Addiction Recovery at Home, why you need it.



Addiction Recovery at Home, why you need it.

Addiction Recovery home

I have anonymously been writing blogs for Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach/The Addictions Academy for many years now. There are quite a few things that I feel make me qualified to write blogs for her and her two addictions and recovery-based programs, school and businesses. The first qualification would be that I used and abused cocaine for a decade and developed quite an addiction to it. And then later in life, fell madly in love with heroin and developed a six-year relationship with that drug.

I bounced in an out of quite a few 12-step based rehabilitation facilities and programs that stopped my drug use only for the time I was in the programs. I found myself only stopping my drug use to duck prison sentences and to meet the requirements of some type of court sentence. I never really found myself wanting to stop using drugs on a daily basis until I met Dr. Cali Estes and tried her Sober on Demand program. Another qualification, although a sad one at that, is that I let my heroin addiction lead me to the doorsteps of death on two separate occasions with near fatal overdoses.

I have literally been to death’s doorstep at the lowest of lows. And then on the bright side of things, I feel that I am qualified to blog here because I have been able to get my addictions under control, and stop using drugs and actually be on the other side of things and become a top nationally certified professional recovery coach and begin to help others battle their addictions. So in today’s blog I want to strip things down and go back to the basics. I want to talk about the three big signs in my life that made me realize that I needed some type of help to regain sobriety and get my life back in a civil, legal and productive manner, including blogging for The Addictions Coach.


So here goes! My three big signs that told me I needed to get some help with my drug use and my addictions.

  1. My Criminal History– when I was in my teens and my early 20’s, I didn’t think much about the extensive criminal history that I was beginning to rack up. My criminal history was, 100%, fueled and caused by my obsessive drug use. As I entered my 30’s I began to realize that there were certain jobs that I could never apply for and many doors that were permanently closed. There were many relationships that never had the opportunity to get off the ground because of my extensive criminal history. And A few of our most prized civil rights such as voting for the president of the United States of America or owning a gun to protect myself or my family, was something that I was not allowed to take part in, due to my extensive criminal history. I began to realize that the only way I was going to be able to take part in some of life’s most precious gifts was to put some distance between my last crime and the present day. And I knew the only way that would ever happen was going to be getting my addictions under control.
  1. Wanting To Make My Parents Proud– I remember the day I looked into my dad‘s eyes and could see the hurt and disappointment. The two of us were extremely close in my childhood and I knew that time was really running out for me to be able to get my life in order for my parents to see it before they passed on. One of the biggest motivating factors for my sobriety was wanting to give my father the gift of peace, as far as my well-being and sobriety was concerned, when the time came for him to pass on. Many struggling drug addicts live with the extreme guilt that they were never able to show their parents that they were OK before their parents passed on. And this guilt, which now can never be erased easily, can actually fuel a constant drug and alcohol relapse.
  1. The Wife’s Ultimatum-when we are immersed in an ongoing emotional relationship with a spouse or a significant other, we can easily lose sight of the consequences of not getting our act together when it comes to our addiction and drug use. With me, one of the strongest forces behind my sobriety was the reality of losing my wife and my marriage that I cherished more than anything. I know most of you can relate to what I’m about to say next. We all know that moment when your spouse or significant other gives you an ultimatum and they actually mean what they are saying this time. Maybe they did mean it all the other times they gave the ultimatum, but I’m sure we can all remember the last time the ultimatum to stop using drugs was given to us and we knew that our spouse or significant other really meant what they were saying. So, at that point there is really only two ways to go. You either buckle down and get your life in order along with your spouse or you don’t heed the warning and you end up with no relationship left at all. Luckily for me, my love for my wife and marriage outweighed my love for heroin and I was able to salvage my marriage. But it’s still something I have to fight for and work for every day, but at least I was able to salvage it.

So, those are my three big signs that told me I needed to get my addiction under control and get my life back on track. Which brings me to this. I mentioned earlier that I had tried A few 12-step court ordered programs that simply only stopped the drug use while I was at the facility, but once I was returned to society with no supervision, I quickly fell back into the realm of addiction. It was not until I met Dr. Cali Estes and her Sober On Demand program that I was able to stack good days on top of good days and remain clean and sober and I realized that it wasn’t because of a court order or a prison sentence that I needed to change. It was because I wanted to be sober and I wanted to stop using drugs. The sober on-demand program is an addiction and recovery-based program created by Dr. Cali Estes and the program is tailored uniquely and individually to each client and only to that client. Sober on Demand is an intensive 3-10 day program where Dr. Cali Estes spends every day with you, sometimes 24 hours around the clock, and helps you get to the root and reason as to why you are using drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Dr. Estes brings the rehab to you instead of you putting your entire life on hold to enter into a traditional rehab facility. Once the initial 3 to 10 days are up Dr. Cali Estes will then pair you with a top nationally certified professional sober coach to continue working with you for an indefinite period of time until they feel like you are ready to spread your wings and try your new life of sobriety with limited aftercare and supervision. You will be allowed to keep your job, pay your bills and mortgage, put food on your table and take care of your family and responsibilities all while you learn the skills and knowledge needed to live a sober and productive lifestyle. So if you yourself are battling with addiction or have a loved one who is, please contact us today to get information on any of our addiction and recovery-based programs today. You can contact us by calling 1-800-706-0318 or go to Sober on Demand.


