How do I find a sober companion?

How do I find a sober companion?

We are well aware that sober companions and the art of sober companionship is new in the addictions industry and recovery community, so it might be confusing for you on how to find the right certified sober companion. The way that The Addictions Coach works when it comes to certified sober companions is that once you, the struggling addict, decides for yourself that you want to hire a sober companion, you would then set up an evaluation session with Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach to pair you with the perfect nationally certified sober companion.

The Addictions Coach would match you with a pool of certified sober companions that pair nicely with your own strengths, hobbies, career path, spiritual likeness and lifestyle to name a few. From this pool of certified sober companions, you, the struggling addict, would then choose the sober companion that you feel the most comfortable with to begin your daily journey to sobriety.

Not every recovery based program offers sober companion programs so you would have to find a sober companion program by searching online. Most companies have only a few to choose from, usually only one in each city. So you just get dumped with the staff they have that is closest to you. We actually take the time to give you a full clinical assessment and determine who works best with you.

The Addictions Coach, based in Miami, has the largest and most successful; sober companion program in the industry and the success rates are phenomenal with The Addictions Coach. We take the “matching” process very serious and our success rates reflect this. So my advice to you on how to find a sober companion would be to contact The Addictions Coach at  or call them at 1-800-706-0318 to set up your evaluation to be paired with your perfect sober companion today.

Also take a few moments and head over to our testimonial page to watch the hundreds of testimonial videos of those who have used The Addictions Coach and their nationally certified sober companions to change their lives for the better!