Heroin or Hellcat?

Heroin or Hellcat?


So recently I bought a Hellcat. Yes, the 707 Horsepower Dodge Challenger with the cat on the side. You now, the kind you crank up and it purrs like a kitten, that one. The one that every 21-year-old guy wants to race up the highway at 3 am doing 190 and not get arrested, that one.

It is bright green with the big black hood and the 707 on the side. The Hellcat even has red eyes.

So why is this important? Well, the money my husband spent on heroin, we redirected to buy a Hellcat. See, my husband had a $120 a day habit. A day, not a week, not month, A DAY.

A FUCKING $120 a day habit.

$120 a day X 365 days is $43,800 a year. A full-time job and pay.

That is almost the price of a Hellcat. Well, a used Hellcat, a limited-edition, 2015 Hellcat.

So, when the option is heroin or Hellcat, I chose the Hellcat. I know an addict is an addict and will always have addictive tendencies. I would rather see him racing up 95 than snorting heroin laced with fentanyl and overdosing, like he did 3 times. I would rather see him get a speeding ticket than have to pick him up at the ER again wondering if he was going to die next time. I would rather have a huge 707 HP monster in my driveway than wonder if he nodded out and got the BMW stolen again.

See, I prefer the Hellcat to the Heroin addiction. As a spouse of a recovering addict, it is hard to watch your loved one battle addiction and fail. You are there hoping they make it out alive, praying, wishing, hoping and when they do, you celebrate the wins.

How do you get your loved one to that point? Well after I wrote, I married a Junkie, and lived the nightmare, I can help you. As I was building my private practice of helping people conquer their addictions, my husband had found his. I helped him navigate the way out and have fun doing it.

Sober is fun.

Hellcats are fun

Heroin is not fun

How can I help you? I offer many ways to help you get your Hellcat and release your Heroin. My specialty is my sober on demand service where I bring the addiction treatment concept to your doorstep.

  Addiction is NOT your problem; it is your solution to a problem.


From our Sober on Demand Program:

Our unique one on one custom concierge coaching approach is what we are highly sought out and known for. Dr. Cali Estes oversees all aspects of the Action Plan protocols and will make sure your experience is comfortable, enlightening, and productive in the time you spend with her and her team. The program can be from 3 to 10 days plus, and consists of a mobile lifestyle enrichment program that covers substance use and substance misuse, triggers, coping skills, passion and purpose in life, relationship goals, career goals, and learning how to live a happy and productive life.  This concept is proprietary and completely tailored to your unique and individual needs. 100% private, 100% Confidential. We get results and have an A list of satisfied clients. If traditional addiction treatment centers did NOT work for you, this program is completely different. No groups, no 30 day required stays, we meet you exactly where you are. We can come to your home, hotel, tour bus, etc and help you get through life and tackle the stressors and issues that hold you back from your full potential. and Dr. Cali Estes and her team are prepared to provide and an additional sober companion or sober coach for 30 days to 6 months post-Sober on Demand Experience.

Read more here and let me help you get that HELLCAT.