, but here are the steps to creating a relaxing at-home retreat that will leave you feeling mentally and physically recharged every day of the week.

Mark it on the calendar

Nothing ruins a retreat like poor planning. Make sure you mark your “me” day on your calendar. If you are unplugging on a workday, be sure to mark the time off with your team. If you have a family, make sure the sitter has been called and your partner has made plans to leave the house if they do not wish to join you. This will help you avoid any distractions that may arise. Any actions that would have needed to be taken if you left town for a retreat should also be made for your at-home retreat.

Get your home retreat-ready

Make sure your home has been properly cleaned and decluttered. There shouldn’t be any outstanding housekeeping tasks that would tempt you to stop relaxing and start cleaning. Additionally, make sure you’ve fixed faulty appliances. You don’t want your meditation to be interrupted by a clanking dishwasher and you’ll want clean, warm linens to wrap up in after a long soak in the tub. You probably wouldn’t notice the dryer or dishwasher breaking down at your favorite spa, so the same should go for your self-made retreat.

Digital detox

Unplug and hide communication devices that could detract from your happiness. We all tend to use social media to compare our bodies, lives, and happiness to the filtered truth of others’. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to spend your tropical vacation on the phone answering texts and emails, right? Well, the same goes for a self-care day at home.

Practice yoga

Once your home is ready, incorporate a nice and relaxing yoga session. If you planned your at-home retreat to take up the whole weekend, consider starting each day with a relaxing set of sun salutations. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been lounging for an hour or two, make an effort to stretch your body out once in awhile.


Clear your mind with as much meditation as you can. A great way to get started is to have a purpose for each meditation, whether it is to de-stress, improve sleep, or motivate you to get back to the daily grind as your retreat comes to an end. Set a purpose, and meditate on it. You can also practice mindfulness throughout the day—not just when you’re sitting cross-legged with your palms up to the sky.

Stay hydrated

Believe it or not, relaxation can take a lot out of you. Make sure you are staying hydrated during your at-home retreat, especially if you have worked in physical activity, such as yoga or hiking, or if you’ve sweated through a cozy nap under the covers or a long, hot bath. Staying hydrated will also help flush out all the toxins from your body.

Draw a bath

You don’t have to schedule time at a salon to reap all the rewards of a spa day. Take a hot bath, use a moisturizing face mask, and exfoliate your skin with a dry brush. Diffuse essential oils to relax the mind. Try adding a tiny bit of coconut oil and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to your bath too. You’ll end up silky smooth and totally refreshed.

Eat healthy

You want to eat clean during your at-home retreat. Now is not the time to order take out and indulge in sugar. Many of us immediately think of our vices when we hear the word “relax”, but practicing discipline will actually help you build more confidence. This is a great opportunity to try out a healthy detox, packed with whole, antioxidant foods to help you feel great from the inside and out.


You may be unplugging during your retreat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be allowed to entertain yourself. Rent some self-help books from the library that align with your lifestyle and goals, so you can catch up on some mindful reading during the downtime of your planned at-home retreat. Skip the e-reader or tablet this time and get your hands on a physical book. The act of turning a new page is not just a powerful metaphor, but it can help you feel accomplished.



Consider spending some time journaling during your retreat. For some, nothing spells catharsis like writing down all of your frustrations and stress. Keep in mind, however, that your retreat is a time for rest and relaxation. Don’t jump into journaling only to get yourself worked up about outside stressors. Consider journaling like an extension of meditation: acknowledge the stress, then let it go.


Paige is a freelance writer. She enjoys sharing practical advice on how we can turn our homes into places where we can not only live but thrive.
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