Drug Wholesaler Sends 9 Million Pain Pills to Single Pharmacy in West Virginia

Drug Wholesaler Sends 9 Million Pain Pills to Single Pharmacy in West Virginia

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A single pharmacy in a tiny town in West Virginia received shipments of powerful opioid pain killers over a two-year period that added up to over 9 million pills. For a town of only 400 people, that is a sum of 22,000 pills for each resident.

Kermit, West Virginia is a small coal town on the southern tip of West Virginia and it has been ravaged by this influx of pain pills. The town’s volunteer fire chief found his own brother dead after being prescribed four 80mg OxyContin a day. This man died after the second day.

You may ask yourself why no one is locked up for the rest of their lives for this blatant drug dealing, and the answer may shock you. No one is rotting in jail for this…because it’s all legal. Every prescription is being written by a licensed doctor and every order is filled by a licensed pharmacist and every pharmacy is stocked by a licensed wholesaler. So if all this is legal, how can it be stopped? At this point the only way to detour these companies is to hit them where it hurts. In the pocket or the bank account.

The town of Kermit is taking a stand after complaints for over prescribing went from 2 cases in 2002 to an astounding 7200 cases this year. Addicted opiate users have flocked to Kermit by the thousands to get these opiates very easily. Crime has risen dramatically and for a town of only 400 people, this is not the norm. In a recent court case, the city of Kermit experienced an apparent victory as a drug manufacturer was ordered to pay the town 86 million dollars. Not nearly enough however, to put the drug pushers out of business.

They continue to ship their opiates to the same pharmacy. As long as there is an insane appetite for these drugs then there is going to be companies standing in line to supply the drugs legally. As long as doctors aren’t held accountable for over-prescribing these drugs, there will continue to be a need for these insane numbers of pills. We here at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction can help you if you have become wrapped up in this horrible addiction. We can teach you alternative forms of pain management that don’t involve highly addictive pain pills. We can also show you ways to successfully come off opiates without “more opiates”such as suboxone. Call us now at 1-800-706-0318.