Sober Coach hits the streets

Cali Estes, mobile sober coach hits the streets to bring therapy to her clients! Cali has begun a new wave idea to actually bring the therapy to her clients in person, via Skype and via phone. Gone are the days of the client having to come to a therapists office and sit in a chair for an hour.

Cali has clients in NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles and worldwide. She is internationally certified and credentialed in her field.


Sylverster Stallone’s son Sage DEAD….drug bottles found!!!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – There were no signs of foul play or trauma in the death of Sage Stallone, whose sudden passing at the age of 36 left his father Sylvester Stallone devastated, a publicist and investigators said.

Sage Stallone was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home Friday by an employee and a relative, and police arrived and confirmed he was dead, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said.

“Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son,” publicist Michelle Bega said in a statement. “His compassion and thoughts are with Sage’s mother, Sasha.”

The cause of death was not clear.

No suicide note was found, Winter said, though prescription bottles were recovered from the home on Mulholland Drive in the Studio City area. Winter could not say what kind of medication bottles or how many, and whether they had a role in the death.

Winter said an autopsy will be performed in the next few days and investigators will look into Stallone’s medical history, but a cause of death was likely to take several weeks while toxicology tests are performed.

George Braunstein, an attorney who has represented Sage Stallone for 15 years, said friends and acquaintances had become concerned because they hadn’t heard from Stallone in the past day, Braunstein said. He said the employee who found the body was a housekeeper.

Sylvester Stallone appeared Thursday at Comic-Con, the San Diego pop culture festival, to promote his upcoming film “Expendables 2” with friend and co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was not clear whether he had remained at the convention or had returned to Los Angeles Friday.

Sage Moonblood Stallone was the oldest of Sylvester Stallone’s children and co-starred with his father in two films. He was the first of two sons Stallone had with first wife Sasha Czack.

“Sage was a very talented and wonderful young man, his loss will be felt forever,” Bega said.

Sage Stallone made his acting debut in 1990’s “Rocky V” and also appeared with his father in 1996’s “Daylight.”

Also in 1996, Sage Stallone and veteran film editor Bob Murawski co-founded Grindhouse Releasing, a company dedicated to preserving and promoting the B-movies and exploitation films of the 1970s and 80s.

“He was very respectful of all the actors in all the movies,” Braunstein said. “You couldn’t mention a movie that he didn’t know everything about.”

Sage Stallone also directed the 2006 short “Vic,” which screened at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Braunstein said Stallone was planning on getting married for the first time, and had frequent requests to work on films.

“He was a full of life filmmaker with his whole future ahead of him,” Braunstein said. “He was just very up and enthusiastic and positive.

“I think it was probably some sort of accident,” he said of the death.

Braunstein said Sage Stallone greatly admired his father but was working hard to make his own name in the film industry.

“He was very proud of his father and proud to be his father’s son,” Braustein said.


Associated Press Writer Andrew Dalton contributed

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The Addictions Coach offers couples coaching !

The Addictions Coach offers Couples Coaching and is totally mobile. If one or both partners are using alcohol or drugs and beginning to argue and lose their relationship, it is time to call an expert. A lot of people are under the misconception that it is JUST the addict that has the problem, but it affects the spouse and the rest of the family.   With Couples Coaching, Cali can get to the root of the addiction and the issues that the couple have been experiencing and get them back on track and address the addiction at the same time.



The Addictions Coach Creates a Mobile Couples Coaching Practice

Miami, Florida July 3, 2012

The Addictions Coach created a mobile couples coaching practice to assist addicts and their families in understanding the addiction dynamic and how it affects the couples specifically in their marriage.  Cali Estes, of the Addictions Coach, found a need for spouses and families to understand what the addict is experiencing and how it may impact their marriage specifically and began offering couples coaching sessions in the comfort of the couple’s home.

The Minnesota Model of Addiction allots for the addict to attend therapy and rehab for 28 days to 6 months and then places them either in sober living or returns them to the home. There is little contact with the family or spouse due to HIPPA regulations and the family knows little of what occurs in the rehab itself. Cali found a need to fill that void and offer a way to connect the spouses to the addicts and work on key elements in their marriages that may not be in other marriages when dealing with the additional element of addiction.

“Traditional rehabs focus on the addict only, separate them from their family for 30 days and then expect a reintegration into the family without any explanations and education to the spouse,” Cali said. “This sets both the addict and the spouse up for failure in the marriage and leaves the spouse wondering what he or she could have done differently. This is where we come in and solve that problem.”

Cali’s multidimensional approach focuses on the underlying cause of the addiction and she approaches each couple in a unique manner. She takes into account what specific stressors the couple is dealing with, what the addict in the relationship has been experiencing and what behaviors as a couple they would like to see change.  Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers that convince the addict that they have an incurable disease that no one will ever understand including their spouse, Cali tailors her program to fit the client and encourages open communication and sharing between couples.

