Dr. Cali Estes is featured on this podcast episode with the amazing Lynn of Petite2Queen! 

Dr. Cali Estes was just reviewed and featured on this podcast episode with the amazing Lynn of Petite2Queen!

What host Lynn had to say regarding a review of Dr. Cali Estes and The Addiction Coach:

“What an inspiring episode for our audience. You brought real-life advice, guidance, and extraordinary compassion to the show. WOW!! Thank you again… and again.

Please share your awesomeness with the world. Your social tribe and website peeps. We’ll be doing the same to get the word out and share the love. We hope the 411 will be the start of even more success and accolades you richly deserve. Best Regards, Lynn  “
Click on the link below to read and listen for more great information on how to overcome an addiction, if you or a loved one has an addiction or vice that you have trouble overcoming, Dr. Cali Estes and her Sober On Demand Recovery Coaching program will assist you in getting to the root cause of the issues and offering viable solutions.
So many people suffer from an addiction or have a loved one who does. And yet, despite the numerous people facing addiction, it’s not something people always feel comfortable talking about or know how to discuss. Moreover, it can be incredibly difficult to overcome, and when treatments and attempts at quitting don’t work, what do you do? We spoke with Dr. Cali Estes about her alternative path to recovery – one that works and lasts.

Dr. Cali Estes is an addiction recovery coach and life coach who has appeared in media like NBC, CNN, CBS, The Huffington Post, HBO, People Magazine, and more. She currently works as a private practitioner.