Dr. Cali joins Robert Brus as a guest on his Podcast, GO ALL IN!


Today on the #goallin podcast we have #addictioncoach Dr. Cali Estes


As you’ll hear, Dr. Cali has an amazing Go All In story and what she is about to share with you, and what you’ll learn today, is not only practical, it’s fun, its deep, and you’re going to leave this episode feeling uplifted, grateful and even a little bit enlightened!

Dr. Cali Estes has over 25-years experience working with clients that want to #unpause their life and unpack their backpack to combat issues and behaviours that keep you stuck in life and ultimately limit your dreams both in your career and personal life.

Dr. Cali holds a Ph.D in Psychology and life coaching, she has international certifications as a drug and alcohol counselor and holds well over 24 other certifications including as a personal trainer, a yoga teacher, Pilates teacher and much, much more.

As you’ll hear, Cali combines holistic modalities with talk therapy that gets to the root cause of the issues that you are experiencing and helps you to simply unpause your life.

She’s a best selling author, a highly sought after celebrity coach, keynote speaker, and Cali is also the host of the Unpause Your Life podcast. But my favourite part is that she speaks from the heart and with a message that is able to connect with so many people and in the process she is changing so many lives for the better.

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