“I do not tell the addict that they are not well and have a disease,” Cali said. “It implies that they are inferior in the relationship and causing the problems. This leads to disharmony in the marriage and resentments among partners. I approach the couple on an even playing field and address all behaviors as fixable and changeable to preserve the marriage. “

By realizing that each couple is unique and each person’s pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, Cali is able to address the addiction at the core and assist the couple in making the necessary changes and positive steps in their life. Cali is more than a ‘sober coach’. She has a background in clinical and personality psychology, addictions and forensics. She can get to the root of the addiction quickly and work with the couple in addressing all the mitigating factors surrounding both the addiction and the lifestyle stressors that affect the marriage. She is proactive in creating a safe environment in which to make the changes necessary to live a productive lifestyle as team.

Clients in addiction feel powerless, helpless and hopeless and need answers and ways to change their lives. Sometimes family and friends think that everyone should be able to have ‘just one drink’ at a function, but for some clients that is not what happens. That one drink turns them into an unmanageable individual that their family and friends cannot deal with. Taking a pill to ‘get through the day’ or ‘take the edge off’ eventually leads to a full blown addiction with the addict personality. Cali can address all these issues with the client and their spouse and assist the spouse in ways to handle the addict personality and work together to achieve a happy marriage and partnership.

Cali has consulted in 2 countries and frequently flies between South Florida, New York and Los Angeles to work with her clients. She has clients in the music industry, acting/film, modeling, CEO’s and frequent high stress jobs clients. She is available on an individual basis for clients, more intensive or for speaking engagements. She has accompanied clients to high risk situations like weddings, worked ‘on set’ of movie and film productions, worked directly with pro athletes, sat in on business meetings, been ‘on tour’ with musicians and even will work directly in the home of the client for a more intensive ‘rehab’ setting.

“I work with couples in the traditional one hour a week sessions, but I am also available to assist clients on tour, on movie sets, or for 30 day stays in their home,” Cali said. “For a high powered CEO, doctor, musician or actor that does not have the time to spend in a residential rehab, I can bring the rehab to them. I specialize in high profile clients that also cannot attend AA and NA meetings due to their status and possibly running into a client.”

Cali is available for individual hourly sessions, intensive sessions (7-4 days) and even will live with the client for 30 days. She offers outdoor couples retreats and provides coaching and therapy in serene and comfortable environments.  Her pleasing personality and unique approach to sobriety and addiction allows her to get the root cause of the problem in the marriage quickly and offer solutions.

The Addictions Coach is based out of Miami Florida but services clients in all of South Florida, New York City and Los Angeles.


Cali Estes



Cali estes will be featured on Recovery Weekly

Cali Estes, of the Addictions Coach will be featured on Recovery Weekly at 9 am on July 15th.  You can listen and see live or check back later to see the post of the show!!!

Recovery Weekly is run by Ian Koch of Northeast Addiction Consultants.


The Addictions Coach expands services to Cleveland House

The Addictions Coach expands services into Cleveland House

First Halfway house to utilize a sober and addictions coach for their residents to strengthen their sobriety

PRLog (Press Release)Jun 20, 2012 – Miami, Florida June 20, 2012
The Addictions Coach Company announced that they are offering mobile rehab services to residents of the prestigious Cleveland House. The Addictions Coach Company is bringing the rehab to the clients that are residing in a sober living setting, right on the beach. Long gone are the days of a client trekking to an IOP program in hopes of getting sober.  At Cleveland House, the sober coach comes to them.
For clients leaving a drug treatment facility, the choices of where to live and what therapist to see are daunting, especially when they do not know the area and make a blind choice based on the recommendation of a therapist that has never seen the living arrangements or met the aftercare therapist. Now the choices of where to go and whom to see to remain sober have gotten more accessible and easier.
“I chose to work directly with Alan Rubin at Cleveland House because of the way he handles sobriety and all of the amenities that he offers the clients getting sober,” Cali Estes, owner of The Addictions Coach said. “He is located directly on the boardwalk in Hollywood Beach; he has a pool and offers a gym membership to all the guys. It is a caring place that offers more than just a bed.”
Cali’s multidimensional approach focuses on the underlying cause of the addiction and she approaches each client in a unique manner. By being mobile and coming directly to the client, she is able to work more intensely with the client directly and get to the root cause of the addiction much quicker than group sessions or long weeks of IOP. Cali combines talk therapy, life coaching, nutrition, fitness and other modalities that are more intense than additional therapies. Having access to the healing properties of the ocean, Cali can assist clients in reaching their goals faster.
The Cleveland House is the first halfway house to offer on-site sober coaching and the services of a mobile therapist.  The Cleveland House offers daily meetings, 12 step philosophy and random drug screening to all of its residents. It is located 100 steps from the beautiful beach in Hollywood, Florida and offers restaurants, exercise opportunities and it is close to bus routes and work opportunities.
“Our mission is to help those reaching out to save themselves, “Alan Rubin said. “Stories of families divided, jobs lost, financial devastation and legal calamity are often accompanied by depression and anxiety.  At this point, and in most cases, all seems hopeless and the one addicted may also become abandoned by every person, place and thing in their life.”
The Cleveland House offers many amenities that traditional sober living houses lack. Barbeques, bike riding, roller blading, heated pool, gym memberships, daily meetings, life coaching groups.  Residents have access to the beach, Hollywood Boardwalk, and other fun water sports and land sports that are keys in assisting someone in recovery. The physical location is in a very safe, secure environment that is a statically pleasing and serene.
“Our residents come from all over the world to stay with us,” Alan said. “The Cleveland House functions and adheres to the principles of the 12 Steps of Recovery and based solely on the concept of one whom has suffered and overcome successfully, reaching out to assist one who is suffering and willing for help now, we are here.”
The Addictions Coach and Cleveland House have teamed up  to offer a sober living environment and mobile therapy sober coaching to all residents that are looking for the ideal way to recover from drug and alcohol addictions.
Cali has consulted in 2 countries and frequently flies between South Florida, New York and Los Angeles to work with her clients. She has clients in the music industry, acting/film, modeling, CEO’s and frequent high stress jobs clients. She is available on an individual basis for clients, more intensive or for speaking engagements. She has accompanied clients to high risk situations like weddings, worked ‘on set’ of movie and film productions, worked directly with pro athletes, sat in on business meetings, been ‘on tour’ with musicians and even will work directly in the home of the client for a more intensive ‘rehab’ setting.
The Addictions Coach is based out of Miami Florida but services clients in all of South Florida, New York City and Los Angeles. Cleveland House is located in Hollywood Beach, Florida.


