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What are some alternative methods to help someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder recover? In addiction medicine, it is imperative that we as professionals offer multiple pathways to recovery. We must not impose only one method or the method we endorse. Too often professionals can be seen hawking their wares so to speak on one platform. Abstinence-only seems to be the all too common battle cry (these are the same people sucking down caffeine, sugar, and cigarettes). Let’s explore a few alternative methods in The Rehab Podcast.




  1. Medically Assisted Therapies. This group is called MAT and includes methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol.  Dr. Leeds and Dr. Estes will cover what MAT is, how it works and more importantly why it works. MAT is designed as a short-term detox to help an addict recover from an opiate addiction. Opiate/Opioids include Heroin, Oxycontin, Roxicodone, Hydrocodone and more. The reason these medically assisted therapies work is very simple, they flood the brain with the serotonin and dopamine that the brain is lacking from long-term drug use. Listen to Dr. Leeds and Dr. Estes explain this in detail on the podcast.  One way to tackle the opioid crisis is to use MAT.
  2. Medical Cannabis. It is no secret; Dr. Cali Estes has been a champion of medical cannabis way before it was the popular buzz term. Cannabis can assist a client in easing off harder drugs and also help them relax and sleep after long bouts of insomnia. Dr. Cali Estes will cover medical cannabis, how it works, why it works and why her clients are having such success with this product.   Before you shoot it down, make sure you are not sucking down sugar and energy drinks because those are harder substances than marijuana.
  3. Neurotransmitter Supplements. Healing the brain from all the damage of hardcore drug use can be a daunting task. This is why we have ‘dry drunk’ behavior. You know the type, sober (not drinking) but cranky, judgmental, always upset, always talking about just ‘toughing it out’ and that it is ok to be ‘restless and discontent’. No, it’s not. When we have science that can make you feel better, why not try it? Dr. Cali Estes and her business partner, Dr. Teralyn Sell have developed a line that will help heal the brain. Check out www.Prorecoveryrx.com and listen to the podcast to hear how it all works.

Check out the podcast:

Has COVD-19 Increased your Business or Put you in a Frozen Slump?

Has COVD-19 increased your business or put you in a frozen slump? AND more importantly, what are doing about it?


Like most Americans you are sitting there eating Doritos, reading this blog and panicking.  You are applying for the whopping $1200 ‘stimulus loan check’ you want and not seeing a solid way out of this. Panic has set in; depression has set in and you haven’t showered in days.

Are you drinking? Doing drugs? Trying to just wade through the time and lost track of what day it is or when you ate last?

Well, what are the top professionals doing about it? Here are 20 CEO’s from CEO Blog Nation with our very own Dr. Cali Estes, and how they are handling the shutdowns, closures and generating revenue streams.

“As a CEO, you need to think outside the box,” Dr. Cali Estes said.  “My company, The Addictions Coach” is here to help anyone struggling with drugs, alcohol or any other vice while sitting at home pondering the world. We have your back here.”

Some companies are shutting down while others can pivot and generate income. What are you doing for income? Have you joined our affiliate programs where you can make $250 plus just referring students? Please email us for details info@theaddictionsacademy.com.

We want to help you succeed in this downtime.



Stress Management is So Important to Your Sobriety!



