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California Recovery and Sober Coaching offered by The Addictions Coach.For those of whom are familiar with the world of addiction, treatment and recovery throughout California, it is no surprise that this is easily one of the most vibrant regions worldwide.  From treatment centers to sober coaching, aftercare services, case management, professional recovery services and even 12-Step meeting options, California, and specifically Southern California, is a Mecca for all things treatment related!

There are a number of reasons as to why this part of the country offers so much more in this regard.  Some say it is because areas like Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego are more prone to substance abuse related issues.  Others believe that it has to do with Southern California’s higher than average rate of affluence, thus thirsting for more widespread higher-end, private treatment services.  Whatever the reason however, there remains no question as to availability of highly acclaimed facilities and services throughout California.  And when you consider some of the many options currently available in areas like Malibu, West Los Angeles, Orange County and even Palm Springs, most anyone of whom is serious about recovery would surely benefit from much of what there is to offer out here.

The Addictions Coach has been serving the Southern California region for a number of years.  While we offer nationwide services on a multitude of levels, it is quite often that our staff is called upon to primary areas, such as Los Angeles, Malibu, San Diego, Orange County and others.  For those in need of recovery coaching, case management, aftercare, sober travel accompaniment and related services, we have a diverse and highly trained staff in place throughout the state and are able to offer near-immediate presence based on the client’s specific needs.  Additionally, we also offer a broad platform of complimentary recovery and treatment services relating to such focus areas as; holistic coaching, personal training, spiritual guidance, concierge service, therapeutic massage, yoga, Reiki, pilates, etc.

For clients in need of higher care, specifically clinical assistance relating to addiction treatment, therapy, psychiatric or even sober living housing, The Addictions Coach has in place an amazing network of highly acclaimed facilities & services throughout Southern California.  Among these are some of Los Angeles’ leading treatment centers and their network service providers.  Our ability to integrate fully customized coaching services within these programs is extremely versatile, and has shown to garner tremendous results over both, the short and long term.


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