What is the difference between a sponsor and a recovery coach?

What is the difference between a sponsor and a recovery coach?

Let’s start with what the two have in common. A sponsor is usually part of a twelve step recovery based program and the concept is that the sponsor is there for the recovering addict in the “tough” times and the times when relapse is a strong possibility. This is also true for the recovery coach. However, the recovery coach is way more involved in the struggling addict’s day to day structure and livelihood. The concept of the twelve step sponsor was basically for there to be someone on the other end of the phone in stressful times and times when relapse is on the mind of the struggling addict. The sponsor is there to help you work through your steps and attempt to remain clean and sober.

Now for what a recovery coach does.

The recovery coach is usually right there with the struggling addict walking through the tough times with them. Recovery coaches entrench themselves in the struggling addict’s life, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, spirituality and careers to give them the skills, tools and knowledge to get through each day. One of the biggest differences in recovery coaches and sponsors is the accountability level is much higher with the coach being right there with you. Plus once you hire a professional, you get professional level services. A sponsor is a peer and a free service. Sometimes it is damaged people helping damaged people, this will only get you so far. You will need to hire a professional.

Although the traditional twelve step sponsor works for some, the modern recovery coach is seeing much higher success rates in the recovery community. At The Addictions Coach http://www.theaddictionscoach.com we have the most successful nationally certified recovery coach program in the industry today. Our success rates are unmatched throughout the addictions industry and more and more struggling addicts are getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober by using our recovery coaching programs. We tailor the program specifically to the client and walk hand in hand towards a new life of sobriety.

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The Magnificent Midlife Woman series kicks off TODAY!



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NBC29 News Reports: The Addictions Coach to “Launch” a New Aftercare Recovery Program!

NBC29 News Reports: The Addictions Coach to “Launch” a New Aftercare Recovery Program!



The Addictions Coach Dr. Cali Estes Now Offers a New and Unique 30 to 45-Day Aftercare for Substance Abuse Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Treatment


The Addictions Coach Dr. Cali Estes recently announced they are now offering a program called LaunchPad. This is a unique 30 to 45-day aftercare for substance abuse rehabilitation and treatment for clients that want to live life on their terms.

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have a unique program designed to offer structure, accountability, motivation, social skills, family dynamics work and more in a private concierge setting. The LaunchPad program offers a wrap-around experience in real time within the comfort of the home environment.

Estes said, “Launchpad and LaunchPadXpress offer the missing link that assists clients in staying sober and dealing with life problems from a solution-focused, individually tailored, hands-on program that is customized to each individual.”

Up until now, traditional addiction and substance-abuse treatment programs often require the client to remove themselves from their home and work environments to attend in-patient care. Aftercare such as the LaunchPad program has been proven to increase the success of any treatment.

Additionally, LaunchPad can be a 45-day program or a 30-day XPress program and can work around busy schedules: at home, at work, on tour, anyplace, anywhere. LaunchPad covers 5 distinct phases of Aftercare that are imperative to creating a healthy lifestyle and increasing recovery success. These 5 Phases are implemented with The Addiction Coach’s certified, credentialed staff over the course of our program. The LaunchPad program has no group therapy and is truly customized to you, the client.

“We get to the root cause of the ambivalence and the ‘stuck points’ to assist our clients in moving forward with their lives in a productive, happy and excited manner,” Dr. Estes explained. “It is not just about the ability to create a life for themselves, but the ability to create a life that has meaning, joy, and fulfillment.”

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How can a Sober Companion Help me?

How can a Sober Companion Help me?

Have you battled through the cycle of addiction in the fight of your life only to find yourself all alone with no one to keep you in line and no way to stay accountable in your early stages of recovery? One of the main reasons for so many relapses today is because newly detoxed individuals or newly clean addicts are left to their past vices and idol hands in some of the most crucial time of their recovery. Once a recovering addict is released from a structured program they need some kind of structure and support in order to stay clean. The most relapses happen in the first 90 to 120 days of sobriety so this is the time to focus all your resources on.

We here at The Addictions Coach http://www.theaddictionscoach.com 1-800-706-0318 have developed our Sober Companion program where we match you with one of our top certified sober coaches and send them to walk with you, side by side, through these early tempting and difficult times. We match your strengths, weaknesses and personality with a sober coach who best gives you the opportunity to stay clean and sober and grow within your sobriety.

According to your needs, we can stay with you 24 hours a day or as little as 3 hours a day. We do in person and then can taper down to skype and phone as needed to keep you, the client, accountable. Remember, the first few days, weeks and months are the most critical time in your recovery and you should NOT be left alone to fight your addiction alone.

A sponsor is not enough, they can help you with the 12 steps, but they are not there 24/7. A sober companion will help you with every facet of your life. Financial, life skills, coping skills, nutrition, fitness and more.