There are obviously many different types of addiction. There is addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and there is gambling addiction, sex addiction and food addiction. Now, there are a lot of contributing factors to these destructive addictions but there is one common contributor to them all, and that is stress.
For years doctors have been telling us that stress is the “silent killer”.  But when we think of stress killing us, we think of high blood pressure, heart attacks and maybe a stroke. But how many of us think about stress being that deadly link between our sobriety and addiction? The doctors were right. Stress is a killer. Stress is a killer in many ways, but for now we are going to discuss how stress triggers addiction and how we can combat its attempts to sabotage our sobriety and keep us shackled by addiction. Stress can sneak up on us causing us to feel smothered by our stressful days and before we know it we are searching for and using our drug of choice and we are back in a deadly cycle of addiction. Instead of talking about our stressors, I would like to give you a few methods on how to control or lower your stress level to a point where using drugs or drinking doesn’t seem like the only way out. Some of these ways to reduce stress are so simple that they might make you laugh at first, but they really do work!
Here is a list of stress reducing actions that will help lower your stress level and contribute to keeping you clean and sober.
1. FOCUS ON GRATITUDE– It is so easy to get tunnel vision and focus on all the bad things that are happening in your life at the moment but try this. Try finding two or three things that you are extremely thankful for in life and focus on them during your stressful time. This relieves the bad feelings of stress and makes you thankful.
2.PRACTICE SELF COMPASSION-most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else could possibly be. So practice self-forgiveness a little more. Give yourself a break and don’t blame yourself for every little thing that goes wrong in life.
3. TAKE A LONG BATH– this is something I have witnessed personally over the past 12 years. My wife runs an international high intensity company and every day is a stressful day and she ends every day with a nice hot bath. The warm water mixed with other relaxing agents can set you up for a great night of sleep that your mind and body desperately need.
4. SET ROUTINES– one of the biggest contributors to stress is the feeling of being out of control. And the way to keep your days feeling in control is by setting routines and following them daily. This gives us the feeling of control and the feeling of accomplishment. This will definitely keep your stress level at bay.
5. EXERCISE– now this is a biggie. We have spent a lot of time talking about how regular exercise releases the same feel good endorphins as drugs and alcohol do. What we haven’t talked about, in depth, is how regular exercise decreases your stress level tremendously. Our health and physical appearance are major contributors to our stress level. They go hand in hand so it is completely necessary to exercise regularly to keep stress levels down.
6. PET/INTERACT WITH YOUR PET– this is my favorite. I have always said that I could be transported to a place where it was just me and dogs and I would be just fine. I am obviously kidding to a certain extent, but NOTHING reduces my stress like seeing my 2 dogs and playing with them for a while. It has been scientifically proven that petting your beloved pet also releases feelgood endorphins. So play with your pet regularly to reduce your stress level.
So above we have listed several different ways to reduce your daily stress level and these are proven ways to reduce stress levels. The thing about stress that you have to remember is that it is called the silent killer for good reasons. Stress can sneak up on you and bad days can quickly add up to a place where you find yourself using drugs and/or alcohol before you know what hit you. So manage your stress in a safe and healthy way. Now, don’t be ashamed to ask for help dealing with stress. We here at The Addictions Coach have many programs to help you deal with stress that can contribute to addiction and relapse. You can find all of our recovery-related programs by visiting our website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com or by calling us 24/7 at 1-800-706-0318. Don’t let stress sneak up and derail your sobriety or keep you from reaching sobriety all together. Call The Addictions Coach today!

Exercise and Staying Active Are Extremely Important in Recovery


Being active and exercising regularly is one of the most important things we can do during our recovery from addiction. Do you understand some of the basic philosophy of addiction? Let’s simplify things for a few moments. For those of us who seem helplessly addicted to drugs or any addiction for that matter, our physiological brain chemistry is different from those who are not addicts. Our natural dopamine levels are lower than normal. So we feel like we need outside substances to increase our dopamine levels which, in turn, cause deadly addictions.
What if I told you there are many different ways in which we can increase our natural dopamine levels that don’t require ingesting harmful outside substances?
We can increase our natural dopamine levels through sex, human companionship and EXERCISE! Yes, I said EXERCISE!  Being active and immersing ourselves in a daily exercise plan will not only give us the benefits of health and a nice physical body, but it will begin to change our brain’s chemistry, by creating our natural feel good chemical known as endorphins.  When we get our heart rate up for an average amount of time while exercising, our brains began to produce endorphins. And yes, these are the same endorphins that deadly substances and drugs produce, which caused our destructive addictions.
So, if your life is being ruined by addiction and these deadly substances, you can look into hiring a Nationally Certified Professional Recovery Coach to help you with your addictions. Or, maybe addiction is not your issue, but making healthy lifestyle choices, both physical and emotional, is your downfall.  Then maybe it is time to look into hiring a Nationally Certified Professional Life Coach.
Whatever the case may be, we here at The Addictions Coach can help you with any of your coaching needs. You can contact us through our website at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction or call us at 1-800-706-0318 ext 1
Check out the article below, that talks about the importance of being active and continuing to exercise while you are in recovery.