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Why A Life Coach Should Add Addiction Coaching To Their Practice


Coaching has become quite the hot spot in the behavior modification industry in the modern era. People are hiring professional coaches at an extremely high rate to help them with issues in life that are holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams in life.

life coach, addiction coaching

One of the most common of nationally certified professional coaches today, is a life coach. The Nationally Certified Life Coach comes to the client and helps them with many different aspects in their every day life, to become better employees, better parents, and people in general. But if you ask me, life coaching is a very broad title that deals with a very broad spectrum of issues. So wouldn’t it make sense for a nationally certified professional life coach to also become nationally certified in a few secondary certifications? Certifications that deal specifically with a client’s issue that can be identified as being a major disruptive force in that client’s life.

A majority of the clients that will look to hire a Nationally Certified Professional Life Coach are having the issues that they are having in their life due to drugs, alcohol and addiction in general.  So would it make sense for a Nationally Certified Professional Life Coach to also become nationally certified as a Professional Sober Coach as well to deal strictly with addiction issues?

We are seeing more and more Nationally Certified Professional Life Coaches reaching out to get nationally certified as a Professional Sober Coach in their respective fields and respective geological areas. When a Nationally Certified Life Coach becomes certified as a top Nationally Certified Sober Coach, it opens up the doors to a whole new multitude of paying clients and it opens the doors for your practice to expand its case load.

Like I stated earlier in the blog, an extremely high percentage of clients that are seeking help with behavior modification and life coaching are dealing with some type of addiction, so you would only be opening yourself up for more paying clients by expanding your education and becoming nationally certified as a professional sober coach to match your existing life coaching status. And it only makes sense to get your new  sober coaching certification through the industries best educational provider The Addictions Academy.

We here at The Addictions Academy  not only offer the industries best sober coaching educational program, but we also offer over 30 different classes and certifications to improve your knowledge, skill level, and personal income to the best of your ability.  You can take our sober coaching certification course through our live and interactive webinar from the comfort of your own home or office at a date and time that works specifically for you. We have affordable pricing for all of our training programs  Contact us today by phone at 1-800-706-0318  or visit our company website at  Don’t hesitate to contact us today to expand your education with professional certifications to open up your business to a whole new level of clients and income!

