Counseling and Therapy – Substance Use Counseling and Recovery on a Whole New Level!

A uniquely effective combination of counseling, therapy, coaching and recovery services…


Private Counseling, Therapy and Sober Coaches for Drug Addiction and Mental Health TreatmentDr. Cali Estes and her team offer a vast array of in-home, in-office and virtual (HIPAA compliant ) counseling and behavioral health recovery services to individuals, families, employers and advisers. For those utilizing our higher-end clinical expertise for matters involving substance use treatment and/or medical detox, we offer them a number of private services, such as CBT therapy, anger management therapy, coping and life skills & processing, holistic models, positive psychology and a variety of other therapies pending location with licensed individuals or certified individuals in that state.  

It is important to understand that in most cases, a certified addictions recovery coach is not allowed to provide bona fide therapist-type services, even though he or she may in fact be a credentialed therapist. We therefore have developed a recovery & sober coaching approach that also utilizes a therapeutic undertone, which offers the client all the benefits of effective recovery and life coaching but while also experiencing a unique level of counseling and therapy that is designed to work in tandem with the coaching aspect. Our unique substance use counseling and substance use coaching model will allow the client the full experience of the benefits of both substance use coaching and counseling, where most companies can only provide a one pronged approach, we can offer a multi faceted approach. Please call for locations of counselors and therapists certified or licensed in your state.


Scope of Therapy and Counseling Services

Our scope of counseling, therapy and recovery coaching services are very effective at addressing matters involving:

  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Eating Disorders (bulimia & anorexia)
  • Mood and Personality Disorders
  • Mental Health or Dual-Diagnosis Disorder
  • Career, Education and Life Goal/Achievement Issues
  • Failure-to-Launch (typically for those in their 20’s & 30’s)
  • DUI/DWI and Drug Related Charges (we have very strong relations with court systems, DA’s, parole & probation departments, etc.)
  • Mental Health or Addiction Centered Assessments
  • Family Matters (i.e., communication, oppositional defiance, etc.)


So how does this work? The seasoned, highly experienced and discrete staff at The Addictions Coach offers concierge-level professional recovery services from many different perspectives. Our primary areas of focus include substance abuse and other addictions – drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex, computer, porn and more. However, utilizing such highly qualified treatment professionals means that we, unlike most other recovery coaching firms, are able to go far beyond simple addictions and can effectively address many mental and behavioral health issues on top of it. Our platform of services is comprehensive in scope and we are able to operate as a consultant if you or a loved one need treatment options or as your direct support in coaching, therapy and behavioral modification. We even offer mobile, in-home, in-office and other private, concierge services, all of which can be made available worldwide! Please call for evaluation and so we can asses your needs.


Just a few of the many issues we see that benefit from our counseling and therapy services:

  • Underlying guilt and remorse
  • Trauma issues
  • You need a treatment plan for court
  • You are court ordered to complete counseling
  • It is in addition to coaching
  • You are depressed
  • You have PTSD or Bipolar Disorder
  • You are a sexual abuse survivor
  • You need deep process work
  • You have an eating disorder
  • You have a sex addiction
  • You have a gambling addiction
  • You have a drug or alcohol addiction
  • You need an evaluation for your work or court


The Addictions Coach is much more than just coaching or therapy…

What makes The Addictions Coach unlike any other recovery services firm is the reality that we tend to offer a much wider set of treatment-related tools to the client (and family when applicable).  This isn’t “just coaching” or “just therapy” or “treatment” or any other one-dimensional recovery approach; it is a unique alternative to treatment and this is far greater and much more customized to the precise needs of the client!


ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to experience victory over substance use and life issues in ways you may have never imagined? Contact The Addictions Coach 24/7 at (800) 706-0318


Sober and Recovery Coaching for Addiction & Mental Health Treatment