How CBD can be used for Social Anxiety. Guest post written by Haroon Bhutta



How CBD can be used for Social Anxiety


For people suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, a potential solution derived from a natural source may be very attractive to them. More and more people are looking for alternatives to the traditional solutions that have been on the market for handling their anxiety, and this could be the answer.

CBD has been seen to have a number of different health benefits with physical ailments, such as shrinking tumours, and managing the pain that comes with conditions like arthritis. Its applications in the field of mental health are now being explored more thoroughly. It is an exciting new frontier.


What Is CBD?

CBD is one of those things that can generate a lot of controversy when people who do not agree with the legalization of cannabis talk about CBD in the same breath, and it is not the same thing. This should be obvious when you see it in the form of oil, as compared to marijuana, but it still needs some clarification for some people.

Some people may have heard of it but not be fully tracking with what it does. It is very much in the news of late, and is generating interest in a number of different fields for the solutions it may provide.

So, here are some things to know about CBD.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of 113 cannabinoids that have been identified, and it makes up 40% of the plant’s extract.

CBD is a molecule extracted from a type of hemp that is grown for industrial use, and it is used as an oil for its health benefits.

It was discovered in 1940, but it is only recently that its benefits for mental health have begun to be explored.

It is edible, and can be added to various foodstuffs. It does help to relax you, but unlike , it is not psychoactive.

Is It Legal?

Just to reiterate, CBD is not regulated by the same rules that cover cannabis or marijuana, because, as you can see, they are not the same substance.

It wasn’t legal for a while, and some of this is down to people worrying that it was a way for people pushing marijuana legalization to push their argument more effectively. It is only as recently as the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that THC CBD is not illegal in any state in the USA. This is at the federal level though, and in some places your use of CBD and its legality depends on whether it came from hemp or marijuana. If you are not sure, as with anything, it pays to do your research.

The usage that people are intending the CBD for is likewise distinct from the use of cannabis, which is not legal everywhere. People want to handle health issues with CBD, and the research that has been done into this, and the results that people have seen is the real driving factor behind its legalization.


Do You Get A High?


People who are using CBD are generally not trying to get high from it, and you cannot smoke it.

CBD, which comes from hemp, is not designed to produce a high. The type of cannabis that it is created from is industrial hemp which has a low THC content, and is therefore not going to work on you in the same way that marijuana would.

Scott Gottlieb, the former chief of the FDA, in this article from CNBC, did caution that “Don’t think [CBD] can’t make you high. The CBD derived from cannabis does have THC in it,” though he did note that CBD manufactured from hemp doesn’t share the same risk.

As well as industrial hemp having a low THC level the legal limit for THC content in CBD  is 0.3%. At that level you can see why you are not going to get high from the oil derived from it.

If you are looking for a high from CBD you really are looking in the wrong place, and given that marijuana has been legalized in a number of states, it doesn’t make much sense that people would even be attempting it.


What Does It Do For Anxiety?


CBD helps to relax people, and it has become a popular solution for dealing with anxiety in general, and more specifically social anxiety disorder in recent years. The relaxation that it provides has no attendant high. This is important given the fact that some 18% of people in the country are affected by some form of anxiety.

A report in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research which you can read in full here:

Found that:

The top three medical conditions were pain, anxiety, and depression. Almost 36% of respondents reported that CBD treats their medical condition(s) “very well by itself,” while only 4.3% reported “not very well.” One out of every three users reported a non serious adverse effect.

This is great news for those who are suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, and any other form of anxiety. The long term effects have not been observed yet, but these results, which show that it can be taken with very few side effects, if any, mean that is a superior solution to a lot of the current pharmaceutical options that people have been prescribed.




CBD’s use for social anxiety is not something that has been fully tested, so a lot of the research is not definitive, but it does offer hope for people who are suffering from social anxiety disorder. It’s important to get CBD from a trusted source like Rebel.

The fact that anxiety is so widespread as an issue, means that any solution is welcome. A lot of people are looking to move away from the pharmaceutical solutions that are currently on the market, and this is a really effective alternative.

It is gaining a lot of support in the mainstream media as well. A recent article in The Huffington Post said: “Many cannabinoids have therapeutic value and CBD is no exception.”

Seeing the change that it can bring to people’s lives, both on the purely medical front, and the applications that it has for mental health, is opening up more opportunities for greater research.