Get $500 OFF National Professional Recovery Coach Certification and Intervention Training! Call today May 14-18.

Get $500 OFF National Professional Recovery Coach Certification and Intervention Training!  Call today May 14-18.  Live webinar or learn on demand at your leisure!  1.800.706.0318 mention this ad for $500 OFF

In this Industry, Education is Paramount!  You need to be on the top of your game, and ready for the next level of success. We can guide you there using our Recovery Coach Courses, Intervention Training and Master Addictions Coach Training Programs. We are the ONLY National provider of National Courses that EVERY state will accept for their examinations. We are approved by NAADAC to offer Continuing Education Hours on select classes.

Learn to become a Recovery Coach, Interventionist, Advanced Clinical Interventionist, MASTER Addictions Coach, Family Recovery Coach or get specialty training in Anger Management, Case Management, Life Coaching, Ethics and Business Branding. Courses are offered LIVE throughout the country or online via our virtual classroom webinars. Most classes provide

Courses and Certificate Programs are offered by Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy    All Courses are Evidence Based and Best Practices Models taught by Master’s Level Therapists or PH’D’s.  Our comprehensive training packages offer continuing education hours.  Our Educational Provider Number: 130309.

We are offering the following courses in select cities, via webinar and we are also available to come directly to your center, halfway house, rehab, IOP, PHP or business to nationally certify and train your staff. Check out the classs here




You desire to be the TOP of your profession. You want to add Addiction Coaching to your existing practice or you want a new career as an Addictions Coach. You want to  help people better their lives. You desire to be the best in your field and you want more cash pay clients. You want the BEST for your clients and yourself. The Addictions Academy offers you a full 6 month program to become a National  Master Addictions Coach.

We offer 3 Modules and you have 6 full months to complete the program or you may go faster if you wish. Get the National Addictions Coaching Certificate program exclusively through The Addictions Academy. All of our classes will give you the tools you need to be practice as a Master Addictions Coach. We also offer weekly supervision sessions over the course of 6 months so that you can discuss your cases and clients with a clinical supervisor and get real world advice and answers to your questions.  Supervision by a clinical supervisor and the best top trained coaches in the world. We are the only company offering a program for coaching in the addiction arena. We offer the following classes including weekly clinical supervision to discuss your clients and cases. Courses include: Recovery Coach I and II, Family Addictions Coaching, Gambling Addictions Coach, Food Addictions Coaching and Anger Management.

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National Certificate in Recovery Coaching –I (NCRC-I)

National Certificate in Recovery Coaching

Are you interested in becoming a Professional Recovery Coach? You love helping people and enjoy teaching others how to stay sober and enjoy life. You deserve to be paid for your time and efforts. We offer a reputable program that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry. We offer mentorship programs, Certificate Programs and Training programs for Therapists, Counselors and for those in Recovery themselves. We are selective in the training process and do require that you complete the course, including all hours.

Our two day course will teach you to prepare for difficult clients and various situations. Using the ‘RAAD Model’ you will learn: Coping Skills, Life Skills, Accessing Community Supports, Relapse Prevention, Goal Setting, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Fitness, Meditation techniques that can assist with Post-Acute Withdrawal and life ventures. Passive versus Active Listening skills, ethics (HIPPA), confidentiality issues, legalities and family roles are addressed. You will leave with a basic business model and contracts that you can use in private practice and an understanding of how to adequately market and gain clientele.

You will tackle scenarios that are real life examples of clients and how to handle them and their loved ones. You will learn how to prequalify a client and when to refer out, assess for detox and all legal issues associated with being a Recovery Coach. Our seasoned professional staff will tackle the most difficult of questions and leave you feeling ready to take on new clients.  See more here:

National Certificate in Recovery Coaching -II (NCRC-II)

National Certificate in Recovery Coaching

Once you complete Level I and want more out of your practice Level II is designed to deal with specific populations. Handling aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice System and the upper elite/wealthy client will be covered along with handling unique and stressful family situations and how to present at functions. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed. Mental Health Issues and Personality Disorders will be discussed. Mental health medications, Med Management and what to do with clients on multiple psychiatric medicines will be covered. The Criminal Justice system and potential charges both felony and misdemeanor will be covered with solution focused coaching for these individuals.  How to accept new clients and tackle all the underlying issues that are not normally address in traditional Coaching will be discussed and presented in depth. See more here:





National Certificate in Intervention Practice (NCIP)

National Certificate in Intervention Practice

Do you have ‘the gift’ to help people get into rehab or detox and turn their lives around? You are probably in recovery yourself and have a true desire to help people and learn how to get them the assistance they need in the most ethical, easy way possible. Our trained Master’s level Interventionists have logged over 1000 Intervention hours each and can teach you how to master the art of intervention. We focus on clinical and detox assessment, family system dynamics, case management aspects, crisis interventions, placements, networking and outreach, methodology and planning and execution.