Can a Life Coach Help me Deal with Anxiety and Stress During the Coronavirus?  


Can a Life Coach help me deal with anxiety and stress during the coronavirus?  

life coach

Are you feeling a little more anxious than usual now that we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe you are feeling more frustrated than usual over the fact that our everyday freedoms have seemingly been taken away for our very own health and safety. And then there is the fear of the unknown. How much more of this pandemic are we going to have to endure? Could I actually get this virus? When will society and the economy get back to normal? These are all valid questions that we should be asking ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, these are questions that we should be asking a life coach to help us with. Can a life coach help me in the coronavirus?


NOW is a great time to hire a life coach during this coronavirus pandemic. How can a life coach help me?

  1. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR JOB AND NEED HELP PIVOTING- many people have either had their income drastically reduced or they have lost their job all together because of the coronavirus outbreak. Why be like the majority of society and just sit there, do nothing and possibly lose everything when you can be proactive and hire a life coach to help you think outside of your normal “box” and help you see things and ways to alter your life in ways that allow you to compensate for lost income and wages during this stressful time.
  1. YOU FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FUTURE AND NEED A GAME PLAN- most of us work best when we have a game plan in life. Our minds can relax and create once there is a plan in motion. Having a plan only lowers anxiety and helps us compartmentalize or financial stressors and encourages us to make a plan to succeed no matter what the situation is. So, hiring a life coach to help assist you in making a plan is essential in not becoming stuck in a professional rut!
  1. YOU FEEL STUCK/GOAL SETTING-during times like this when the entire world seems to have hit the PAUSE button it is easy to feel stuck. Hiring a professional life coach is a great way to begin to set personal and professional goals to keep yourself progressing in times like these. Life coaching is a great way to balance your personal and professional lives while maintaining a sense of accomplishment while the rest of the world seems to be halted.

These are just a few of the ways in which life coaching can enhance and change your professional life and income during an economic down slide like we are in currently. We here at The Addictions Coach have the industry’s top nationally certified professional life coaches that are ready to help you with life’s next move! The Addictions Coach also specializes in telehealth, phone sessions and online life coaching to keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us now.   www.theaddictionscoach.com  1.800.706.0318 ext 2

Relapse, Addiction and the Coronavirus Pandemic


Relapse, Addiction and the Coronavirus Pandemic


Social distancing, lack of human interaction, and trouble getting to the clinic for needed medications, are just some of the issues that individuals with an addiction are facing right now. Imagine doing all the hard work to get sober and then having the Coronavirus force you to shift everything you just learned.  It’s hard enough for people that don’t suffer from an addiction (substance use disorder, as we are now trying to call it) and even mental health issues.

Imagine dealing with anxiety and being newly sober and panicked that you have no control over what is happening. You can’t leave the house, you have no idea when you can return to work, or if you will have a job when this is over. You have guilt and shame from the perils and havoc of your addiction and you finally felt safe and ready to face life. WHAM! You get hit with this stress and your first instinct is to — get high or drunk to handle the stress. So much for your sobriety. It feels hopeless now anyway.

Imagine having crippling depression and you can’t leave the house. You need medications and going for a walk is a lot of energy. You finally made enough progress to get out, exercise and enjoy the day when suddenly the world stops. You are told to stay in, and there is little to no human interaction. Your depression returns and worsens, and you are starting to have suicidal thoughts. There is no one around to stop you or help you and your only option is to call a Telehealth provider and talk over the computer. It is impersonal and doesn’t work for you.

These are the real things my clients are facing right now.

 For most of us this is a nuisance, an annoyance or a shift in thinking. We are waiting it out, going online with our businesses and focusing on making it to the finish line. But not for my clients with mental health and addiction issues.

Yesterday I shared with you that my client, “Derek” was getting stalked by all of his previous drug dealers, even in the middle of the night. They can not make sales with stores closed (their safe haven hang out is gone), and they need sales. Derek, thankfully called his certified recovery coach and didn’t relapse. But with the pressure to stay sober in the time of the coronavirus not every addict in recovery is going to be so lucky.

