Dr. Cali Estes Interviewed in Cheatsheet Regarding Celebrities and Mental Health Issues and When it is OK to Return to Work. 

See what Dr. Cali Estes has to say about Britney Spears and mental health issues. Cheatsheet interviewed her regarding celebrities and mental health issues and when it is OK to return to work.
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Britney Spears|Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Britney Spears: Returning to Work After a Mental Health Crisis

Sheiresa Ngo |May 19, 2019

Britney Spears’ manager spoke to the media, saying the pop star might never work again. The singer’s mental health has reportedly taken a downturn, and those close to her are saying she needs to slow down and step away from music.

Work can take a lot out of you. Over time, your job can wear you down physically and emotionally. What if you have a mental health crisis, but unlike a celebrity, you can’t afford to leave your job? How can you transition back to work safely? The Cheat Sheet reached out to Dr. Cali Estes, a therapist and founder of The Addictions Academy, to learn the best way to ease back into work after having a mental health crisis.

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