Our two day course will explore all the various models of intervention available and how to properly utilize the best techniques for your client that will be the most affective. We utilize the exclusive RAAD model that will assist all clients and allot you a higher success rate for placing people into treatment.  We utilize role play and we will address several styles of mock interventions, dealing with aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice system and the upper elite/wealthy client along with handling unique and stressful family situations. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed.

Body language, placement in family interventions and what to say and not to say are very important. We cover it all. Prepare for an intense class that will leave you with so much information gathered from our 20+ years of experience in the industry. How to handle business clients, clients that are using, clients that are violent is all covered.

We provide all the documents you need to effectively run a business including contracts, assessment for detox, duty to warn and confidentially agreements.  A working knowledge of the family systems concept and how to be effective at both Family and Individual Interventions will be learned. See more here:

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National Certificate in Advanced Intervention Profession (NCAIP) Advanced intervention Techniques

The 4 day Intervention Course is comprised of Intensive Advanced Intervention Training Techniques that meet the unique  Pennsylvania requirement (to sit for the state exam)  and all other state requirements. In the Advanced intervention Training Class we will teach you how to provide Intervention services for every type of client, not just one specific model or style. In this course you will gain an overview of all systems, the pre qualifying of the client (unique to The Addictions Academy), pre intervention, intervention, post intervention.  in our National Intervention Professional Program, We specifically define body language, when and how to end the intervention, how to read your client (spoken and silent cues), how to use the family to your advantage, when to do an Individual Intervention verses a Family Intervention and more. Our classes are always didactic so you will get hands on role play experience. We cover the aggressive client, the crying client, the mental health client, the wealthy client, the criminal client and of course Ethics and Legal issues.  25 CEU’s through NAADAC (national and transfers to any state).

Unique features:

*All styles of intervention discussed

*RAAD Model -unique to The Addictions Academy

*Body Language Concepts

*Interactive hands on class

*Covers MH, Criminal clients, wealthy clients, special population

*Family and Individual Intervention Platforms

*Masters Level Teachers with over 1000 logged Intervention hours. See more here:

National Certificate in Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC)

National Certificate in Food Addictions Coach

If you have always wanted to learn more about eating disorders, emotional eating and food addictions this is the course for you. In Food Addictions Coaching we will explain the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships with food, how to spot a hidden eating disorder, what the difference between dieting and lifestyle choices are and how to deal with all of them as they present in your client. We will cover types of eating disorders: bulimia, anorexic, orthorexica, laxative bulimia, exercise bulimia,  Personality Types of eating disorders, how to address the physical and emotional factors dealing with each variety.

In our National Food Addictions Coaching Training Program,, we will  discuss over eating, eating as punishment, addictions to sugar, caffeine, energy drinks and rotating diets.  We will explore the term ‘stuffing’ and how it applies to situations of emotional numbing, similar to drug and alcohol addictions. We will discuss mental health issues and drug and alcohol addiction as it relates to food addiction. We will discuss ways to uncover hiding food addictions and emotional eating issues and how to address them in the realm of addiction.  We will provide coaching forms, contracts and ways of handling food addiction and emotional eating verses eating disorders.

We will provide various ways to teach your clients coping skills, since abstinence from food is not an option. We will address how to handle going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting where there is no caffeine and no sugar versus going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where coffee and doughnuts are served.   We will discuss lifestyle changes and self-esteem. We will explore issues of ‘stuffing” and emotional turmoil and the issues of numbing with food versus drugs and alcohol. Please note this is not a restrictive eating class (we are not going to give diets and suggest eating no flour, sugar etc). We are going to address all issues and ways to using coping skills and mechanisms to reduce stuffing, over eating, under eating, dieting, restricting and using food as a tool to deal with stressors in life.

Contracts will be provided. Ways to add Food Addiction Coaching to your practice, how to obtain clients and market yourself will be provided.

Certificate in Family Recovery Coaching (CFRC)

Certificate in Family Recovery Coaching

As much as an addict needs a coach, so does the family. The families of the addicts are often confused themselves about addiction and where to turn with some of the issues that are going on within the family dynamic. Often the family has been enabling the addict so long that when the addict goes to treatment they feel lost and confused. Sometimes they even expect the addict to come home after 28 days or so ‘cured’ and ‘fixed’.  As a Family Recovery Coach we will explore all the family roles using Claudia Black’s work and explore the dynamic the family plays in the addict’s life and their own lives.