How Addiction Treatment Centers Fail


Addiction treatment
We have been led to believe that everything we know about traditional inpatient addiction treatment rehab is all “cupcakes and butterflies”. We see commercials on TV of overly sympathetic and emphatic ex addicts trying to convince us to put our entire lives on hold, both personal and professional, while we give them and their facilities thousands of our hard earned dollars only to see ourselves or our loved ones relapse time and time again. And for the less fortunate ones, we see death. So like any other unfortunate issue in life there has to be a reason why these traditional drug treatment programs and facilities are failing recovering addicts on a regular basis. So let’s look at three reasons why inpatient treatment rehabs can and will hinder your addiction recovery and why Sober On Demand through The Addictions Coach is much more effective when dealing with addiction.
Let’s start with:
1. Open Groups of Constant Complaining Accomplish Nothing and Ruin Morale-traditional addiction treatment facilities and programs still run the crowded, open forum type groups that have and encourage complaining about recovery, programs, and sobriety in general. This obsessive negativity and complaining runs deep into these traditional addiction treatment facilities and programs which includes even the staff and those put in place to help addicts succeed. A lot of these open group forums are even used by those with ill intentions to learn how to use other drugs that they may be unfamiliar with. We are all human by nature and when put into big groups it makes negativity easy to spread.  It is how they get paid by your insurance, however, and that is why they herd you to groups like cattle.
2. No Real Individual Therapy-Due to the high amount of inpatient clients and the low number of qualified counselors the traditional inpatient rehab facilities have little to no one-on-one therapy or addiction recovery related self-help time with a qualified addictions recovery coach. Hopeful addicts are basically herded into a room with thirty to forty other addicts to try to get some kind of useful recovery-based knowledge while weeding through the negativity and BS. The Addictions Coach and their Sober on Demand program set you up one-on-one with one of the industry’s top sober coaches exclusive to you, the addict, for the duration of your time with them.
3. No Phone/Laptops While in a Traditional Rehab- the age old idea that an addict must be “cut off” from all ties or human interaction is now being proven to have done more damage than good over the years for many different reasons. It has recently been proven, but always suggested, that it is nearly impossible to truly concentrate on your addiction recovery if you are constantly worried about loved ones, bills and your profession. Cutting a recovering addict off completely from the real world is a recipe for disaster. Not only are you taking away a recovering addict’s ability to pay the bills and put food on the table, but you are also taking away their ability to check on family members and loved ones. Also, taking a recovering addict out of real world scenarios and situations can only lessen their ability to use recovery-related skills and knowledge to defuse a “real-world” drug-related situation. The Addictions Coach and their Sober on Demand program allow the recovering addict to carry on with every day life, while utilizing their one on one recovery-based program.  Their top nationally certified recovery coach is there to walk with them, hand in hand, through every day life, while using their newly learned recovery based skills.  This unique blend of every day life mixed with the most modern cutting edge recovery based methods, has been proven to hold the highest of recovery based success rates among the addictions industry.
So if you yourself are suffering through any addiction or know someone who is, please contact The Addictions Academy and ask about the Sober on Demand program. The Addictions Coach will create a program unique to your addiction, your strengths and your weaknesses, and team you up, one on one, with Dr. Cali Estes for an extensive seven to ten day, recovery-based program followed by an agreed upon time frame with a top certified recovery coach. You can call us at 1-800-706-0318 or get information online at www.theaddictionscoach.comContact us TODAY!

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Dr. Cali Estes is featured on this podcast episode with the amazing Lynn of Petite2Queen! 

Dr. Cali Estes was just reviewed and featured on this podcast episode with the amazing Lynn of Petite2Queen!

What host Lynn had to say regarding a review of Dr. Cali Estes and The Addiction Coach:

“What an inspiring episode for our audience. You brought real-life advice, guidance, and extraordinary compassion to the show. WOW!! Thank you again… and again.

Please share your awesomeness with the world. Your social tribe and website peeps. We’ll be doing the same to get the word out and share the love. We hope the 411 will be the start of even more success and accolades you richly deserve. Best Regards, Lynn  “
Click on the link below to read and listen for more great information on how to overcome an addiction, if you or a loved one has an addiction or vice that you have trouble overcoming, Dr. Cali Estes and her Sober On Demand Recovery Coaching program will assist you in getting to the root cause of the issues and offering viable solutions.
So many people suffer from an addiction or have a loved one who does. And yet, despite the numerous people facing addiction, it’s not something people always feel comfortable talking about or know how to discuss. Moreover, it can be incredibly difficult to overcome, and when treatments and attempts at quitting don’t work, what do you do? We spoke with Dr. Cali Estes about her alternative path to recovery – one that works and lasts.

Dr. Cali Estes is an addiction recovery coach and life coach who has appeared in media like NBC, CNN, CBS, The Huffington Post, HBO, People Magazine, and more. She currently works as a private practitioner.

Dr. Cali Estes on The Rehab podcast: Multiple Paths to Recovery


The Rehab



What are some alternative methods to help someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder recover? In addiction medicine, it is imperative that we as professionals offer multiple pathways to recovery. We must not impose only one method or the method we endorse. Too often professionals can be seen hawking their wares so to speak on one platform. Abstinence-only seems to be the all too common battle cry (these are the same people sucking down caffeine, sugar, and cigarettes). Let’s explore a few alternative methods in The Rehab Podcast.




  1. Medically Assisted Therapies. This group is called MAT and includes methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol.  Dr. Leeds and Dr. Estes will cover what MAT is, how it works and more importantly why it works. MAT is designed as a short-term detox to help an addict recover from an opiate addiction. Opiate/Opioids include Heroin, Oxycontin, Roxicodone, Hydrocodone and more. The reason these medically assisted therapies work is very simple, they flood the brain with the serotonin and dopamine that the brain is lacking from long-term drug use. Listen to Dr. Leeds and Dr. Estes explain this in detail on the podcast.  One way to tackle the opioid crisis is to use MAT.
  2. Medical Cannabis. It is no secret; Dr. Cali Estes has been a champion of medical cannabis way before it was the popular buzz term. Cannabis can assist a client in easing off harder drugs and also help them relax and sleep after long bouts of insomnia. Dr. Cali Estes will cover medical cannabis, how it works, why it works and why her clients are having such success with this product.   Before you shoot it down, make sure you are not sucking down sugar and energy drinks because those are harder substances than marijuana.
  3. Neurotransmitter Supplements. Healing the brain from all the damage of hardcore drug use can be a daunting task. This is why we have ‘dry drunk’ behavior. You know the type, sober (not drinking) but cranky, judgmental, always upset, always talking about just ‘toughing it out’ and that it is ok to be ‘restless and discontent’. No, it’s not. When we have science that can make you feel better, why not try it? Dr. Cali Estes and her business partner, Dr. Teralyn Sell have developed a line that will help heal the brain. Check out and listen to the podcast to hear how it all works.

