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CBS Reports: Sober on Demand is a Successful Alternative to Traditional Substance Abuse Treatment

    Sober on Demand® Offers Unique Alternative to Traditional Substance Abuse Rehab and Treatment with One-of-a-Kind Private Medical Detox Program Customized to Client Needs and Location   Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, 5:53 PM PST Sober on Demand® has assembled a world-class team of physicians and Recovery Coaches to offer and unique, custom alternative to […]

Oh That Smell

  Oh That Smell Wasn’t that an old Lynyrd Skynyrd song? Ok, let’s get serious for a few minutes and talk about some of the symptoms you will go through once the physical withdrawal symptoms of withdrawing from heroin or opiates are over. So I’m sure we are all familiar with the first 72 hours […]

Avoiding Relapse with a Sober Companion

  Recovering from drug abuse is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. Most recovering addicts think once they have some clean time under their belts, they feel confident enough to go about life like they have before. This is where a lot of relapses take place and many recovering […]

Sober Companions are here for you

  Some recovering addicts need a little more supervision and guidance when it comes to their recovery and the success rate of their recovery. That’s why Dr. Cali Estes, the creator and CEO of The Addictions Coach, created a recovery based program in which a Sober Companion is hand picked to match with the client/struggling […]

Can You Sue Doctors and Drug Companies for Your Addiction?

    The Opioid Addiction problem in America has been well covered in the media. In 2015, over 92 million people were prescribed opioid-based pain medication; that’s about 38% of the US population. Approximately two million people report that they are dealing with an addiction to their pain medication.   Opioid painkillers have been involved […]