As a Family Recovery Coach you will learn how to deal with different personalities, educate the family on addiction, work alongside the other therapists and Recovery Coaches that are in the addict’s life and guide the family through the process. Ethics and HIPAA will be covered, Duty to Warn, Confidentiality and all forms and contracts that you would need to start a successful practice as a Family Recovery Coach will be provided. Pharmacology will also be addressed and qualifying the family will be explored. Role play and real live scenarios will be used so that you are ready to tackle any issues or concerns as they arise. See more here:

Business Branding  and Marketing Class 101

Business Branding  and Marketing Class 101

Therapists and Recovery Coaches are usually great at what they do – help the client. BUT when it comes to marking themselves and gaining new business, they falter. A lot of people are simply not sure where to start and how to get the word out about what they are doing. Sometimes it is actually asking for the rate they deserve that is the issue. We cover it all in this course. From what to stay to potential customers and clients to closing the deal, we can help.

The marketing of your new company is paramount. We cover website, social media presence, guerilla marketing, contracts, B2B marketing and even word of mouth referrals. We help you build YOUR unique brand and find your niche in this market. Whether you are just starting out in your business or you want to garner new clients or make the switch from therapist to coach, we cover the steps to take to get new business and keep new business coming in the door.

Samples of contracts, letters and all the steps from the ground up to start a business, and to more importantly, brand your business are taught.  Class size is limited to 6 for individual and personalized experience. Bring your questions and samples of what you have already begun to class. Please note this class is NOT available for NAADAC CEU’s at this time.


Anger Management Training and Certificate Program (NCAMP)

Anger Management Training and Certificate Program

Dealing with the angry client can be tough and learning how to help them heal is frustrating. When it comes to addiction, anger from either the client or family is always present in the equation. The client is angry at themselves and the lack of control that they have over the situations that they are in. The family is angry at the client for all of the destructive and embarrassing behavior that he or she has displayed.

Knowing where to start with the client and the family and getting through the anger barrier is what we will cover. Ways to squash the anger, process it and free it will be taught. Coping skills and ways to deal with underlying feelings will be explored. Anger verses rage will be explored. Activities to challenge the client and family will be provided. Emphasis will be on talk therapy but also alternative methods to release the aggression and anger will be investigated and recommendations for clients to explore their own anger and learning transference methodology to block the client’s destructive path will be taught.

Bing able to lead groups, individual sessions and offer your services to both court programs and treatment centers is paramount. We will instruct you on the ways of both.

Life Coach Certificate Program (NCLC)

Life Coach Certificate Program

Our Life Coach Training and Life Coach Certificate Program (NCLC) is available to the addictions field as well as people not in the addiction studies industry.  At The Addictions Academy we specialize in teaching coaching skills to all of our students. Life Coaching is at the forefront of the coaching industry and people are hiring life coaches over therapists for several issues and areas of their lives. It is no longer considered ‘in’ to have a therapist, coaching has taken over. Everyone has a coach.

At The Addictions Academy, our Life Coach Certificate Program will assist you in helping clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, business, school, etc. You will be valued by your clients and they will love to come and talk with you because you get results.

As a life coach, you’ll get to spend your days helping people on a deep, personal and unique level. You’ll be an instrumental part of helping them find the success and happiness that they’re looking for. You can work from home, from your office, or go to your client’s home or office. You can work via telephone, Skype or in person.

National Certificate in Gambling Addiction Coaching (NCGAC)

National Certificate in Gambling Addiction Coaching

As a Gambling Addiction Coach you will address both problem gambling and compulsive gambling with your clients. Similar to a drug or alcohol addiction, the gambling or gaming becomes a need and a compulsion to not only entertain but remove specific feelings of stress, anger, discord, etc. As a Gambling Addiction Coach we address these feelings, needs and compulsions with our clients and provide new coping skills and ways of structuring their lives that are productive and meaningful.

“Problem gambling” is any gambling behavior that disrupts your client’s life. If you find your client obsessing over the next bet, the next scratch off or the next win, they need some assistance.  Maybe they have gotten the drugs and alcohol addiction under control and now they are playing dice or poker incessantly. Maybe the primary addiction is gambling. As a Gambling Addiction Coach you will be taught about the natural release of endorphins that gambling produces, similar to sex, exercise and happy surprises. Gambling is a process addiction and hard to control. At The Addictions Academy we will teach you tips and tricks on getting a client’s gambling addiction under control.

