The Addictions Coach extends services to clients on ‘vacation’.

Going on vacation is supposed to be a fun experience, but for an addict it can be scary and daunting.  First, there is a lot of free time to get into trouble and second, most vacations involve some sort of bar, restaurant and a high risk situation. At The Addictions Coach, we can assit you on vacation.  Just tell us where you are going, (the beach, an event) and we will meet you there or pick you up at your hotel. We will coach you through the experience and show you how to have some sober fun!

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Addiction and Coaching

Many addicts fall short of completing treatment because they desire to think that they understand their addiction and they leave treatment early and relapse or complete and relapse. The addict continues to use and the family feels powerless.  WHAT IF you can control and stop your addiction and do it WITHOUT A 30 DAY REHAB? With intensive, sober coaching with a certified addictions coach and therapist, you can. You can learn to control your obsessive thoughts, feelings and urges without 12 steps and ‘giving it up to God’.

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