Bullying Is Rampant In The Addiction Industry



You would think that the LAST thing on the mind of those in recovery or working in the recovery industry would be BULLYING.

Love, support and human companionship is what makes sobriety and recovery work and it upsets me tremendously to tell you that bullying is at an all-time high today in the recovery community. People working in the recovery industry are attacking others in the industry for no reason. They are using social media to rip innocent and honest recovering addicts and recovery industry workers claiming to be “policing” the recovery community.

The Addictions Coach at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction and the Addictions Academy at The Addictions Academy ® – 800-706-0318 – New York – LA – Miami have both been contacted recently by struggling recovering addicts who have relapsed due to the pressure of cyber bullies. These cyber bullies attack these struggling addicts sobriety, their programs and even their physical disabilities. It is sickening.

We have also been contacted by honest hardworking people in the recovery industry who are being attacked. Slander is at an all time high between competing recovery based companies only to hurt innocent companies and leave struggling addicts seeking help more and more confused. How sick and twisted is it that “ethical” recovery based companies will result to illegal slander to try to take a honest hardworking competitor out instead of good old fashioned hard work. I can answer that question. It’s because these recovery bullies haven’t stopped their junkie behavior. They may have stopped actively using but they still act as if they are full blown active users.

The Addictions Coach and Dr. Cali Estes are teaming up with those in the industry being bullied to start the industry’s first Anti-Bullying Task Force to weed out and expose the cyber bullies who are inflicting so much hurt and damage to the recovery community.  Please call us today at 1-800-706-0318 if your sobriety has been affected by cyber bullying or any type of bullying in the recovery community.