Dr. Cali Estes Featured in BUSTLE: 11 Subtle But Effective Ways to Win Any Argument





Do you want the tricks to win an argument? Dr. Cali Estes discusses ways to win an argument and how you can deal with angry people.

11 Subtle But Effective Ways To Win Any Argument


When you’re disagreeing with someone, it can be tempting to try to win the argument by taking them down or shutting them out. But it’s important to remember that getting the person to see your point of view is more about communicating effectively, than anything else. And while it can be tough to do at first, this is a definitely a skill worth working on, as it can come in handy in a variety of situations.

After all, “disagreements are inevitable and handling them well can make the difference between a relationship that strengthens over time and one that dissolves,” Celeste Headlee, communication expert and author of We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations that Matter, tells Bustle. And that means not only making sure people understand you, but that you understand them, too.

You can, however, influence the way someone reacts to you — and maybe even help them to see your side — by using a few simple hacks. How you speak, how you hold yourself, and even what you say back to them can impact their reaction, as well as whether or not they’ll be willing to compromise. With that in mind, read on below for some ways to win an argument and get your point across, according to experts.

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