Check out the podcast:

Has COVD-19 Increased your Business or Put you in a Frozen Slump?

Has COVD-19 increased your business or put you in a frozen slump? AND more importantly, what are doing about it?


Like most Americans you are sitting there eating Doritos, reading this blog and panicking.  You are applying for the whopping $1200 ‘stimulus loan check’ you want and not seeing a solid way out of this. Panic has set in; depression has set in and you haven’t showered in days.

Are you drinking? Doing drugs? Trying to just wade through the time and lost track of what day it is or when you ate last?

Well, what are the top professionals doing about it? Here are 20 CEO’s from CEO Blog Nation with our very own Dr. Cali Estes, and how they are handling the shutdowns, closures and generating revenue streams.

“As a CEO, you need to think outside the box,” Dr. Cali Estes said.  “My company, The Addictions Coach” is here to help anyone struggling with drugs, alcohol or any other vice while sitting at home pondering the world. We have your back here.”

Some companies are shutting down while others can pivot and generate income. What are you doing for income? Have you joined our affiliate programs where you can make $250 plus just referring students? Please email us for details

We want to help you succeed in this downtime.

Stress Management is So Important to Your Sobriety!



There are obviously many different types of addiction. There is addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and there is gambling addiction, sex addiction and food addiction. Now, there are a lot of contributing factors to these destructive addictions but there is one common contributor to them all, and that is stress.
For years doctors have been telling us that stress is the “silent killer”.  But when we think of stress killing us, we think of high blood pressure, heart attacks and maybe a stroke. But how many of us think about stress being that deadly link between our sobriety and addiction? The doctors were right. Stress is a killer. Stress is a killer in many ways, but for now we are going to discuss how stress triggers addiction and how we can combat its attempts to sabotage our sobriety and keep us shackled by addiction. Stress can sneak up on us causing us to feel smothered by our stressful days and before we know it we are searching for and using our drug of choice and we are back in a deadly cycle of addiction. Instead of talking about our stressors, I would like to give you a few methods on how to control or lower your stress level to a point where using drugs or drinking doesn’t seem like the only way out. Some of these ways to reduce stress are so simple that they might make you laugh at first, but they really do work!
Here is a list of stress reducing actions that will help lower your stress level and contribute to keeping you clean and sober.
1. FOCUS ON GRATITUDE– It is so easy to get tunnel vision and focus on all the bad things that are happening in your life at the moment but try this. Try finding two or three things that you are extremely thankful for in life and focus on them during your stressful time. This relieves the bad feelings of stress and makes you thankful.
2.PRACTICE SELF COMPASSION-most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else could possibly be. So practice self-forgiveness a little more. Give yourself a break and don’t blame yourself for every little thing that goes wrong in life.
3. TAKE A LONG BATH– this is something I have witnessed personally over the past 12 years. My wife runs an international high intensity company and every day is a stressful day and she ends every day with a nice hot bath. The warm water mixed with other relaxing agents can set you up for a great night of sleep that your mind and body desperately need.
4. SET ROUTINES– one of the biggest contributors to stress is the feeling of being out of control. And the way to keep your days feeling in control is by setting routines and following them daily. This gives us the feeling of control and the feeling of accomplishment. This will definitely keep your stress level at bay.
5. EXERCISE– now this is a biggie. We have spent a lot of time talking about how regular exercise releases the same feel good endorphins as drugs and alcohol do. What we haven’t talked about, in depth, is how regular exercise decreases your stress level tremendously. Our health and physical appearance are major contributors to our stress level. They go hand in hand so it is completely necessary to exercise regularly to keep stress levels down.
6. PET/INTERACT WITH YOUR PET– this is my favorite. I have always said that I could be transported to a place where it was just me and dogs and I would be just fine. I am obviously kidding to a certain extent, but NOTHING reduces my stress like seeing my 2 dogs and playing with them for a while. It has been scientifically proven that petting your beloved pet also releases feelgood endorphins. So play with your pet regularly to reduce your stress level.
So above we have listed several different ways to reduce your daily stress level and these are proven ways to reduce stress levels. The thing about stress that you have to remember is that it is called the silent killer for good reasons. Stress can sneak up on you and bad days can quickly add up to a place where you find yourself using drugs and/or alcohol before you know what hit you. So manage your stress in a safe and healthy way. Now, don’t be ashamed to ask for help dealing with stress. We here at The Addictions Coach have many programs to help you deal with stress that can contribute to addiction and relapse. You can find all of our recovery-related programs by visiting our website at or by calling us 24/7 at 1-800-706-0318. Don’t let stress sneak up and derail your sobriety or keep you from reaching sobriety all together. Call The Addictions Coach today!