Please call us today at 1-800-706-0318 and get information now on our successful Sober Companion program. Also check our testimonial page on the company web link and listen to the hours of videos of those who have used our sober companion program to stay clean and sober.

How do I become an interventionist?

How do I become an interventionist?

Today we are going to answer the question how to become an interventionist. There are mainly two types of people who become top certified interventionists. Those who have struggled through the cycle of addiction themselves and those who just genuinely have a love for helping others in distress. Fortunately, for both types of individuals, we here at The Addictions Academy at 1-800-706-0318 have a great nationally certified intervention program if you are looking for help and need an intervention. Now, if you are wanting to become a top nationally certified interventionist, we offer both certified intervention training and advanced clinical intervention training for the individual that wants to become a certified intervention professional. We have created and perfected the nations top intervention program to give you the tools and the knowledge to go out and fight addiction head-on while helping people change their lives for the better. Contact us at the links and phone number listed below immediately to get information on enrolling in one of our live in-person training sessions or you can enroll in one of our virtual classroom settings and become certified from the comfort and convenience of your own home. The Addictions Academy is turning out some of the nations best-certified interventionists and these skilled Warriors are changing the face of the recovery community and addictions industry.
While there is really no regulation on intervention, and only a few schools offering a solid training program, it can be difficult to navigate what curriculums might be the best. We offer a live or live virtual classroom with an ethics course, case management training (so you can eventually accept insurance) and 10 weeks of clinical supervision. The advanced clinical intervention certification offers even more hands-on training live and covers other addictions besides drug and alcohol like sex, love, shopping, food, gambling, technology and gaming. we even cover mental health interventions.
At The Addictions Academy, we also help you gain clients, jobs and a career. We have a job board and a mentorship program for you to learn how to gain client acquisition and create and build your brand.
Please take the time to go to our testimonial page on our website and watch the hundreds of testimonial videos of those who have used our certifications to change their lives for the better!
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How do I get my loved one in treatment?

How do I get my loved one in treatment?

One of the most stressful times in the cycle of addiction is when your loved one is hanging on by a thread all the while contemplating whether or not to go to treatment or get help. This horrible stress comes from the fear that if we “push” too hard then we may turn our loved one away from the help she or he so desperately needs. However, if we don’t “push” enough our precious loved one might not make it at all!  An actively using drug addict does not just wake up one day and go from heavy narcotic usage to being clean and sober without the help, love, support and encouragement of a “team” of loved ones . It also takes a lot of organization to get a loved one to buy into and accept help and recovery based treatment. One of the best ways to get your loved one into treatment is by being a part of the solution and including yourself in the recovery based process. For example, Find out what hobbies or good clean activities your loved one enjoys and make it a point to get together daily and participate these activities with them.
Now, if you don’t seem to be making progress with your loved one on a voluntary basis, then you might have to resort to a professional intervention. Just in case you aren’t familiar with a professional intervention and a certified interventionist, let me explain. A professional intervention is when you plan an organized meeting with your loved one struggling with addiction and you surround them with other loved ones and give them all the positive reasons why they should accept the recovery based help that you have pre arranged. You also set consequences for the addict if they do not accept the recovery based help being offered. Running this organized intervention would be a top certified interventionist. This nationally certified interventionist will be highly skilled and trained to convince your loved one to accept the recovery based treatment that you are offering and escort them to a recovery based facility or program ON THE SPOT!
Here at http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com 1-800-706-0318 and http://www.theaddictionscoach.com offer both a nationally certified intervention program for those who want to become a to certified professional interventionist and we offer the most highly skilled nationally certified interventionists to run and facilitate any professional intervention that your loved one may need. Pick up the phone and call us NOW! Time is of the essence!

UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast with guest Annie Grace – This Naked Mind

Annie Grace – This Naked Mind

Annie Grace


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For this episode, I was able to talk with Annie Grace, author of the book This Naked Mind. Our fascinating and enlightening conversation reveals that Annie’s book primarily addresses the subconscious beliefs most of us have around alcohol. After understanding and tackling these beliefs, you can make a more mindful choice and rely on less willpower when trying to control your drinking.

How do I get addiction help?

How do I get addiction help?

Boy, this is the million dollar question! There are a lot of different ways to get addiction help. Some of them have been around for decades. Some are new cutting edge programs. Some are controversial, but what they all have in common is that there is a person struggling with addiction and there is a person or entity wanting to help that person. It is up to the person battling addiction to choose the type of help that they need to stop the mad cycle of addiction. Some people prefer traditional twelve step programs while some need newer models of addiction treatment to fight their addiction.

At The Addictions Coach http://www.theaddictionscoach.com 1-800-706-0318 we are here for which ever program you choose or need for your fight with addiction. Dr. Cali Estes has put together a coaching program that takes the time to evaluate the struggling addict and his or her personality so that the program can pair he or she with the perfect sober coach. This coach will walk side by side with the struggling addict helping he or she with their daily battle with addiction. A sober coach from The Addictions Coach will come to you, the client, and help you in your surroundings and daily life. This gives the addict an edge instead of being given the help they need under the comfortable and safe conditions of a residential rehab. And a lot of times after the client leaves the safe rehab they become overwhelmed with life and relapse quickly. Being able to work with your coach from Day 1 in your every day life helps tremendously.

