Dr. Cali Estes featured in Bustle discussing Signs of Emotional Manipulation

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Dr. Cali Estes featured in Bustle discussing Signs of Emotional Manipulation



What Does Emotional Manipulation Look Like? 7 Lines People May Use To Control Others To Be Aware Of


Some people are really good at hiding their true selves and intentions. Emotional manipulators, for instance, know how to play people in a way that gets their needs met. Unfortunately, you can’t always figure out you’re being used until it’s too late. But there are some things you can pay close attention to. According to experts, there are certain lines emotional manipulators use all the time in order to control others.

“Emotional manipulators are individuals who are typically highly insecure and attempt to threaten or damage our own healthy emotional experience,” Mary Beth Somich, licensed professional counseling associate, tells Bustle. They may do this by belittling others, manipulating them, or demonstrating behaviors that compromise the mental health and self-esteem of those around them.

Before you even reach that point, emotional manipulators know how to use specific tactics to lure people in. For instance, flattery is almost always used. As psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist Dr. Cali Estes, tells Bustle, “They’ll come across as sweet, loving, attentive, and affectionate almost immediately. It’ll seem like the perfect person has just walked into your life.”

But once they’ve sucked you in, their true colors will start to show. So here are some lines emotional manipulators use all the time to control others, according to experts.

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