Dr. Cali Estes and TACA: Faculty Spotlight – Kimberley L. Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP, NCRC


Dr. Cali Estes and TACA: Faculty Spotlight –  Kimberley L. Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP, NCRC

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Kimberley L. Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP, NCRC

With twenty years of experience in recovery processes, including her own, Kimberley has pursued transformational and holistic solutions to addiction and personal growth by engaging in mindfulness along with new methods of recovery. Her purpose is to teach others how to release fear, end despair, and begin life anew. As the owner of Compassionate Beginnings, LLC., Ms. Berlin is grounded in Buddhist tradition and believes in the innate wisdom of every being; her goal is to help others open themselves to their inner knowing. Using mindfulness, cognitive re-mapping, and dialectical behavior therapy, she helps clients to bring themselves closer to grace.

Kimberley has a Bachelor and Masters in Social Work from Florida International University. She attended the University of Southern California to pursue doctoral level studies in Social Work, then spent ten years in the federal government working in Child Support Enforcement at HHS, and as Director of Communications at the National Defense University. Ms. Berlin is a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a certified Substance Abuse Professional.

Most recently she became a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach through the Addictions Academy in Miami, FL. This training, led by Cali Estes, has transformed her business model and expanded her ability to work with others across the country.