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What is a peer recovery coach?

What is a Peer Recovery Coach? A peer recovery coach is very different from a professional recovery coach. A peer recovery coach will work 24/7 and go into the hospital and assist people into getting into treatment which is traditionally the role of an interventionist and not a coach. A Peer coach’s only requirement is […]

What are addiction treatment programs?

What are addiction treatment programs? It’s no secret that addiction has been running rampant in the US. With so many new types of drugs, and ways for people to abuse them, people in the field of addiction treatment have stepped up to work together and to help those who are struggling. So, what are addiction […]

Are addiction rates increasing?

Are addiction rates increasing? Unfortunately, yes. The last 15 years the rates of addiction have grown dramatically in the US. It has become an epidemic that is affecting people from all walks of life. Addiction presents in so many ways, that it’s very difficult to get an accurate statistic, but it’s stated that addiction affects […]

What are addiction recovery tools?

What are addiction recovery tools? Addiction is all over the headlines. As more and more families come forward with the struggle of having a loved one who is addicted, it’s more important than ever to discuss what helps people to stay sober. Addiction recovery tools are the things that people in recovery use every day […]

How Addiction affects the family

How Addiction affects the family How does addiction affect the family?  It’s no secret that addiction is absolutely crippling to those who are suffering, but what people don’t typically talk about is the families that are left to clean up the messes of their addicted loved ones. Addiction is a family dilemma. It creates rifts […]

Can Addiction be Overcome?

Can Addiction be Overcome? Everyone has been looking for the cure to addiction or overcoming the perils of addiction for decades.  Some have claimed that a shot or a new pill can stop you from craving drugs and alcohol and others have declared that complete abstinence is the only way. Can addiction be overcome? Yes, […]

Can addiction be treated?

Can addiction be treated? Addiction can be treated in many different ways. The most traditional ways include detox, inpatient rehab, PHP (day treatment) and IOP (intensive evening outpatient). Most treatment centers are focused on abstinence-based programming but lack the most up to date alternatives, including harm reduction strategies, cannabis, MAT programs, brain health, nutrition/fitness programming […]

Can addiction be cured?

Can addiction be cured? This is probably the biggest question that is currently asked. Everyone wants to know if there is an addiction cure.  There are many pathways to getting and staying sober, but no one size fits all. Some people will need to be totally abstinent and some will use medically assisted therapies, like […]

What is addiction to social media?

What is addiction to social media? Addiction to social media has naturally skyrocketed in recent years due to people of all ages having smart phones. Social media addiction is when someone loses control of their life due to excessive time spent on social media.  Different types of social media addiction include addiction to Facebook, Instagram, […]

Can addiction be treated successfully?

Can addiction be treated successfully? There are many different ways to treat addiction. The most traditional include inpatient rehab settings based on abstinence. These styles of treatment include inpatient residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), and Intensive Outpoint (IOP). These settings are designed to remove the client from the natural habitat and give them some sobriety breaks […]