Has the Coronavirus affected Drug Dealers?

Has the Coronavirus affected Drug Dealers?

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Lately we have been discussing the different ways in which this horrible coronavirus pandemic has affected addiction, the addiction industry, drug addicts in general and everything else that has to do with addiction. We have talked about how the coronavirus has put a “damper” on the economy to the point where no one is spending money to fight for their sobriety. We have discussed how the coronavirus has affected the way methadone treatment centers are dispensing their methadone and suboxone. We have discussed the way sober coaches, treatment centers and counselors have discovered the art of using the internet, phone and other social media outlets to see their addicted patients without face to face contact. This is a method that Dr. Cali Estes and her creation, The Addictions Coach, had mastered and been doing  successfully for a decade.

So, it would only be fitting to dedicate today’s blog on just how much the coronavirus has affected the drug dealers and the drug trade. We will do this by using information from one of our trusted informants who still uses on and off to this day. We have been working hard to help “Derek” get clean and sober and stay clean and sober, but he has his share of relapses due to his inability to dedicate himself 100% to his sobriety and his recovery related self-help methods that he works hard on.

About a week ago, Derek started noticing his phone beginning to ring off the hook from old drug dealers. He has been told over and over to change his number and block numbers of his old dealers. However, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink if he isn’t thirsty! This may contribute to Derek’s occasional relapse. Now, back to the obsessive phone calls. His phone began ringing day and night. Calls came in at dinner time. They continued well into the night and even rang obsessively at 4am. This is relevant because 4am is Derek’s time to get up and get ready for work.

His old dealers know this and try DESPERATELY to plant the seed in Derek’s mind as soon as he wakes up that he needs to buy drugs. Derek couldn’t figure out for the life of him why these dealers were obsessively calling. After about a week of these calls he finally answered a call from someone that he used to buy heroin from. And this ex dealer filled him in on the true reason all these dealers were calling. The streets have completely dried up financially because of this coronavirus. Restaurant workers have been laid off. Gas station attendants have been laid off. Grocery store clerks have been laid off. All of the people who used to flood the streets of Liberty City, Miami to buy drugs are now broke. They are not coming around for drugs.

The malls and stores are closed so there is no way for them to steal or commit fraud to buy drugs. Derek is a front line worker in the hospital and is still working 60 hours as an essential provider, and the streets and all of its dealers know this. They are all trying to get Derek’s income. They want his business. These dealers have even called and offered Derek two for one deal. Or BOGO deals like he gets at Publix!

So far Derek has stood his ground strong and he has begun to block and erase these numbers. He reached out to us here at The Addictions Coach to help him through this tempting time. He has let our top nationally certified professional sober coaches help him regain his confidence in his sobriety and in the people he surrounded himself with to help fight for his sobriety. So if you are a recovering addict and are recently getting cold calls from ex dealers please pick up the phone and call us here at The Addictions Coach at 1-800-706-0318 or contact us through our company website at https://theaddictionscoach.com. We will help you stay vigilant against these unwanted advances and help keep you clean and sober.