Holistic Healing of Sex and Love Addiction. Guest post written by Michael Roth, C.Ad, SRC

Holistic Healing of Sex and Love Addiction

By Michael Roth, C.Ad, SRC


Sex and love addictions may not be as life-threatening as a drug addiction, but they can still pose a different set of dangers. Any type of addiction can lead to problems in a person’s life, and sex and love addictions can lead to things like trauma, relationship problems, and other emotional issues.

Fortunately, love addictions can be treated in a number of holistic manners. Read this article to find out how sex and love addictions can affect the human body and how they can be treated holistically.


What Are Sex and Love Addictions?

Sex and love addictions are two different but sometimes related disorders. They share a number of similar symptoms and behavioral patterns, such as:

  • A chronic need to develop relationships with other people. Sex addicts form physical relationships, which may or may not be romantic, whereas love addicts form romantic relationships which may or may not be sexual in nature.
  • Both types of addiction lead people to use these relationships to find some sort of fulfillment in their lives aside from the normal happiness and satisfaction that one might derive from being in a relationship.
  • People who are addicted to sex and love (particularly sex) can experience an emotional form of tolerance similar to that which a drug addict might experience. Drug tolerance requires that the drug user take more and more of a certain substance to achieve the same satisfaction. Sex addicts often require a greater degree of sexual stimulation, fantasy, or more sexual partners to feel satisfied.
    • Sex addiction can involve a number of different behaviors, such as chronic masturbation / porn viewing, BDSM, orgying, voyeurism, and prostitution.
  • People with sex and love addictions often carry some form of trauma or emotional problem with them that leads them to habitually seek gratification or validation from other people. If they aren’t able to get this validation, they often feel depressed and have low self-worth.


Both of these addictions function like any other compulsive behavioral addiction. The people struggling with addictions need to engage in these behaviors to feel satisfied and fulfilled, even though these behaviors tend to be destructive and often lead to problems in their lives.

For example, people with a sex or love addiction often develop issues sustaining long-term relationships. They may practice polyamory, which is notoriously difficult to maintain successfully. They may also hurt or damage their partners by lying or deceiving them in order to secure more sexual or romantic relationships.


Holistic Treatments for Sex and Love Addiction

Holistic treatments propose the treatment of the entire person, rather than just treating the addiction as a pathology that needs to be eliminated. Instead, holistic treatments utilize mind-body techniques that help to bring about balance in the entirety of the individual.

By treating the individual instead of just the addiction, holistic treatments can work through all aspects of an addiction – including the underlying traumas, behaviors, habits, or other emotional problems contributing to the addiction.

There are several different forms of holistic treatment that can be useful for treating a sex and love addiction. Some of the most common and effective include:

  1. Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a complicated procedure in which a coach or practitioner uses equipment to register feedback from the brain. By understanding and analyzing the data of this feedback, patients and coaches can gain some understanding as to why their bodies and brains behave certain ways during certain situations.

For people struggling with sex or love addictions, this can help them understand why they react to sexual or romantic stimuli and why they feel such an extreme need for these types of relationships in the first place.

  1. Somato-Emotional Repatterning 

Somato-emotional repatterning (SER) is a somewhat more modern practice that utilizes the same energy meridians first identified by acupuncture practitioners and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors. Again, working with these meridians is a reliable way to correct emotional problems that can lead to the development of addictions.

  1. Yoga and Meditation

While yoga and meditation may not be the end-all solution to a problem like a sex or love addiction, they can certainly be useful staples for anyone hoping to overcome these problems.

Meditation can be particularly useful for this, as it allows for a deep introspective and reflective opportunity. There are many different forms of meditation, and introspective meditation is often a bit different than what is taught in traditional meditation workshops. The goal is to achieve clarity of mind – which can be achieved through traditional meditation – and then, taking advantage of that clarity, engage in non-biased reflection, introspection and self-analyses to identify and eliminate problems.



Sex and love addictions can be very serious problems that emerge from trauma, emotional problems, or other issues. Fortunately, there are many different holistic treatments that can help people work through a mental health problem like this.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a sex or love addiction, consider contacting a trained recovery coach who can help you navigate these treatments and move holistically toward health and healing.


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I myself grew up in the world of addiction. My family culture was characterized by secrets and cover-ups. As a result of this and other factors as well, I internalized feelings of deficiency that led me down a slippery slope into my own set of addictions.

I have lived with the shame and guilt that comes from addiction. I have felt the regret and lived with the consequences of my decisions. But I have moved from despair to hope, and eventually to healing.

I have spent the last three decades practicing and continually learning new, cutting-edge modalities as an expression of my commitment to my clients. I approach each client holistically, with an emphasis on the mind/body connection. This is my passion.

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