The power of positive thoughts

Positive thoughts can change your moods…if a feeling leads to a thought and a thought leads to an action, then imagine what a positive turn can make!!!


Thing positive…make things happen!


Sober Coach Miami heads to sober coach new york!

Cali Estes, the premier Addictions Coach is headed to New York this September to expand her consulting services on the East Coast. Offering  more then sober coaching, she can offer interventions, sober companion work and therapy right on site where the client is without the need for the client to leave their home or sober living environment.


Stay tuned for more sober coach Miami headed to sober coach New York!!!!


Sober Coach and staying sober

A sober coach is available for your needs to make sure you remain sober at events and at home. How is that different then therapy and sober companion work and do you need it?


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Anxiety and Addiction

If you find yourself having a spell of anxiety attack, what do you do? How do you handle it? Do you reach for a xanax? A roxy?  Do you find yourself drowning in a bottle of alcohol?  How do you handle the stress and anxiety of the situation?

What happens after you sober back up? Are the same problems still there? Now what?  More drugs? More alcohol? The problems are not going away and resolving themselves.

So what do you do and how  do you handle the stress and anxiety over the life event?

Suggestion of the day:

1. Stop and analyze the magnitude of the situation. Is it as crazy or negative as you think it is?

2. Can you resolve it TODAY? Or is it something that you can put off to deal with tomorrow?

3. Can you calling the calvary to deal with it? Can you ask for help? Pick up the phone and ask..

4. Wait 24 hrs and re-evaluate the situation. Is it REALLY that bad? Scale it on a 1-10

If you need help call me at 800.706.0318

Do you allow people to influence your mood?

Do you sometimes allow people to influence your mood? Are you sometimes in a great mood and you meet that one negative person that sends your entire day into a tailspin?

Well, what if I told you that you can take control of your entire day and be happy?  What would that look like for you?



Miss the beautiful things rushing for the fast instant gratification

Take time to enjoy!Too many times we miss the beautiful things rushing for the fast instant gratification!  What will you take time to enjoy today???


Your mood affects your entire day

What If you knew that your mood affected your thoughts?  Your thoughts affect your actions and your actions are what makes things happen.

So how do you feel today? What does that translate into it?


Social Anxiety and Addictions

Social Anxiety can be an  underlying reason that people use drugs and alcohol and try to mask the problems that are really going on. Having to deal with social situations that make you anxious or uncomfortable can lead to drug and alcohol use to try to get through the situation. Can you imagine a life without anxiousness or being afraid you can not make it through the event?  Can you imagine a life  where you are not a slave to the bottle or the pill or the needle?

If so, I can help. Cali 800.706.0318

Can you get sober with AA/NA?

Interesting question was raised by a client the other day, can I get sober with AA/NA?

So I polled some individuals and here is what the consensus seems to be:

Someone in ‘recovery’ that attends meetings will tell you that u MUST have a sponsor and do 12 step work.

Most therapists in recovery swear by AA/NA…

Most sober coaches and recovery coaches swear by it…

In my opinion, yes you can get sober WITHOUT it. Does it add a tool to the toolbox, yes but using it alone is not advised. The problem is that sponsors are not trained professionals and if something arises, they are not trained to handle it. If you use meetings and 12 step as a GUDE LINE and not as the only way, it may work…remember getting sober is half the battle , staying sober is winning the war.

Cali Estes is a Therapist, Sober coach and life coach in Miami Florida.


Another ‘star’ DEAD of overdose!

Kovar. (WireImage)Another “Celebrity Rehab” graduate has died of apparent substance abuse. On Friday, the body of “Real World: Hollywood” cast member Joey Kovar was found at a friend’s home just outside Chicago. According to TMZ, a female friend discovered the 29-year-old’s body, which had blood coming out of his ears and nose. Friends and family also tell the site that they believe drugs are to blame.

Kovar is the fourth person who has appeared on Dr. Drew’s VH1 show to die in the past 18 months. In March 2011, former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr overdosed on prescription pills at a home in Utah, that May “Grease” star Jeff Conaway died in the same manner, and just this past June, Rodney King was found drowned in his pool after a night of drinking and smoking marijuana. Kovar was on the third season of “Celebrity Rehab” in 2009 for his addiction to cocaine and ecstasy.

His stint on the “Real World” was brief, but memorable. Halfway through the 2008 season, he entered rehab following scary outbursts directed at his cast mates. “I’m sorry, you guys,” a sobbing Kovar told them when he announced he would be leaving the show. “This is so hard, this is so embarrassing. I’m sorry, you guys, I don’t mean to act like this … I don’t mean to be a bad person.” As his understanding roomies hugged him, he told them about a moment the previous year when he had done so much cocaine and drank so much alcohol, that he thought he was “ready to die.” But then four months before he joined the MTV show, he insisted he had quit it all. Sadly, once he moved to Hollywood, “Boom, here comes the monster again,” he said through tears.

A look at Kovar’s Twitter feed shows a guy who was hopeful about his future. On Wednesday, the last day he was alive, he sent out a string of positive tweets. The final one: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”