Coaches Corner: Coach of The Week- Tricia Parido

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Coaches Corner: Coach of The Week- Tricia Parido



Tricia Parido has devoted the past six years to deeply educating herself from a counseling, therapeutic, and coaching realm around the psychological aspects of addiction and addiction treatment. This passion came from within her personal journey spanning more than two decades, a story that holds many chapters of success but equally as many of trials and traumas much earlier in life.

This is what affords her the ability to relate to the multifaceted layers that lead to issues with the many faces of addiction and recovery. From sexual abuse, domestic violence, chemical substance addiction, eating disorders, to process addictions such as impulsive shopping, co-dependency, and attachment disorders. Not to mention what a parent is faced with when a child falls gravely ill. Tricia is a recovered addict, an adult child of an addict, and a mother to a child that battles addiction. So, if you are looking for a Certified Recovery Coach and a Master Addictions Coach that can show you exactly how to experience success in your life the way you want to see it, Tricia Parido is the Certified Life Coach to do just that! Call her direct at (805)710-2513 or visit