Chicago Sober Coach: How To Find Your Passion in Your Field

Chicago Psychologist Shows The Benefit Of Finding A Niche In Your Field




Chicago Sober Coach: How To Find Your Passion in Your Field

The Bureau of Labor Statistics quoted The Princeton Review stating, “According to The Princeton Review, the most popular college major is psychology, with three other social sciences – history, political science and sociology – included in the top 10. However, employment in occupations such as psychology, history, political science and other social science occupations together account for less than 1 percent of U.S. employment.” Because of the popularity of the field, it’s important to know what career options are available to those looking to Study psychology or social science.   (Photo Courtesy of Cali Estes)

Cali Estes, CEO of The Addictions Coach and founder of The Addictions Academy, shows how she was able to use her psychology degree to pursue her passion in helping those to battle addiction. For those considering psychology in terms of obtaining a future career, Cali offers some insight on how her education has helped to achieve success.

What is your educational background? “I have a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in criminal justice and psychology. I have 24 different certifications in psychology and mental health-related disciplines. Some of them include Master Addictions Coach, Psychodrama, Motivational Intervening and International Certification in drug and alcohol addictions.”

How does your education relate to your current role? “I combined my educational background and my field experience to be able to offer the total package. My formal education has garnered me the tools necessary to offer quality services. Having a degree has opened many doors for me and has also given me credibility as one of the top addiction professionals.”

What advice can you offer others looking to go into the field of psychology? “My advice would be to decide what you want to do, research it and take the classes. Intern as much as possible and volunteer within your sub domain of your field to see what calls to you the most.”

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