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What are Addiction Cravings?

What are Addiction Cravings? Well, this is kind of a complicated subject. In addiction, we have many psychological and physical things that may cause or lead us to use drugs or alcohol. Some of them are considered triggers and some of them are considered cravings. In my opinion, triggers are more physical things that contribute […]

How does Addiction Change a Person?

How does Addiction Change a Person? Have you ever asked yourself how addiction changes a person? Maybe you are asking this question because you yourself are in an active addict. Maybe you are asking this question because your loved one is actively using drugs or alcohol to excess. You could quite possibly be asking this […]

What are Addiction Triggers?

What are Addiction Triggers? One of a recovering addict’s or active addict’s worst enemies is the dreaded TRIGGER. For an active addict, the trigger comes minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. And for the recovering addict, who is not actively using, the trigger can come out of nowhere and can blindside […]

Who does addiction affect?

Who does addiction affect? The most obvious answer on who addiction affects is the user himself or herself. Addiction absolutely destroys the user physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically. You could literally or hypothetically do a time-lapse frame by frame slideshow of an addicts life from the moment they begin using to the moment trouble begins […]

Why is music medicine?

Why is music medicine? By Tim Estes, Musician and author of the bestselling book: ‘I Married a Junkie’  Today in our blog we are going to discuss one of my favorite topics! We are going to discuss music! And we are going to discuss this in the format as to why music is medicine. There are […]

What is technology addiction?

What is technology addiction? Is there such a thing as technology detox? Well, this is a very interesting question and for someone willing to sacrifice their smart phone for a year will soon find out. Because of the latest buzz around the topic of smart phone addiction and technology addiction, there is a company that […]

Can addiction run in the family?

Can addiction run in the family? This would greatly depend on who you ask but let’s examine some recent studies to answer this question. Recent studies have shown conclusively that family history of alcoholism and drug addiction is in part genetic and not just a result of the family environment. Millions of Americans are living […]

How does addiction affect society?

How does addiction affect society? Well, addiction affects society in many different ways and almost every single one of them are in a negative manner. Let’s take a few of the obvious ways addiction affects society and discuss them. First of all, crime is one of the biggest ways that addiction affects society. In geographical […]