Alan Diaz/AP)

Ronald Page seemingly had it made when Bank of America unintentionally changed his account status, allowing the 55-year-old man to make unlimited ATM cash overdraft withdrawals.

But ABC News reports that Page, who in reality had only $300 in his checking account, used the accidental loophole to withdraw more than $1.5 million—losing it all on gambling.

And even worse for Page, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit says he is now facing 15 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges of theft of bank funds, $1,543,104 in total between December 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009.

“In this case, the bank’s glitch allowed the defendant to lose a significant amount of money that was not even his in the first place,” reads the U.S. Attorney’s sentencing memorandum, obtained by ABC. “The fact that defendant acted on an impulse does not minimize the seriousness of his conduct and the need for a custodial sentence.”

The day the Bank of America glitch went into effect, Page reportedly withdrew $312,000 from ATMs at the Greektown Casino in Detroit and an additional $51,727 from the MGM Grand Casino. Bank of America placed a hold on his account 17 days later, but he had already withdrawn $1.5 million by that point.

Ronald Page (Local 10)

The glitch reportedly occurred because Page originally had a banking account with LaSalle Bank. When Bank of America acquired LaSalle, the glitch somehow occurred while the two banking institutions were transferring account information.

Page, who does not have a prior record, could have faced a steeper sentence but prosecutors said his crime was a “lapse of judgment” and placed blame with Bank of America for allowing the withdrawals to take place.

In addition to the recommended 15-month sentence and order to repay the funds, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has suggested that Page be prohibited from gambling in any capacity.

“If his gambling addiction is not addressed, he is very likely to cause further financial hardship to himself and his family,” the memorandum reads.

Families and addiction

Addiction can cripple a family and sometimes the damage can be unrepairable. Sometimes to help someone a family will go to extremes and great lengths to assist them. In the end it is crippling to the addict. Prime example AMY WINEHOUSE


Amber Portwood should have called me! Prison wont keep her sober

Amber Portwood Chooses Prison Over Her Child

June 11th, 2012 9:49 AM by Free Britney

Media coverage surrounding Amber Portwood’s decision to go to prison because she can’t hack it in rehab has more or less ignored one key component: Portwood said in her jailhouse interview last week that an overdose drove her to take the five-year sentence – handed down because of her repeated drug arrests, but initially suspended pending completion of the program.

The saddest part of this saga, which has become an afterthought, is that she effectively chose to be locked up and away from her three-year-old girl.

With the final season of Teen Mom starting tomorrow, this is unlikely to be swept under the rug any longer. The premiere shows Amber going to rehab.

In the second episode, she’s in treatment and thinks she’s making some real progress, making her downward spiral even more depressing to endure.

Maybe Gary Shirley having custody of Leah isn’t the worst thing, but why would you choose to go to prison and not be a part of your child’s life?

Like everything else in Amber’s world, it defies comprehension.

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Her daughter, Leah.

The Teen Mom star was sentenced to five years in prison last week after she dropped out of a drug-treatment program the court ordered her to complete.

She could’ve toughed it out, though; Portwood is off to prison because she felt rehab was simply too hard and thinks going to jail is the only way to get clean.

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