Failure to Launch: One Family’s Story That Ended in the Courtroom

Failure to Launch: One Family’s Story That Ended in the Courtroom

failure to launch

We all know the classic example of the 30-something living in mom & dad’s basement and working at the local pizza parlor, or the 28-year old college drop-out who’s thrown in the towel on the prospect of education and success. We call it Failure-to-Launch Syndrome, and it is a surprisingly common condition especially among the Millennial Population. They seem lost, not quite sure of who they are or what they want to do in life. They lack direction, ambition, and purpose. As a parent, you are probably stressed and feel helpless in how to help them. Dr. Cali Estes and her team of seasoned professionals specialize in this behavior.  Learn more about Failure to Launch here. 

Read on for a real account of failure to launch that went all the way to court:

What To Do When Your Adult Son Doesn’t Want To Leave

Let’s be honest; life is pretty dang expensive. While we understand that we can’t live in a world where everything is free, it would come in handy sometimes. Most of us spend our lives working just to pay the rent, but there are some people that can’t even do that! This is especially true for young people, and the rising cost of rent has pushed many youngsters back home to live with their parents. However, there comes a time where every child needs to fly the nest.

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