Today, a mother called me in tears that her daughter was still using heroin and sharing dirty needles amidst the virus breakout. “Mrs. Smith” had called four treatment centers and they were not accepting any patients at this time. She took her daughter to the closest methadone clinic (at my urging) and they were closed. They had provided methadone doses for their current clients for a week at a time and had a sign that they were not taking any new patients at this time. So what does she do? She tried to reach out to a Medical Doctor via telehealth but was informed that Suboxone could not be provided without being physically seen.  Her daughter may die before she gets help.

So, clients are being hawked by their ex drug dealers and clients that need help can’t get it due to the coronavirus having everything shut down.

What can we as a society do? Listen. Check in with everyone. Ask how they are doing and comfort them. Offer them sessions with a Telehealth provider and call us at 800 706 0318 ext 1 if you want an evaluation, coaching, counseling or help getting your loved one treatment.  We will help you think outside the box and get the help you need.

Stay Safe,

Dr. Cali Estes

Has the Coronavirus affected Drug Dealers?

Has the Coronavirus affected Drug Dealers?

drug dealers

Lately we have been discussing the different ways in which this horrible coronavirus pandemic has affected addiction, the addiction industry, drug addicts in general and everything else that has to do with addiction. We have talked about how the coronavirus has put a “damper” on the economy to the point where no one is spending money to fight for their sobriety. We have discussed how the coronavirus has affected the way methadone treatment centers are dispensing their methadone and suboxone. We have discussed the way sober coaches, treatment centers and counselors have discovered the art of using the internet, phone and other social media outlets to see their addicted patients without face to face contact. This is a method that Dr. Cali Estes and her creation, The Addictions Coach, had mastered and been doing  successfully for a decade.

So, it would only be fitting to dedicate today’s blog on just how much the coronavirus has affected the drug dealers and the drug trade. We will do this by using information from one of our trusted informants who still uses on and off to this day. We have been working hard to help “Derek” get clean and sober and stay clean and sober, but he has his share of relapses due to his inability to dedicate himself 100% to his sobriety and his recovery related self-help methods that he works hard on.

About a week ago, Derek started noticing his phone beginning to ring off the hook from old drug dealers. He has been told over and over to change his number and block numbers of his old dealers. However, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink if he isn’t thirsty! This may contribute to Derek’s occasional relapse. Now, back to the obsessive phone calls. His phone began ringing day and night. Calls came in at dinner time. They continued well into the night and even rang obsessively at 4am. This is relevant because 4am is Derek’s time to get up and get ready for work.

His old dealers know this and try DESPERATELY to plant the seed in Derek’s mind as soon as he wakes up that he needs to buy drugs. Derek couldn’t figure out for the life of him why these dealers were obsessively calling. After about a week of these calls he finally answered a call from someone that he used to buy heroin from. And this ex dealer filled him in on the true reason all these dealers were calling. The streets have completely dried up financially because of this coronavirus. Restaurant workers have been laid off. Gas station attendants have been laid off. Grocery store clerks have been laid off. All of the people who used to flood the streets of Liberty City, Miami to buy drugs are now broke. They are not coming around for drugs.

The malls and stores are closed so there is no way for them to steal or commit fraud to buy drugs. Derek is a front line worker in the hospital and is still working 60 hours as an essential provider, and the streets and all of its dealers know this. They are all trying to get Derek’s income. They want his business. These dealers have even called and offered Derek two for one deal. Or BOGO deals like he gets at Publix!

So far Derek has stood his ground strong and he has begun to block and erase these numbers. He reached out to us here at The Addictions Coach to help him through this tempting time. He has let our top nationally certified professional sober coaches help him regain his confidence in his sobriety and in the people he surrounded himself with to help fight for his sobriety. So if you are a recovering addict and are recently getting cold calls from ex dealers please pick up the phone and call us here at The Addictions Coach at 1-800-706-0318 or contact us through our company website at https://theaddictionscoach.com. We will help you stay vigilant against these unwanted advances and help keep you clean and sober.

