What Habits Can Business Professionals Learn from Successful Sports Teams?

What Habits Can Business Professionals Learn from Successful Sports Teams? 


Suppose you are a C-Level Business Executive, a new company owner, or just trying to climb the ladder. In short, you aspire to be the best in your industry, but you are STUCK and not moving in the direction of SUCCESS.

You need to break through the barriers holding you back mentally, and get to the next level. This process involves learning how to unlock your Key to ‘Success’ and finding your ‘Inner Voice’. You will learn how to eliminate feelings of being defeated and/or deflated by life’s daily endeavors.

Dr. Cali Estes specializes in helping her clients get ‘unstuck’, move forward and achieve both goals/dreams in business and personal matters.

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4 Habits of Highly Successful Sports Teams (And How to Bring Them Into Your Office)
Work ethic isn’t the only lesson we can learn from pro athletes and their teams.
Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from pro athletes. Hustle, grit, determination–the whole wide world of sports is full of lessons that can help you build a stronger business. Here are four big ones.

Provide Hyper-Personalized Onboarding

Giving employees the support they need to do outstanding work from day one not only sets the tone for your workplace, it can also prevent costly mistakes.

Injuries are expected in the NFL, but the 2000 Patriots noticed their roster was chock-full of hamstring injuries. So the Patriots made a preseason program where every player was given a personalized “pre-hab” program that addressed their risk factors. As a result, the Patriots lowered their incidence of hamstring injury by 90%.

By identifying your employees’ flatsides and providing support early on, you can create a “prehab” program to help them reach their full potential. Maybe your company’s creative hires struggle with presentations, or maybe your entry-level hires make data entry mistakes.

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