Confessions From The Methadone Clinic: Using Marijuana in a Methadone Program



So if you haven’t caught on yet this blog titled “Confessions From The Methadone Clinic” is a true blog written in REAL TIME, as I dose daily at the local methadone clinic. When I made the decision to try to kick heroin and bring my tattered soul to the clinic on a daily basis, I had NO IDEA the things I was going to see and the personalities that I was going to rub elbows with!

Basically what I do is just write an honest blog about some of the crazy things I see and hear on a daily basis. Of course, I will follow ALL HIPAA rules and regulations to protect all identities of those here at the clinic. So here goes a brief look into today’s craziness. So we all know how controversial the topic of marijuana can be, especially when discussing it in terms of recovery from drug addiction . Obviously, some will say if you are smoking weed during your recovery from drug addiction, you are not actually clean and sober. On the other hand,  others will tell you of all the benefits that medical marijuana brings to those of us who are in recovery.

So having said all that, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of today’s blog. As I have been coming to this methadone clinic I have noticed that they are cracking down on people who are using illegal drugs and alcohol while in enrolled in the methadone maintenance program. They are drug testing us on a more regular basis and believe it or not, the drug that people are testing positive for more regularly is marijuana.

Now, this has caused a reaction among the clients here at the clinic that has been somewhat entertaining to say the least. Instead of  stopping the marijuana use and not risking their status in the methadone program, the clients at this clinic are scrambling like rats to try to find the cheapest doctor to get a medical marijuana card. This would allow them to continue to smoke their marijuana while on the methadone program and the clinic can do nothing about it.

Every morning at the clinic is like an open forum for those clients shopping for the cheapest doctor to get a medical marijuana card. The entertaining part of this is that they are doing it with such urgency because they need to get the medical marijuana card before they receive another urinalysis and score another dirty urine. Getting a dirty urine at the methadone clinic can be very costly because you end up getting your take-home privileges taken away from you and you’ll have to come to the clinic every morning to dose instead of once a week to pick up your weekly dose. With that, you factor in the extra time and gas that it takes to come to the clinic on a daily basis after your take-home privileges are taken away from you and it can really hit you in the pocket.

So what side of the fence are you on? Do you consider these clients still actively using drugs because they are smoking marijuana? Or do you feel like marijuana is not an illicit drug and should not be categorized as one? Should these clients be allowed to smoke marijuana freely and not have their take-home privileges for their methadone dosage taken away from them?  Or do you feel like they should just stop smoking marijuana while they are in the methadone program so that they don’t jeopardize their dosage? Whatever side of the fence you are on we would love to hear your views on this in the comment boxes below this blog. And if you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is please contact us here at The Addictions Coach by phone at 1-800-706-0318 or by email through the company website at CONTACT US TODAY!