The Addictions Coach on the Red Carpet! Is Dr. Cali Estes the female Dr. Drew?

Dr. Cali Estes on the red carpet discussing addiction, mental health, and coaching.

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 Host Mina Wahab (@MinaMakesMagic) talks to addiction specialist and coach Dr. Cali Estes about mental health. Dr. Cali explained the difference between coaching and therapy when it comes to understanding and treating mental illness.
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Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictons Coach: a speaker at a Mental Health awareness event in LA, featured on NBC.


Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy a Featured Speaker at Recent Storytelling Event to Help Mental Health Community

  excerpts from NBC12 article
With celebrities Hayden Panettiere, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Silverman and Lady Gaga recently going public about their struggles with mental illness and following a wildly acclaimed show in NYC, This Is My Brave, a non-profit whose mission is to end the stigma of mental illness, held a powerful show in Los Angeles.
Mental Health
This Is My Brave and Depressed Cake Shop teamed up with the writers from Amy Ferris’ critically important new anthology, Shades of Blue (Seal Press), to produce an event which raised the volume of conversation surrounding mental health issues, one powerful story at a time.
Dr. Estes, along with the other presenters at the show are attempting to help end the stigma surrounding mental health issues by sharing personal stories of individuals living successful, full lives despite mental illness.
“Through the telling of my story and experiences, I hope to aid those in addiction and mental illness recovery by providing some hope, and maybe a few laughs too,” stated Estes after the show at the Comedy Store.
“It’s not a laughing matter at all, but if I can get someone to understand life can get better while making someone smile and reducing the stigma, I’m all for it,” she noted.
This Is My Brave was created to help society realize that for every celebrity who opens up about suffering from a mental health issue, there are millions of ordinary, everyday people struggling with these conditions, most suffering in silence.
 During the event, Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, and The Addictions Academy also announced a new partnership with Robert Tisdale who will serve as their Chief Strategy Officer in a consulting capacity. Robert will be aligning those seeking addiction Coaching with the Addictions Coach platform of services throughout the entertainment and technology industries.
Mr. Tisdale is a seasoned entrepreneurial entertainment executive and the CEO of Managing Artistic Concepts, a talent and literary management / TV & Film production & marketing company based in Los Angeles, CA.
Robert voiced that “I have witnessed the proliferation of substance abuse and addiction and the unfortunate inevitable destruction that ensues.”
“I am excited to consult with a team that helps others find their way back to happiness,” he also mentioned.
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UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast: with guest Tim Ryan, A&E’s “Dope Man”

UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast: with guest Tim Ryan, A&E’s “Dope Man”

Tim Ryan- Recovering Heroin Addict, A&E’s “Dope Man,” and National Thought Leader on Opioid Epidemic

Tim Ryan

“People don’t want to live in active addiction, they just don’t know how to put their damn hand up and ask for help.

” – Tim Ryan
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A tireless advocate for long-term recovery, Tim Ryan is no stranger to addiction. Despite a successful business career, Tim found himself in the grips of heroin and, ultimately, was sentenced to seven years in prison for drug-related convictions. Tim got clean and sober behind bars.

Six months after his release, tragedy struck. His son, Nick – for whom Tim had paved the way to use deadly drugs – died tragically from an overdose. Reaching beyond the devastation and heartbreak, Tim used Nick’s death as the inspiration to spread hope, believing that if even one addict or family could be spared the horrors of addiction, he would make a difference.

As a result, he founded A Man in Recovery Foundation, a nonprofit that helps anyone find treatment and recovery.

Today, Tim is the subject of the new A&E documentary, Dope Man, reaching millions. He has been a featured thought leader in numerous national media, including USA Today, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, and “The Steve Harvey Show with Dr. Drew,” and dozens of nationally syndicated radio shows. He was an invited guest to the 2016 State of the Union Address. He is the author of the bestselling book, From Dope to Hope and the National Outreach Director for Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.

Tim’s message is inspiring because he has walked the journey of addiction and recovery. He spreads hope and tools to those who need them most.

“If you’re going to do heroin you have two choices, you will get sober or you’re going to die. You might pass through jail in the interim, but those are your only two choices. End of discussion.” – Tim Ryan


A Man in Recovery Foundation: 1-844-611-HOPE

[Book] From Dope to Hope:

The Addictions Coach: DUI Attorney Now Has His Own Court Date to Attend.


