Happy People Don’t Do Drugs. Guest post written by Kevin Parker


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Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker is an addictions specialist who primarily works with young men that are struggling to break free from their addiction.  As a former addict who lost his leg and nearly his life, he understands the hold addiction can have on you.  Now 7 years drug-free, he has dedicated his life to helping others stay clean and unlock their fullest potential.  He is a certified interventionist, an expert recovery coach, family coach, and a professional case manager.  He can help with all your needs from active addiction to filling the void of post addiction. At Kevin’s company True Warrior, he helps you stay clean, get healthy, find your passions, pursue your dreams, strengthen relationships, create confidence, jumpstart your life, and unleash your true warrior!  If you want success and the life you deserve, then Kevin at True Warrior is your solution.

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Happy people don’t do drugs.

As a certified recovery coach and certified interventionist, this has been the pattern I have seen with every single one of my clients.  This is just the universal truth when it comes to all addictive behaviors.  People use drugs and alcohol in excess to fill a void or a need that is not being fulfilled in their lives.

When you’re not happy with your life, your job, relationship, family, situation, and even yourself, you look for something to fill that emptiness.  And unfortunately, it does nothing but temporarily numb you from the root problem and actually makes things worse.   By not dealing with the actual issue at hand you are merely slapping a band-aid on a broken leg.  You are going to continue to move forward temporarily for as long as you can until it gets worse and worse and you never really heal or solve the issue. This is why all addicts lives progressively fall apart until they are absolutely hopeless and can’t find a way out.  You are stuck in a negative feedback loop.  Feeling unfulfilled and sad, you take drugs.  You get high, feel good, and forget about your problems for a moment,  then come down and feel even worse.  You start feeling really bad and you take even more drugs.  This is the vicious cycle and negative snowball effect your life becomes.  There is no solution or end to this lifestyle and it eventually consumes you.  As a recovery coach, I have learned that the only way to deal with this successfully is that you have to take inventory of your life. You have to fix the problems that are leaving you unfulfilled, and create a life that makes you excited to wake up every morning.

I’m speaking from personal experience.  I was an addict for 10 years.  Not knowing at the time that I was suffering from mental and emotional abuse, I never felt like enough or ever felt like I fit in.  I was very self-conscious, didn’t feel like I belonged, and struggled with an inferiority complex as a young boy.  I turned to many different addictions to compensate for how I felt.  I became addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, pornography, sex, ecstasy, Xanax, painkillers, and eventually heroin.  Each had a specific role in masking my insecurities and feelings of inadequacies and worthlessness.  From the outside everyone thought I had the world by the balls because I was smart, athletic, handsome, well-known, charming, tough, and truly loved.  But inside I felt helpless and worthless.  No matter what I did or accomplished I never felt like enough.  Throughout my whole adolescence from 15-25 years old I was an addict in every sense of the word.  Nothing was ever enough and I did everything to the extreme.  I created this larger than life persona to make myself feel better about how I truly felt, and when the drugs wore off and the party was over, I was left in the gutter feeling lower then trash.  I was in such a bad place I needed an interventionist to step in and help because I wasn’t going to do it on my own.

This lifestyle had me coming from a very negative place full of scarcity and fear.  I would always walk around saying “why me?  I have the worst luck!” And by thinking and feeling this way that’s exactly what I attracted more of into my life.  This self-sabotage and self-fulfilling prophecy systematically took my life apart piece by piece until I looked around and I had nothing left.  Every friend I ever had, gone.  Every relationship ended.  Every job, opportunity, and good thing in my life dried up, and I was left with nothing.  My car, my apartment, my dignity and everything in my life vanished before my eyes without me even noticing it was happening.  My family tried to step in and perform an intervention but it wasn’t by a certified interventionist and all it did was make me angry and defensive and I stormed out the house.  I winded up overdosing that night, ending up in a coma fighting for my life.

For four weeks I was in a coma with multi-organ failure and 105 fever, my body was completely shut down and my brain was frying.  I died three times in the hospital and they even read me my last rites.  Miraculously without any warning I just woke up!  It was a four-month vicious battle for my life but I eventually won.  Not before losing my leg, over half my body weight, and developing severe nerve damage throughout my entire body.  Believe it or not this was a gift from God and still the best thing that ever happened to me.

Although I was completely physically broken and worse off then I started, it gave me a second chance at life.  It gave me the opportunity to rebuild myself from scratch and prove to myself and everyone around me how truly strong I was and that I can overcome and do anything that I put my mind to. I decided to become my own recovery coach. I taught myself how to walk again, eat again, breath again, and regain all the movement in my remaining three limbs.  These incredible feats of pure will gave me the ability to create a new identity as a true warrior with unshakable confidence in my abilities and potential.  I now had a new drive and burning desire for greatness.  I knew I was saved for a purpose and I had no room or desire for any type of drug or addiction in my life.  I quit everything cold turkey and never looked back.  My new passion and obsession was self-mastery

I started working out, getting my physique back was the first step to feeling good.  Then I worked on getting my degree in psychology because I loved the human mind and how it worked.  I picked up every book I can read to become excellent and knowledgeable in human behavior, success, sexual energy, manifestation, spirituality, sales, and self-mastery in all areas.  I had a burning desire to become the man I was always intended to be.  I went to seminars and trainings, got all types of certifications until I found out what my true purpose was, and that was to help people and be in service to others.  My gift and passion in life was to help other people master their lives and fill it with purpose, gratitude, fulfillment, and abundance.  To set their souls on fire with passion, inspiration, and motivation.  This is what excites me about life now.

I am now currently a public speaker that speaks at schools to inspire and educate kids on what is truly possible.  A certified interventionist that stages interventions to get people into programs so they can finally reclaim their lives and be freed from the chains of addiction.  As well as a certified recovery coach who specializes in young men in recovery that deal with any kind of impulsive behavior.  I help get their lives on track and accomplish any goal they desire.   I also work with families as a certified family coach.  I give them guidance and coaching on how to deal with an addict when they feel hopeless and don’t know what to do.

My life is filled with so much happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and gratitude that I will never need any drug to cope with life because I now manifest my reality.  I can go out and have a drink at a social event and not have to worry it’s going to lead to something else. Because I don’t need something else.   My life is amazing and it’s all because I dealt with the underlying issues that were causing my addictions.

Be happy, live passionately, get clean, and live free!

Kevin Parker

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