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The Power of Positivity on Your Success

  WOW!  I just read one of the most informative articles that I have ever read and I’m going to give you the option to read it for yourself at the end of this blog. The article below deals with positivity and how it affects our success level and everything we do. Quickly I will […]

FREE LIVE Masterclass: 3 Keys to go from Survive to Thrive

  FREE LIVE Masterclass: 3 Keys to go from Survive to Thrive   What if we told you that a RIGHT NOW is actually the best time to grow your business & create streams of income? Right now is not the time to be SCARED and HIDE from your business. It’s time to SHOW UP […]

Sober on Demand and COVID-19

  I have been seeing a pattern over the past week that is a little expected, a little amusing and a little baffling. Marketing 101 simply states that when marketing and advertising your service or company you need to attach your service or company to modern events, trends or activities that are drawing major attention […]

Narcissism in Addiction

  Well today’s blog is going to be educational in many different aspects. We are going to dive headfirst into the narcissist and narcissism and try to wrap our heads around the true meaning of a narcissist and why narcissism is running rampant in the addictions industry amongst its professionals and its recovering drug addicts. […]

How Healthy Is Your Brain After Addiction?

    In today’s blog we are going to discuss antidepressants, brain health, and the steps we should take to take care of ourselves emotionally, psychologically, physically, and in any way where our brain’s health is at stake. For decades now it has been the norm to be prescribed anti-depressants to combat depression, anxiety, and […]

The Honest Uproar Podcast Welcomes Guest Firecracker: Cali Estes, PhD.

  Dr. Cali Estes shares her experience as a childless woman that has excelled at her career and offers advice for other entrepreneur women that want to excel at their career and less at being the 50’s housewife.   https://www.theuprisingspark.com/podcast   Dr. Estes is a seasoned addictions coach and addictions professional. She has over 23 […]

Dr. Cali Estes Discusses Improving Coping Mechanisms, Treating Addiction on Future Tech / Finding Genius Podcast

  Dr. Cali Estes is featured on FutureTech / Finding Genius Podcast to discuss improving coping mechanisms, treating addiction and more. If you are in the tech industry this is a must-listen! https://www.futuretechhealth.com/podcasts/improving-coping-mechanisms-treating-all-forms-of-addiction-cali-estes-phd-addictions-and-recovery-professional/ For 23 years, Cali Estes, PhD has been working with all types of people struggling from all kinds of addictions—from heroin or cocaine or […]