NJ attorney, Justin Christodoro walked into a stranger’s home, wearing only a t-shirt and high heels, thinking he was in a house that was expecting him. I’m guessing the bag of ecstasy that was found in his car helped him think his one-man party was going to be a blast.  This lawyer that specializes in DUI now finds himself with a court date of his own, on the other side of the law.

MDMA, also called ecstasy, or molly, is a synthetic, psychoactive drug, that acts as both a stimulant and a psychedelic. MDMA can create distortions of time and perception, acting on the neurons that produce serotonin, it can alter your mood, aggression, sexual activity and even sensitivity to pain.

If you or a loved one are using MDMA or abusing any other substances, please call us for help!

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Read on for an excerpt from The New York Post article.

DUI lawyer is busted for drugs after barging into stranger’s home in high heels, no pants

By Joshua Rhett Miller

A New Jersey attorney nude from the waist down save for a pair of high heels strutted into a stranger’s Rutherford home and announced “I’m here,” police said.

Justin Christodoro, 39, of Hackensack, subsequently was arrested in neighboring Lyndhurst on Saturday after a resident returned home to find an unknown car with an unconscious man inside parked in his driveway, reports.

“It was occupied by a man sitting in the front passenger seat wearing only a black shirt and black high-heeled shoes,” Lyndhurst police Capt. John Valente told the website.

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The Addictions Academy is Passionate about the Success of our Students! Cory Bataan is featured in LIHerald.

The Addictions Academy is Passionate about the Success of our Students! Cory Bataan is featured in LIHerald.

Owner of First Step Solutions and student of The Addictions Academy, Cory Bataan is using his experience with addiction and success in recovery, to not only help others, but to prevent his daughter Lexi, 15, from making the same mistakes that he did. Read on for an excerpt from the LIHerald.  


Beating the family curse

Bellmore resident shares his story of recovery

“When you get hit by a train, it’s not the last car that kills you — it’s the first,” wrote Bellmore’s Cory Bataan, 45, in a blog post about his yearslong battle with addiction. “It was the same for me with drinking.”

What began with Bataan’s first drunken escapade as a teenager spiraled into roughly 20 years of alcohol and drug use that ended with Bataan kneeling in the snow outside of his house, wearing a T-shirt in below-freezing weather, and screaming when he discovered that he had run out of cocaine.

Now sober for 12 years, Bataan is a certified addiction recovery coach, and guides individuals through recovery with his company First Step Solutions. His blog piece, “The First Night,” as well its follow-up “The Last Night,” are published on the company’s blog.

“I’m open with everyone,” he said. “I think by speaking about it . . . it gives people an outlet to come and talk to me or go out and seek help about it.”

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Our unique Sober on Demand program helps long-term addicts find addiction recovery Success!

Our Unique Sober on Demand program helps long-term addicts find addiction recovery success!
What is a Sober on Demand™ Service at The Addictions Coach?
“This program was so unique and innovative and designed to my specific needs.   I actually felt like I got something from Dr Cali Estes and her team that 4 stints in rehab and jail did not teach me. “
“Jack” Actor

Imagine taking one of the nation’s few truly acclaimed addiction treatment centers, pulling out the pieces that work, and literally condensing their 28-day residential and drug rehab program into an express, private and on-demand 3 to 10-day plus private wrap-around unique experience in real time in the comfort of your own environment. Whether a globally traveled executive, someone in the limelight requiring added discretion and oversight, or maybe even the college kid on the brink of all-out addiction but without any time or freedom to spare, this is a truly encapsulating and highly effective and unique approach to the current addiction treatment!

Our unique one on one custom approach is what we are highly sought out and known for. Dr. Cali Estes oversees all aspects of the Action Plan protocols and will make sure your experience is comfortable, enlightening and productive in the time you spend with her and her team. The program can be from 3 to 10 days plus, and Dr. Cali Estes and her team are prepared to provide 30 days to 6 months of a mobile lifestyle enrichment program that covers substance use and substance misuse, triggers, coping skills, passion and purpose in life, relationship goals, career goals and learning how to live a happy and productive life.  This  concept is proprietary and completely tailored to your unique and individual needs. 100% private, 100% Confidential. We get results and have an A list of satisfied clients.

