Beyond The Meetings Part 1: Sober on a Yoga Mat. 5 Key Tips to Get and Stay Sober in an Unconventional Manner


Beyond the Meetings, Part 1
Sober on a Yoga Mat.  5 Key Tips to Get and Stay Sober in an Unconventional Manner

cali yoga pose
Everyone assumes you can only get sober by going to meetings, that is simply not accurate. As an Addictions Specialist, Addictions Counselor and Addictions Coach, I have seen many ways for my clients to get and maintain sobriety. Yoga is nothing new and has been used for generations as a means of exercise, balance and meditation. How does it help you get and stay sober?
1. Yoga teaches you How to Breathe: Stopping and taking a second to breathe before reacting is an art form most people have trouble learning, as we lean on our emotions and react before we actually think. Yoga teaches you to breathe and that 10 second breathe will slow your emotions and potential negative reactions.
2. Yoga teaches you Patience: When you have poses that are difficult or challenging you learn how to take your time and be still in each pose until you learn how to master it. The art of patience is imperative in daily life as there are times we must stand in line, wait our turn or be inconvenienced for a reason beyond our control.
3. Yoga teaches you Balance: In addiction we are out of balance, ever standing still or moving 100 miles an hour. Think of the NASCAR race, the cars are at the red light waiting for the green or racing around the track for hours until they are perfectly still again. There is no balance, and balance is the key to life.
4. Yoga teaches you Stillness and Being in the Moment: We are always looking back rehashing our mistakes or looking forward to what is the next thing or next event we are going to be part of. We rarely stay in the moment and just be. Yoga teaches us to simply ‘Just Be’.
5. Yoga changes your Psychological Symptoms: Your stress drops, your cortisol drops, your depression lessons, your mood is happy, relaxed, your posture improves and when you feel physically well, you think and act better.
At The Addictions Coach, we think outside the box and we offer Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition to all of our clients to help them get and stay sober. We offer in home mobile rehab, coaching, counseling, interventions and more. We are full service team and here for our clients.  The Addictions Coach 1.800.706.0318 ext 1