Dr. Cali Estes featured in Real Leaders Magazine

Real Leaders Dr. Cali Estes featured in Real Leaders Magazine on mental health. Executives in the workplace with a drug or alcohol addiction can be hazardous to business and staff alike. Having to deal with a boss or coworker that issuing drugs or habitually drunk and hungover can not only impact new business but also drop morale and create a hostile work environment.  Sending an executive to a treatment facility can take 30 plus days and cost upwards of $110,000 and there is no guarantee that the executive will remain sober.  This puts a drain on the business and causes other employees to pick up the slack while the executive is gone. Click here to download pdf.

Dr. Cali Estes featured in Real Leaders Magazine on mental health. Firstly, she discusses her signature program, Sober on Demand, that is ripe for executives, CEO, and others that need an immediate, concierge, and private care in the comfort of their personal settings. Her concierge program will triage any issues in real-time and get the executive the help they need immediately.

Secondly, Dr. Cali Estes discussed the unique position of executives that can lead to mental health and addiction issues. Businesses and executives have been challenged to think outside the box and retain solutions that will work in real-time. Sending an executive to a 30-45-day inpatient treatment facility is no longer a viable and sustainable option. Having the treatment team come to the executive at his or her home and completing an intensive 3-5-day intensive therapy session with wrap around sober companion live in, seems to be the faster and more solid route.