Don’t Miss a Thing! Here is the Schedule of Sessions for THE ADDICTION BREAKTHROUGH SUMMIT

Don’t Miss a Thing!  Here is  the Schedule of Sessions for THE ADDICTION BREAKTHROUGH SUMMIT!

Schedule of Sessions

Here’s a quick look at our presentation schedule:

Tuesday, May 23

  • Dr. Cali Estes on Patient Brokering
  • Wes Geer on Music Strategies in Recovery
  • Dr. Melody Smith on Hypnosis
  • Randy Grimes on Athletes in Addiction & Family Recovery Success
  • Peggy Sweeney on Grief and PTSD

Wednesday, May 24

  • Dr. Doug Weiss on Sex & Love Addiction
  • Scott Strode on Sober, Active Communities
  • Dr. Vera Tarman on Sugar Addiction & Treatment
  • Dr. Arthur Trotzky on Online Group Therapy
  • Amanda Ingram on Animal Assisted Treatment
  • Dani La Barrie on Customized Clinical Programming

Thursday, May 25

  • Dr. Robb Kelly on How to Achieve a 98.5% Success Rate
  • Holland Haiis on Screen Addiction & Staying Connected
  • Mark G. Astor on Legal Issues in Recovery
  • ChristineRenee on Reiki & Meditation Healing
  • Don Prince on PTSD & Recovery Coaching for First Responders

Special: Facebook Live Session with Dr. Cali Estes & James Healy – 8:00 pm EST

Friday, May 26

  • Katie Donovan on Family & Parent Recovery Strategies
  • Paul Churchill on Recovery Podcasting & Online Communities
  • Sunshine Heldstab on Limiting Beliefs & Shifting The Mindset
  • Grant Hanson on Recovery Unplugged & Therapy with Music
  • Deb Perkins on Sober Living & Transition Houses

Saturday, May 27

  • Dr. Dawson Chuch on Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Boris Schaak on Sober Fitness
  • Ginger Berkelhamer on Relationships in Recovery
  • Rob Lohman on Intervention & Sober Coaching
  • Dylan Lundgren on Experience Facilitation & Holistic Treatment

As you can see, we’re going to cover a wealth of fascinating topics with some incredible speakers.

Each interview will be available for 48 hours.