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Finally a prograt that handles emotional eating from a chemical level.

Dr. Cali and one of her clients explain how to tackle food addiction. Watch here.

Top Food Addiction Coach for Bulimia, Anorexia and Over EatingFood.

Food is often the most overlooked addiction, and rarely treated correctly. A food addiction is not an Eating Disorder, it is a chemical and emotional immune response to some foods. Ever notice how you will binge eat an entire bag of Oreos or chips, but not a a big bag of broccoli? There is a chemical reason for that. Your body uses broccoli for calcium and knows when it has had enough. The processed cookies and chips you are craving have added chemicals that are highly addictive and you want more. Then you feel guilt, remorse and shame and eat even more. You eat your feelings, you may even punish yourself afterwards by exercising or denying yourself food. There is an entire process to food addiction and a full ritual that you go through.

The most addictive substance on the planet is sugar. It is almost the same checmical make up as Heroin. Think about that withdrawl! headaches, nausea, insomnia, foggy brain, irritable, tired, restless…sounds like an opiate withdrawl! Does not sound like fun at all, but what if you can alleivate these symptooms on a chemical level and feel better physically and emotionally?   

Most people think that a food addiction can be handled by going on a diet. Did you know the word DIE is in DIEt? Who wants to DIE? How about a lifestyle change and tackling your eating issues and food addiction! How about doing with it with less effort, fewer restrictions and not only mental health, emotional health but a CHEMICAL health solution?

Diets are all restriction based. You follow the list of ‘DO NOT eat’, but you still don’t feel better and you gain the weight back. You are probably addicted and overloaded with sugar and junk food. Both of these hijack the brain and releases serotonin and dopamine (the HAPPY CHEMICALS) into your brain to make you feel GOOD!  You want to feel good don’t you? Of course you do! You NEED to address these missing chemicals in your brain. Getting your food addiction under control is MORE then diet, exercise and going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting to ‘tough it out’.
So what about the Juice fast craze? Well, JUICING is pure sugar! THIS DOES not help a food addict, and intermittent fasting is pure garbage. Your body tells you it is hungry so you gulp down large amounts of sugar juice or starve it. Who comes up with this nonsense? Seriously, a food addict will be fully TRIGGERED by these events.
But Dr. Cali Estes and her team of Nutritonal therapists and food addiction coaches can help you with the 4 tier approach. We tackle the emotional, mental, physical and the chemical sides of food addiction so that you FEEl better, LOOK better and solve the root cause of your issues quickly.
How do you fix my food addiction? Well, we start with a brain reboot. Your brain is hijacked and we have the right supplements HERE to do the job. After we break that chemcial connection, we tackle the root cause of why you are addicted to food and why you use food as reward, punishment or mood change. We also provide you with a full meal plan to help reduce cravings, break the cycle and feel better.

Its is now time to get help. Our 10 week ReBoot program will help you to identify the cravings, triggers and issues surrounding why you grab food as comfort or punishment. We cover how the chemicals affect your brain and your serotonin and dopamine depletion issues, how to set a good meal plan and how to create a safety plan in stressful situations where food is the main focus.

How do I know if I am a food addict? Do you crave sweets, carbs, and other processed foods? Do you eat when not hungry but emotional (sad, happy, angry, bored, etc)? You maybe addicted to food if you use it as a reward system, a punishment system or even ‘eat your feelings’. 

What is a sugar detox? If you stopped eating sugar would you get headaches, easily anger, have irritability, insominia if you couldn’t  get your Fix Food? You may be a food addict!~

How do you treat food addiction?     We offer 10 weeks of emotional and addiction based support, along with a nutrition plan by our certified nutrition therapist. We even have an online support group where you can reach out for addictions help. Our food addictions programs are customized and have one on one attention to your specific needs and issues.  Dr. Cali Estes is a recovered food addict and she knows how difficult it is to navigate everyday life when food is legal, plentiful and the focus of all the events in your life.

Is food addiction coaching for me? Yes!  Food is legal. Food and cake are the focus of a birthday party, a wedding, a dinner party, a divorce party, a promotion, everything revolves around food. Have you noticed that everyone congregates in the kitchen? We can help you with your food addiction issues. Call us for a free 15 minute consultation.         

Process addictions like eating disorders can be very different than substance abuse related matters, and effectively treating them can pose tricky scenarios that require a vast expertise in human behaviors and mental health conditions. While there certainly are similarities between eating disorders and drug or alcohol addictions in some respects, a key difference that must always be managed is the fact that you still must learn to eat every day within healthy parameters, whereas a sober alcoholic doesn’t still need to drink 3 times a day in order to sustain life. In the rooms of Overeaters Anonymous (OA) they call this, “Letting the tiger out of the cage 3 times a day.”

There are many different types of behaviors and obsessive thoughts within the minds of those struggling with eating disorders and food addiction issues. Whatever the reason/s may be that drive you or your loved one through the potentially fatal insanity of anorexia, bulimia, over-eating or other variation, please know that there are proven solutions and out of the box coaching that has shown great success among those struggling with addiction to foods.  The Addictions Coach is much more than just your ally or recovery guide right now, in fact we are your full-scope coach and companion throughout this recovery process, and we offer you a level of expertise and integrative support that is rarely matched.

Dr. Cali Estes and her team understand Food Addictions and their many variations. In fact, Cali battled a food addiction and eating disorder in general for a number of years before learning to combat her own demons…she has now been helping many others through her coaching & companion services for over 20 years! Her seasoned and hand-picked team of experts and Certified Food Addictions Coaches and Certified Nutritionists are on-hand to assist you with yours or your loved one’s eating disorder. With our unique process of action planning, food/mood journals and the ability to get to the root cause of the food addiction we offer a very unique platform to assist you or your loved one. Food addictions can be chemical and physical and actually result in detox (think flu-like symptoms) and they are definitely emotional. We call it ‘stuffing’ or filling the emotional void by using food substances instead of drugs and alcohol.  

Of the many differences between The Addictions Coach and other sober & recovery coaching firms, one of the biggest is the fact that we have the credentials and expertise to help not only drug addicts and alcoholics, but also those suffering from food addictions & eating disorders. From bulimia to anorexia to over-eating and beyond, to diving even deeper and helping those struggling with underlying mental health issues (dual-diagnosis disorders) that perpetuate the damaging behaviors, a “Food Addiction Coach” from The Addictions Coach is truly unlike anything else…

The Addictions Coach provides food addictions coaching, companion & recovery services nationwide. We do however have several primary hubs nationwide in which we offer near 24/7 staffing, these include: Miami, FL, Palm Beach County, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, Manhattan, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX, Orange County, CA and several others.

In addition to Nationally Certified Food Addiction Coaches, we also have Certified Nutritionists on hand to assist clients 

Learn more about Cali Estes, MCAP, ICADC, MAC, CYT, CPT or The Addictions Coach by calling 24/7 at (800) 706-0318..


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