Family Addictions Coaching for the family of a loved one suffering from Substance Use Disorder and Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Coaching Sessions.

$250 for one session of addiction coaching with Dr Cali Estes.

$2500.00 for 10 sessions of addiction coaching and includes one box of Pro Recovery RX supplements (30 day supply starter kit).

Like you, I have experienced a loved one with an addiction. My husband, Tim Estes overdosed three times and almost died. I got that dreaded call from the hospital that no one wants to answer. The first time was scary enough, but the second call they told me that he almost did not wake up after 3 shots of Narcan. Like your loved one, my husband had been to treatment, sober living, and prison and it didn’t stop him. Three overdoses, 7 car crashes, and a carjacking later, he got sober. We even wrote a book about our experience called I Married A Junkie.

As a therapist and an addiction clinician, I know how to help people like you and your loved one recover from their vices. As the wife of a recovering addict, I know how to help you recover from your loved ones’ tornado lifestyle.  When was the last time you took “me time’? How long has it been that you got sleep not worrying about your son or daughter or husband or wife getting into a car accident, getting arrested, or worse yet overdosing and dying?

Having a loved one with an addiction can be painful and confusing. The Family is usually left in the dark while a family member goes into treatment and you, the family, feel lost, confused, and unsupported. In addition, the expectation that your loved one will be ‘fixed’, or ‘cured’  and return home a different person is present. At The Addictions Coach, we can assist you with Family Addictions Coaching while your loved one attends drug and alcohol treatment, addiction therapy, or is placed in a sober living facility. Maybe your loved one is still home and actively using and you need guidance and advice. At The Addictions Coach, we are all  Nationally Certified Family Addictions Coaches with years of experience on both sides of addiction and we can assist you. We offer you, the family, guidance, and support during this stressful transition time.

My goal as both an addiction specialist and wife of a recovering addict was to offer you a team. We can place your loved one with a Certified Recovery Coach and we can help you, help them. We also offer Couples Coaching, Concierge Addiction Retreats, and even more intensive programs like our Sober on Demand. We can also help your loved one get back on track physically and mentally by utilizing our Brain Health recovery Method and Prorecovery Rx supplement line. Our most popular programs are below and we can of course custom a program to you that includes hourly Zoom/phone calls or in-person work.

Program 1

Program 2

  • 12 weeks of drug and alcohol addiction coaching with a Certified Recovery Coach
  • 6 weeks of Family Coaching to assist the family in all areas of integration
  • 14-day Detox and cleanse
  • The Brain Health Recovery Method with ProRecovery Rx for 30 days

As your Certified Family Coach, our trained staff will offer support services, encouragement, education, and more. We understand what it is like to watch your loved one suffer from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gaming addiction, and more.  We know you feel helpless over the situation and just want them to be healthy and normal.  At The Addictions Coach, we can work directly with you, the family, to understand the cause and effect of addiction. As Your Certified Family Coach, we can hold your hand through the process and explain what is really happening with your loved one in rehab and what to expect from them after treatment.

I personally know this is heartbreaking and frustrating for you and you are getting a flood of information from various sources that tell you to do different things. You probably don’t know what the best course of action would be, you just know you want help to end the struggle and get your loved one back. You turn to us. We can help.

How does addiction affect society?
First of all, crime is one of the biggest ways that addiction affects society. In geographical areas where drug use is at a high level, you will see crime rates through the roof. Another way that addiction affects society is by drug-influenced areas in society seem to stay repressed. Reputable company chains seem to steer clear of drug-riddled areas and seem to migrate to safer areas. With addiction comes a lack of family structure and with a lack of family structure comes poor study habits. With these poor study, habits come poor school ratings.

Can addiction run in the family?
Plain and simple, alcoholism and drug dependency does run within the family. Recent research has identified numerous genes that are associated with addiction. One of the ways that these jeans affect your risk for addiction involves how your genes metabolize alcohol. Another is how your nerve cells signal one another and regulate their activities during drug use. Such changes in jeans can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Who does addiction affect?
The alcoholic or drug addict himself or herself is most definitely not the only person that addiction effects. Addiction and its tentacles will destroy and affect the user’s friends, acquaintances, family, and all loved ones in an extremely negative way. Addiction is not a one-way street.

What is family therapy?
Family therapy can be done with a counselor or a licensed clinical therapist that specializes in family systems and family process work. This person can be a licensed psychologist or licensed marriage and family, therapist. Family addiction coaches are a new breed of coaching that allows help in the addiction realm without getting licensed as a therapist OK.

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