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The Addictions Coach: Addiction and Drug-Related Deaths are NOT Declining!

The Addictions Coach: Addiction and Drug-Related Deaths are NOT Declining!


Hey America, WAKE UP and stop listening to the false reports that addiction and drug-related deaths are on the decline. THEY ARE NOT and they are on the rise! Drug-related deaths exceeded 60,000 in 2016 and we are on pace to greatly beat that number by the end of 2017. This latest figure is a direct result of continued prescription pill abuse, the heroin epidemic and now the new fentanyl era.
Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among those Americans under the age of 50! Wow, more than heart disease, cancer and other horrible diseases. We are on pace to beat 2016 stats by almost 20%.
Now this is interesting, the initial data suggests a large spike in drug-related deaths in the east coast areas such as Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maine. Also, Ohio is saying that they have a 25% spike in drug-related deaths. In Akron, we spoke with a young 24-year-old named Cliff Parker who told the familiar story of a young man who needed pain medication for an injury and before he knew it the pain meds turned to heroin and his life was already out of control. Around the city of Akron this story repeats itself. The city itself appears to be in repair from the 2008 recession but the overdose deaths have skyrocketed.
Last year, Summit County had 312 drug-related deaths and they have shattered that number already. The county coroner actually had to request four refrigerated trucks to house the bodies while awaiting autopsy and processing.
So when you hear that we, as a country, are gaining control of this issue of drug-related deaths and addiction you need to do the research yourself. We are not gaining ground on addiction, we are losing ground! So we shouldn’t be relaxing or patting ourselves on the back right now. In fact we should be doing the direct opposite. We should be focusing more on coaching and intervention.
We are here for you or anyone you might know who are struggling with any addiction, especially drug-related addictions.  The elite team at The Addictions Coach are at the cutting-edge of the field. We provide a multitude of addictions services including our unique Sober On Demand mobile rehab program, that brings rehab to the client! Each client is treated as a whole person, not just an addiction.  Contact us today.  1.800.706.0318

The Addictions Coach Welcomes Robert Tisdale to the Team!



The Addictions Coach Welcomes Robert Tisdale as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Robert TisdaleRobert Tisdale is a seasoned entrepreneurial entertainment executive and the CEO of Managing Artistic Concepts,, a talent and literary management / TV & Film production & marketing company based in Los Angeles, Ca. The branded core values of Managing Artistic Concepts are “Positivity is our birthright. Positive Vibes Only” and “Solution Entertainment Leadership”.
Robert has witnessed the proliferation of substance abuse / addiction and the unfortunate inevitable destruction that ensues. He understands that the path to a productive and fulfilling life is through treatment leading to sobriety and addiction solution.

Robert is excited to consult with a team that helps others find their way back to happiness. He is compassionate about helping people embrace the gift of life by supporting, guiding and leading individuals who have decided to embrace recovery to the addiction coach team.

NFL Sober Coach: Brown’s Player says he’s Never Played a Game Sober.

How is it that an NFL player can be under the influence of a substance while on duty (NFL is his job) and he is not offered help? Suspend him without a sober coach? NFL get it together. We can help!!
Excerpt from article published by MSN Sports
BEREA, Ohio — Josh Gordon has never played an NFL game sober. That has to change if he plans to play in another one.
One day before the Browns wide receiver gets another shot at rebooting his star-crossed career, Gordon revealed in a candid magazine interview that he used drugs or alcohol before every game of his career — pro or college.
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The Addictions Coach wants you to JOIN THE RESISTANCE!- The Resistance Variety Show: November 7th in LA!


THIS IS MY BRAVE presents… The Resistance Variety Show!

Come see Dr. Cali Estes and the many other guests at this one-of-a-kind show!

Get your tickets NOW! Don’t Miss this event Tuesday, November 7th at The Comedy Store in LA.


  • The Comedy Store (map)

Join us in Los Angeles at the Comedy Store, 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, for our first-ever Variety Show featuring comedians and musicians who have battled mental illness and addiction. They’re coming together to share stories and music to raise awareness for mental health and to end the stigma. You won’t want to miss it!