Dr. Cali Estes, a featured expert in UPJOURNEY: Will a Narcissist Come Back After No Contact?


Dr. Cali Estes is a featured expert in UPJOURNEY, discussing narcissistic behavior.  Click the link to the full article below.



Dr. Cali Estes, PhD


Psychologist | Cognitive Behavioral Therapist | Celebrity Addiction Specialist | Founder, The Addictions Coach

You need to think of a narcissist as a predator. They need to win, be in control, and conquer the objective (in this sense, person). They look at a no-contact boundary as a challenge and will try to overcome it as much as possible

They may dip out for a bit and get distracted by another conquest (in this case, a person) and still return to you.

Most narcissistic personalities will have one specific target that they can not take no for an answer from. This is the person that they may tell, “you will never leave me, no one else can have you, I will kill you before I let you leave, or I will kill myself.

If you have broken the chains of a narcissistic personality and feel free, they may come back after the “no contact” period is up (can be a restraining order or you cut them off completely).

A good example of this is Jodi Arias. Travis cut her off, moved and she drove through multiple states to get to him, when he rejected her yet again, she killed him and left. She had to win and decided that no one else could have him.

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