Please call us today at the number listed above and click on the website link listed above to get the information on all our services to begin your healing now. Don’t forget to click on our testimonial page as well to see the hundreds of testimonial videos from those who have used The Addictions Coach to change their lives for the better!

What are Addiction Cravings?

What are Addiction Cravings?

Well, this is kind of a complicated subject. In addiction, we have many psychological and physical things that may cause or lead us to use drugs or alcohol. Some of them are considered triggers and some of them are considered cravings. In my opinion, triggers are more physical things that contribute to our drug use or “spur of the moment” drug use.

Many people in the addictions industry agree that addiction cravings are strong memories that are linked to the effect of drugs on the brain’s neurochemistry. Now if you want to get all scientific for a moment imaging studies have shown some intense brain activation when pictures that are linked to drug use whether it be a pipe or a white powdery substance resembling cocaine are shown to drug addicts. What does this mean you ask? It means that if I am an active cocaine user or even an ex- cocaine user and I see a free based pipe or a line of white powdery substance my brain activity where cravings are originated will start to become extremely active. This is where the danger lies in addiction cravings. A lot of drug addicts and ex-drug addicts go from ZERO to BINGING in the blink of an eye because a craving wasn’t addressed or handled properly.

When you have a craving we need to recognize it for what it is. Do not be scared of the cravings because you were just producing more anxiety and shame but let the experience happened and deal with it and go on with your life. If the experience is too much to handle, then follow the advice of whatever recovery based program you are in or have been involved in in the past and work through the proper steps.

Here is another analogy to answer the question what our addiction cravings. To get an idea of what addiction and cravings are like, imagine that you have gone an extremely long time without eating anything. You are very hungry and you are starting to feel weak. The hunger has really been going on for such a long time and you can’t focus on anything else. When you’re that hungry all you can do is think about your favorite foods. You might even start to smell pizza or taste sushi or even get a sweet taste in your mouth. And if you get hungry enough there’s nothing that anyone can do to keep you from going to the nearest food store but as soon as you eat whatever food necessary you would finally feel satisfied and the thoughts of the food would be gone. This is very similar to an addiction craving.

How does Addiction Change a Person?

How does Addiction Change a Person?

Have you ever asked yourself how addiction changes a person? Maybe you are asking this question because you yourself are in an active addict. Maybe you are asking this question because your loved one is actively using drugs or alcohol to excess. You could quite possibly be asking this question out of guilt because of the way you, as an active drug addict, have treated a loved one. Or you may be asking yourself this question out of spite because of the way you have been treated by a drug addict or alcoholic. Whatever the case may be, the list could quite possibly be close to endless when it comes to how addiction changes a person.

We are going to discuss the big four as I like to call them. In my opinion, the four main ways that addiction changes a person is physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally. Let’s start with how addiction changes a person physically. Addiction destroys the body physically. First of all, you have drugs like cocaine, meth or any other stimulant that decreases the appetite and causes you to lose rapid weight. This puts stress on the body and can cause cardiovascular issues. Then there are other drugs such as opiates and alcohol which cause you to gain weight. This rapid weight gain can cause diabetes in the future and other cardiovascular disorders. So it is easy to see that addiction can definitely change a person physically.

Another way that addiction it changes a person is spiritually. It seems that during active addiction many people become extremely shallow in the spiritual department. It seems that when, and only when people are at their lowest or behind bars is when they look to their spiritual relationships for comfort. This is backward thinking if you ask me!

Now, one of the most obvious ways that addiction changes a person is in the financial realm. It seems as though every addiction starts off as a little harmless fun on the weekend with a very comfortable bank account in the beginning and after years of drug addiction and years of drug abuse most addicts are in financial distress. Drug addictions will usually destroy a bank account! No questions asked!

Now, finally, we will discuss the most important way addiction changes a person in my opinion. And this would be emotionally. People that are neck deep in active drug addiction are just emotionally not there for themselves, family members or any loved one. There are also certain drugs like opiates that actually hijack the pleasure centers of the brain and things that a drug attic to used to love to do just don’t interest them anymore. The good news is this can all be reversed and corrected once the drug use stops. So there you go, when you ask yourself how addiction change as a person it’s a safe bet to start with the four that we listed above. Physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. At The Addictions Coach Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

1-800-706-0318 Are here 24 hours a day seven days a week to help you or someone you know and love who have been changed by addiction. Call us today at the number listed above or click on the website link listed above to get information on our addiction and recovery based programs and click on our testimonial page to hear from the hundreds of people who have used our services to change their lives for the better.