How Healthy Is Your Brain After Addiction?



In today’s blog we are going to discuss antidepressants, brain health, and the steps we should take to take care of ourselves emotionally, psychologically, physically, and in any way where our brain’s health is at stake.

brain health

For decades now it has been the norm to be prescribed anti-depressants to combat depression, anxiety, and other psychological ailments. Now what really confuses me is that study after study clearly show the typical big Pharma anti-depressant just simply doesn’t work. And what is even worse, and is clearly being proven in recent studies, is that the typical big Pharma anti-depressant is doing permanent damage to the brain.

One extremely important study is showing that not only are these antidepressants not working properly, but they are damaging the brain to the point where the patient taking the antidepressant can only feel right mentally, when under the influence of the drug. If the patient decides to stop taking the antidepressant, they will slip into a state where they completely flat line emotionally and psychologically. Now, I’m sure we have all forgotten, but clearly need to be reminded, about all of the patients under the influence of antidepressants that have committed mass murder, terrorist acts, and other horrible crimes. It’s not a popular opinion when these horrible acts are traced back to big Pharma antidepressants, but it is definitely true and has been proven. So why do so many people here in the United States and all over the world continue to ingest extremely high levels of big Pharma antidepressants to try to solve their emotional and psychological shortcomings?

I can tell you why.

It is because of a number of issues, but the top two are because of a lack of proper information, education, and knowledge about what you are putting into your body and the damage that you are doing to your body. And secondly, because people feel that they are taking what is being offered and they have no other options.

Now, brain health, psychological health, and emotional well being are extremely important to the recovering drug addict. Without taking care of yourself emotionally and psychologically during recovery from drugs and alcohol you are dead in the water. Brain health and recovery from drugs and alcohol go hand in hand. Our top nationally certified professional recovery coaches preach brain health as one of the most important factors in successful recovery from addiction and it definitely has NOTHING to do with pumping yourself full of more addictive anti depressants that do way more damage to your body and mind.

Dr. Cali Estes, founder and creator of The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach, and Dr. Teralyn Sell, have developed a product that is built strictly for the recovering addict to improve and repair brain health and brain functions. This product is called Pro Recovery Rx. This product is made from ALL NATURAL vitamins , minerals and supplements to not only improve brain health but to also repair the damage done to our brain by the use of excess drugs and alcohol.

This product comes in three different packets or doses that include morning; to set us up for the day to focus, think clearly and give us that ALL NATURAL boost that we search for with coffee and other addictive stimulants. The next packet is for noon or mid-day which levels us off and keeps us sharp throughout the day and helps us avoid that dreaded mid-day crash. Then finally, our PM packet helps regulate and promote normal sleep patterns and helps repair our brains while we sleep. This product also helps regulate a healthy appetite that has gone haywire during addiction.

So as you can see we have tackled the two main issues that we discussed earlier which is trying to educate you on the damage that the typical antidepressant can do to your brains and secondly, we are offering you a better choice and a healthier choice for your brain health, emotional stability and psychological well-being. I urge you to give this product a try if you are in recovery for addiction and you are trying to improve your brain health. You can get this product by contacting Dr. Cali Estes or Dr. Teralyn Sell at Home – Pro Recovery Rx or by calling 1-800-706-0318.