5 Reasons Why Telehealth Is The New Norm And Why We LOVE It


5 Reasons why Telehealth is the new norm and why we LOVE it.


With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing, most people are feeling the impact of their daily lives changing. The normality of getting up, grabbing a coffee and breakfast before you drop the kids at school and you head to work, is not the normal anymore. The kids are home, work is at the kitchen table and you can forget the gym or yoga class that you looked forward to each week, unless you watch it on TV or live stream it.  Social distancing is the new norm, and everyone is afraid that life as they knew it is simply over.

So, enter Telehealth.

Telehealth is the ability for you to talk to a therapist, counselor, doctor or a recovery coach by Skype, phone or another online portal. You can access help quickly and securely without worrying you will miss an appointment.

Here are 5 top reasons Telehealth is a GOOD thing and why you should try it.


  1.  You can wear your PJ’s in session. I had a client that literally rolled out of bed and hopped on the call. He was in his PJ’s drinking his coffee and we were planning his day and covering his goals. He loved the fact that he didn’t have to get dressed and drive to my office.
  2. No anxiety at home. They say home is where the heart is, and most people feel totally relaxed at home.  I find that my clients are able to talk more freely and open when they are comfortable and not stuck in a clinical office. My clients love to relax on their beds, outside at their pool or anywhere they feel safe and we get a lot more done this way.
  3. Confidentiality. Not having to go to an office with a sign that screams THERAPIST, I NEED HELP is a wonderful thing. It really humanizes what I do.
  4. No commute. This alone is beautiful. No drive time, no issues finding parking, sitting at red lights or stuck in any traffic mess. No dealing with angry drivers, road rage or being late because you are rushing to get to the appointment.
  5. Time. You really gain more hours in a day by hopping on a Telehealth call and then getting to work, checking email, feeding your kids or getting right into your day. This saves you hours and you can maximize your day by jumping right in.

Hi! I am Dr. Cali Estes and I am CEO and Founder of The Addictions Coach. I have been 100% VIRTUAL Telehealth for 8 years. I work from home and my clients love the ease of use and access to me and the services I provide in both therapy and life coaching. With Telehealth, I can tailor my services to the clients needs in the exact moment that we are working, and I get faster and better results because there is no time constraint. My clients can hop on a Telehealth call and hop off and go right to work with no drive time and no commute.

You can find me at www.theaddictionscoach.com or caliestes.com

Confessions From The Methadone Clinic: Dosing At Home In A Pandemic


methadone clinic

Well, it has been a few weeks since we have checked in to the local methadone clinic. For those of you newcomers we were running a blog, once a week, from a recovering heroin addict who makes his daily trek to the local methadone clinic in order to keep his horrendous heroin addiction at bay. Due to the strict laws of HIPAA there were no names of other recovering addicts, the clinic itself or anything else specific to the clinic. It was very educating and sometimes entertaining to read the blog as the recovering heroin addict let us look into his daily methadone run through his eyes. So today we are going to let him explain to us how this horrible novel coronavirus has affected the methadone clinic and its services.

First, we are under a mandatory sort of lockdown here in Florida where no large groups are permitted. Well, this clinic alone has a board of 250 recovering opiate addicts waiting for their morning dose to be able to go to work, not get sick and just function on a daily basis. So here we are in the middle of the parking lot of the methadone clinic with about 250 recovering addicts all trying to keep a distance of 6 feet from each other and are scattered across the parking lot waiting for our number to be called to go in one at a time to get the dose. Now, the reason that there are so many people here in the morning is that you have to have a certain number of clean drug screens in order to be rewarded with being able to take your methadone home seven doses at a time.

But very few people can pass a weekly drug screen, so they are required to come here on a daily basis and aren’t allowed to take any methadone from the clinic. Well, they are forced to make an exception now that COVID-19 is running rampant through our community so everyone is being given two weeks’ worth of methadone to take home with them because the clinic is not operating at full capacity due to the virus. Now this brings on a whole new set of problems. This morning, I was just given a safety packet on the naloxone first aid kit that they will be giving us to take home with our 13 doses of methadone. And I will give you one guess as to why we are taking a first aid recovery kit with us this morning. It’s obviously because we are all drug addicts and they fear that very few of us are going to dose the correct way and there’s going to be one or two of us who are going to kick back three or four doses of methadone instead of one dose to get as high as possible!

