The Addictions Academy Review and Review of Dr. Cali Estes

The Addictions Academy Review

Review of Dr. Cali Estes.

Listen to Kelly Reiss as she reviews The Addictions Academy class Nationally Certified Intervention Professional class (36-hour program). In this review of The Addictions Academy is important for our students to see that we have successful clients that are able to work after the training and also help others get and stay sober. When choosing a school to receive education, you can read the descriptions, the class information and talk to an admissions coordinator, but you need to actually see the review from the student with your own eyes.

In this review of Dr. Cali Estes, Kelly discussed her relationship, her sober living facility, and how she is using her education to propel her company forward, as a result of her training with Dr. Cali Estes, Kelly is able to offer more services and help more clients get treatment.  Kelly was elated with Dr. Cali Estes level of knowledge, ability to educate in a fun and enjoyable manner, and the ability to be connected to a family of like-minded people. Kelly describes The Addictions Academy classes as ‘enjoyable, powerful and entertaining’.

In The Addictions Academy review, Kelly discusses how she is now connected to the job board, network groups and the recovery coach locator to receive more clients. You can find more on the class HERE

If you want a great education, unparalleled wealth of knowledge and way to expand your education base, listen to The Addictions Academy review and the review of Dr. Cali Estes today.