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Have you ever tried to describe anxiety to someone who doesn’t suffer from it?

  Have you ever tried to describe anxiety to someone who doesn’t suffer from it? I’ll bet there are times in that discussion where the person you are talking to is looking at you like you have three heads. Sometimes it seems next to impossible for someone who doesn’t suffer from anxiety to try to […]

The Addictions Coach: Sober Companion Program

  When Dr. Cali Estes created The Addictions Coach brand, she had an idea.  She wanted to offer help and hope to those that needed something “different” than the standard twelve-step meetings. While the twelve-step meetings work for some, there is an increasing number of addicts that need something different. They need a program that […]

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Sober Companion

So in yesterday’s post, we basically talked about what a sober companion was and what they actually did to help a struggling drug addict get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. So today we are going to talk about the reasons why we should hire a sober companion. We all get to a […]

Stay Clean and Sober: Hire a Sober Companion

  There are many different ways to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober these days and hiring a sober companion through The Addictions Coach is one of the best ways available to a recovering drug addict. The narrow minded “one size fits all” mentality in addiction recovery is quickly dying and addicts that […]

Dr. Cali Estes featured in UPJOURNEY: How To Stop Being a Manchild

  Most of us have come in contact with the “manchild.  Maybe we are raising one, maybe married to one, or maybe we are one. Failure to Launch Syndrome is a real issue and we can help! Read on to learn more from the excerpt from UpJourney’s article.   How To Stop Being a Manchild […]

Mood And Personality Disorders – What You Can Expect. Guest post written by Vince Tint

In psychiatry, a personality disorder is defined as a set of behaviors that impair thinking and behavior. One of the biggest issues with personality disorders is that they adversely affect your mood and emotions. “People with these conditions are likely to exhibit a wide variety of shifting moods,” says Cheree Ashley – Founder of Bright […]

What Can a Sober Companion Do for Me?

  What Can a Sober Companion Do for Me? 10/14/2020 by Chris Cobb I’ve recently talked about my experiences in different types of addiction treatment, what a Sober Companion is, and why I need a Sober Companion. Knowing that this may be a better option if other forms of treatment, such as inpatient treatment, outpatient […]

Health Digest Features Dr. Cali Estes: What Really Happens To Your Body When You Are Happy? There are a lot of reasons why happy people are a lot healthier than most, and one of them is because they’re sick a lot less often. That’s right, happiness has quite an effect on your immune system. When we find ourselves in a good mood, we tend to stress less. “Less stress […]

Why Do I Need a Sober Companion?

    Why Do I Need a Sober Companion? 10-13-2020 by Chris Cobb Have you been to sober living facilities? Rehabs? Detoxes, Hospitals? If you have, we have something in common: Jails, Institutions, and Death (if you’re reading this, you’re probably alive, luckily…). So, you have been ordered by a judge to attend Drug and […]

WebMD features Dr. Cali Estes: Harm Reduction Approach to Opioid Treatment

      Web MD features Dr. Cali Estes Opioid Use Disorder expert on how to obtain opiate treatment utilizing harm reduction approaches. She discusses MAT such as Suboxone, Methadone, and Vivitrol and the grants and scholarships available. Read on for an excerpt from the article and then continue to the full article. 6 Ways to Cover […]

FOX News Reports: The Addictions Academy Offers Brand New Coaching Certification to Combat Increased Incidence of “Failure-to-Launch Syndrome”

  The Addictions Academy Now Offers a New and Unique Coaching Certification Program to Combat Increased Incidence of “Failure-to-Launch Syndrome” Which Leaves Young Adults Stuck and Lost October 27th, 8:43 PM EDT The Addictions Coach Dr. Cali Estes recently announced the Addictions Academy is now offering a coaching certification program to address the growing number […]

NBC News Reports: Dr. Cali Estes slated as Featured Keynote Speaker for DCCCA’s Upcoming 2020 Virtual Kansas Opioid Conference

    Dr. Cali Estes, Founder of The Addictions Academy Slated as Featured Keynote Speaker at DCCCA’s Upcoming 2020 Virtual Kansas Opioid Conference Monday, October 26th 2020, 1:53 PM EDT Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy, announced she has been invited to deliver the keynote address at the 4th […]


SEX ADDICTION AT ITS WORST AND FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE Well, maybe not for the whole world to see. In this case it was just for the whole zoom conference to see! Before we dive headfirst into this latest example of an actively destructive sex addiction, let me remind you that an active […]

What if there was a workbook that helped your clients in addiction, move forward with their lives?

Are you ready to have a workbook that helps your clients in addiction move forward with their lives? We are pleased to have the only workbook that helps clients with an addiction. The Recovery Coach Workbook is a hands-on companion to the renowned courses taught by The Addictions Academy featuring real-world examples and exercises. As […]

Train to Help Others Dealing with Failure to Launch Syndrome

  The Addictions Coach is the premier place to get help for your Failure-to-Launch child.  Now you can TRAIN to help families who may be dealing with this issue.  The Addictions Academy will teach you about this population and why certain children may be exhibiting these behaviors in our Failure to Launch training program. The […]

How to Become a Sober Companion 

  How to Become a Sober Companion Are you a sober companion working in the addiction industry? If so, how much money are you making with your clients? If you’re working for service generally they are charging your client $1500-$2500 per day for your time and probably paying you between $300 and $500 per day. […]

5 Things People Get Terribly Wrong About Bail Bonds

    As an addiction professional, I have bailed many of my clients out of jail. I get the 3 am call for DUI, trafficking or other charges. So here is what you need to know about Bail Bonds. If you think a loved one is using and needs help please call us at 1.800.706.0318 […]

3 Places Not to Visit While Drinking

    3 Places Not to Visit While Drinking 9/30/2020 by Chris Cobb   I’m sure I’ve made it quite obvious from previous posts that I am sober. Perhaps too often. I don’t really talk much about the humor of my drinking days, simply because of all the bad that outweighed the very little good […]

Dr. Cali Estes is interviewed on RAW Stories with Dr. Nancia Leath

Join Dr. Cali Estes as she is interviewed on RAW Stories with Dr. Nancia Leath. Cali will discuss her childhood and how limiting beliefs can hold you back from your goals and dreams. She will teach you tips and tricks to pull yourself out of a rut and how to Unpause your life.

Dr. Cali Estes is featured on WebMD discussing Signs of an Alcohol Overdose and what you can do

Alcohol withdrawal and safety for family and friends is super important. Ever wonder what you can do if someone is going through alcohol withdrawal? What should you not do? Firstly, You should not give them coffee or water to hydrate them or wake them up. Secondly, you should not make them exercise or get in […]