So, ladies and gentlemen, they will be giving us our own first aid opiate response kit in case one of us overdoses and there is somebody nearby to spray the naloxone into our nasal passages to bring us back to life.

Wow! I guess the clinic has to cover their ass somehow.

Now, in order to make up for not being able to have our weekly one on one counseling session, they have now given us an app for our phones to download and talk to our counselors through FaceTime or Skype while the novel coronavirus pandemic is active. Great idea guys! Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach has been doing this for almost a decade! So due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the methadone clinic has fought back by giving its drug addicts take-home methadone so that they can stay home. The methadone clinic has given its clients naloxone safety and first aid kits in case they miss use the take-home methadone to get high, and the clinic has given the clients a Phone App in which they can now receive their one on one counseling sessions through Skype and FaceTime. And like I said, Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach have been doing this, and doing this at a high success rate, for almost a decade.

Stay safe!


If you are struggling with any addiction and need a top nationally certified professional recovery coach to help you with your addiction please contact The Addictions Coach at www.theaddictionscoach.com  or call the elite team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 1 

Are You Missing Opportunities Because of Your Addiction?



Have you been offered the “gig” of a lifetime but your addiction makes it impossible to go? The thought of getting dope sick miles from home and destroying your reputation professionally, or much worse, the reputation of others. How about this scenario, maybe you are an actor or musician and you just “nailed” your audition and have to report to the other side of the country in a few days to start a tour. However, you are a heroin addict and you don’t have time to detox properly and safely to take this new opportunity of a lifetime. What do you do? Or better yet, what can you do? So many opiate addicts have to pass up on opportunities of a lifetime due to the fact that they just have no idea how to bypass a physical withdrawal and manage a full blown opiate addiction. These addicts feel hopeless and like there is absolutely NOTHING that they can do, but I am here to tell you that there is definitely a way around this awful self-induced nightmare and I am also here to tell you that you do NOT have to pass up these opportunities.

How can I be so sure you ask? Because I was one of these opiate addicts who was offered a job of a life time while helplessly addicted to heroin. You see, I am a professional touring musician. A touring drummer to be more specific. I was offered a major world tour to play drums for a highly successful  artist and I nailed the audition and was told to be in a specific city in five days to start the tour. At first, I completely panicked. I told myself, ” What are you doing accepting this job? You are a heroin junkie! You can not leave home because you will go into complete withdrawal and ruin the tour!” But I was determined to make this happen and I stumbled across Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach and her SOBER ON DEMAND PROGRAM. This recovery-based program brings the rehab to me and travels with me to guide me through a reasonable detox and pairs me up with Dr. Cali Estes, a top nationally certified sober coach to work with me on the road on a daily basis to keep me honest and accountable ,as I both work on my sobriety and function in my opportunity of a lifetime at the same time.

There is no more “shutting down” every aspect of my life while I check into a residential rehab facility and kiss my opportunity of a lifetime GOODBYE. I am bringing my top certified recovery coach with me while I am on tour and life couldn’t be any better! You would be completely surprised at how focused you can be while you are out on the road, traveling for business or whatever the case may be that forces you away from the comforts of your personal and professional home life.

Sober on Demand is a program that gets to the root of why you are using drugs and/or alcohol in the first place. Using drugs and alcohol is purely just a solution to the actual problem. Sober on Demand will teach you how to be accountable to yourself and others. Most of us have learned during our addictions that we don’t need to answer to anyone and we really need to rethink that.

—Brent G.

So are you staring down your “opportunity of a lifetime” not knowing how you will make things work because you are shackled to your drug dealer and the town you both share? If so, contact Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach to get information on their SOBER ON DEMAND recovery based program today! The Addictions Coach can have a top nationally certified recovery coach at your door step very quickly after making contact with them. Call today at 1-800-706-0318 or head over to the company website at http://www.theaddictionscoach.com Contact us TODAY!