Cali Estes again asks, How do we educate our clients on a sober living facility that is not a RIP OFF or wanted by The FBI?

Property records show the couple have owned Stephanie’s Family Sober House, 3613 Coconut Road, since 2003. Lopez is listed as the current president and Lopez-Rodriguez’s name is on the articles of incorporation.

A resident at the home said the news of the arrests has spread through the facility, and no one saw it coming.

“It has come as a shock to us,” he said.

He said he knows both owners and Lopez, who works hands-on with the residents, always preaches messages of recovery. He has never seen anyone bring drugs to the facility.

The residents of the home are a tight-knit group, who do activities together including sports and socializing. Many have jobs and pay for the rent themselves.

He said they don’t know the future of the home or what might happen, adding that this was the best sober home he had ever been too.

The man estimated that nearly 30 people live there, and they must pass frequent drug tests to stay on the property.