Exercise and Staying Active Are Extremely Important in Recovery


Being active and exercising regularly is one of the most important things we can do during our recovery from addiction. Do you understand some of the basic philosophy of addiction? Let’s simplify things for a few moments. For those of us who seem helplessly addicted to drugs or any addiction for that matter, our physiological brain chemistry is different from those who are not addicts. Our natural dopamine levels are lower than normal. So we feel like we need outside substances to increase our dopamine levels which, in turn, cause deadly addictions.
What if I told you there are many different ways in which we can increase our natural dopamine levels that don’t require ingesting harmful outside substances?
We can increase our natural dopamine levels through sex, human companionship and EXERCISE! Yes, I said EXERCISE!  Being active and immersing ourselves in a daily exercise plan will not only give us the benefits of health and a nice physical body, but it will begin to change our brain’s chemistry, by creating our natural feel good chemical known as endorphins.  When we get our heart rate up for an average amount of time while exercising, our brains began to produce endorphins. And yes, these are the same endorphins that deadly substances and drugs produce, which caused our destructive addictions.
So, if your life is being ruined by addiction and these deadly substances, you can look into hiring a Nationally Certified Professional Recovery Coach to help you with your addictions. Or, maybe addiction is not your issue, but making healthy lifestyle choices, both physical and emotional, is your downfall.  Then maybe it is time to look into hiring a Nationally Certified Professional Life Coach.
Whatever the case may be, we here at The Addictions Coach can help you with any of your coaching needs. You can contact us through our website at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or call us at 1-800-706-0318 ext 1
Check out the article below, that talks about the importance of being active and continuing to exercise while you are in recovery.

Can a Life Coach Help me Deal with Anxiety and Stress During the Coronavirus?  


Can a Life Coach help me deal with anxiety and stress during the coronavirus?  

life coach

Are you feeling a little more anxious than usual now that we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe you are feeling more frustrated than usual over the fact that our everyday freedoms have seemingly been taken away for our very own health and safety. And then there is the fear of the unknown. How much more of this pandemic are we going to have to endure? Could I actually get this virus? When will society and the economy get back to normal? These are all valid questions that we should be asking ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, these are questions that we should be asking a life coach to help us with. Can a life coach help me in the coronavirus?


NOW is a great time to hire a life coach during this coronavirus pandemic. How can a life coach help me?

  1. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR JOB AND NEED HELP PIVOTING- many people have either had their income drastically reduced or they have lost their job all together because of the coronavirus outbreak. Why be like the majority of society and just sit there, do nothing and possibly lose everything when you can be proactive and hire a life coach to help you think outside of your normal “box” and help you see things and ways to alter your life in ways that allow you to compensate for lost income and wages during this stressful time.
  1. YOU FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FUTURE AND NEED A GAME PLAN- most of us work best when we have a game plan in life. Our minds can relax and create once there is a plan in motion. Having a plan only lowers anxiety and helps us compartmentalize or financial stressors and encourages us to make a plan to succeed no matter what the situation is. So, hiring a life coach to help assist you in making a plan is essential in not becoming stuck in a professional rut!
  1. YOU FEEL STUCK/GOAL SETTING-during times like this when the entire world seems to have hit the PAUSE button it is easy to feel stuck. Hiring a professional life coach is a great way to begin to set personal and professional goals to keep yourself progressing in times like these. Life coaching is a great way to balance your personal and professional lives while maintaining a sense of accomplishment while the rest of the world seems to be halted.

These are just a few of the ways in which life coaching can enhance and change your professional life and income during an economic down slide like we are in currently. We here at The Addictions Coach have the industry’s top nationally certified professional life coaches that are ready to help you with life’s next move! The Addictions Coach also specializes in telehealth, phone sessions and online life coaching to keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us now.  1.800.706.0318 ext 2