National Certificate in Case Management  (NCCM)

National Certificate in Case Management

Case Management has never been more important to a client staying sober and getting the proper services needed. A lot of drug and alcohol treatment facilities expect the therapist to provide their own case management for the client and they simply do not have the time to offer both therapy and proper case management.  If a drug and alcohol treatment facility is large enough to have their own case manager on staff, it is imperative that he or she has the proper training to offer services. The Addictions Academy has developed a comprehensive training program in Case Management with full Certificate Program. We cover all the tools necessary for a stellar case manager to assist their clients in getting the best services possible. Your client’s success rates can be improved by your ability to offer an array of services. The Addictions Academy can show you how to market yourself and bill out both on insurance or cash pay with our case management certificate program.

Recently, a new breed of business is opening with people offering case management services to clients coming out of therapy, drug and alcohol treatment and other facilities because the facilities simply do not have time and drop the ball. That is where The Addictions Academy comes in. We train you properly in case management and how to develop the skills necessary to offer top notch case management services for your clients. If having your own company or adding aftercare provider services to your existing list of services is paramount, we will cover all the items you need to succeed with your clients.

National Certificate in Ethics Training (NCEC)

National Certificate in Ethics Training

The Addictions Academy’s Ethics Training course holds our students to the highest standards in the industry. Our students are professionals; our code of ethics and responsibilities is considered paramount in all of our training courses. Areas to be covered will include fraud related conduct, safety and welfare, confidentiality, professional standards, sexual misconduct, unlawful conduct, record keeping, exploitation, unqualified practice, cooperation during investigation, working in different states, definitions, report writing, dos and don’ts, case management, action plans, and scenarios.

Most people start to yawn when you say the word ethics. The truth is, there is a great deal more to ethics and responsibilities then most professionals ever imagined. Being on solid ground ethically will make all the difference when it comes to success and failure. You don’t ever want to be on the wrong side of ethics. You have boundaries and rules that must be followed and you are responsible to know what they are! The good news is that learning about ethics doesn’t have to be boring! Through role play and student interaction, interjecting different scenarios into the class setting for the students to solve is usually quite fun and entertaining, as well as informative. Remember that knowledge is power.

The local, state, and federal laws are ever changing; it is your responsibility to stay informed. The course is three hours in length and contains 3 continuing education hours. The course is NAADAC approved and you will receive a certificate upon completion and passing the exam. Our instructors are constantly taking seminars themselves to stay current with the latest trends. We hope to see you in the next class this is a must for all serious professionals!



“On behalf of myself, and all the attendees from Lakeview Health, we would like to express our gratitude for the training you conducted with us last week. The training was comprehensive, and easy to follow for some employees not as versed in the field of interventions. Following the training, everyone felt confident and comfortable with conducting an intervention. Cali did an excellent job of walking us through the steps, one by one. We now know the importance of the RAAD model and each of it’s components. The phone call and pre-work are just as important as the intervention itself. I would highly recommend Cali and The Addictions Academy to anyone looking to join or excel in the field of Addictions.” Derek Gwaltney Lakeview Health

“The staff and I thought the training was very well done. The book you sent us has a lot of good information that can be used in the future. It was great to cover so many types of interventions, before the training I was only experienced in the Johnston model. Being able to watch the role play was also a great way to see these in action. ”  Danny McQuinn, Owner of Clean Start Interventions. My phone numbers are 765-301-1555 and 765-301-1554. Our address is 4408 rosewood Dr, Kokomo, IN 46901


“As the New York Yankees Intervention Coach, attending “The Addictions Academy provided me the opportunity to become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach. I took the Intervention classes which were very informative. The classes were taught in a manner where I can understand them and were very worthwhile. We did role play. I did Recovery Coaching I and II and
Intervention. Taking these classes with Cali and the Addictions Academy has given me the tools that I need to better assist the needs of the New York Yankees’ players, coaches and staff.”
Ron Dock, NY Yankees Intervention


“I just wanted to say thank you for the training that you offered on interventions. The written material is informative, and well organized. The live webcam offered an interactive experience that was easy to follow. As a teacher, I found you to be extremely well informed, patient and able to answer all questions professionally and effectively as they arose. Thank you for a great training experience! Debbie Maidman, BA, CASAC, NCIP Lifescape Solutions Outreach Coordinator C-561.301.2826; 845.304.1586 Fax: 561.265.5673 ”

“After working for several years in Stockholm, Sweden with clients suffering from addiction, dual diagnosis and mental illness, I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered your course(s) while searching for work/clients after relocating to Los Angeles last year. Your training is top notch with practical step by step instruction and course materials on how to set up a coaching practice and insightful sample case study group exercises. I was amazed at the amount of valuable information, helpful strategies and tips that were presented in the relatively short course duration. I warmly recommend your training to anyone working in this field. Thank you!”

James M. Michie Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach